Official Review: Unveil your Intimate Self

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Natalie Charlene
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Official Review: Unveil your Intimate Self

Post by Natalie Charlene » 08 Mar 2018, 10:00

[Following is an official review of "Unveil your Intimate Self" by Elena Georgiadou. This is a review of an advance copy of the book. The watermark mentioned in the review is not present in the live copy of the book.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Unveil Your Intimate Self by Elena Georgiadou is a wonderful book discussing the one thing that connects us all—awareness. It is divided into three main sections each relaying specific information on what awareness is, how it works, and how you can achieve a connection to awareness or consciousness. The book asks you to realize how we have been conditioned to the thought patterns we have and to practice zoning in on your awareness to find peace and freedom in your life.

Before I hit chapter one, I was already very impressed by the organization and layout of the book. It is clean and professional looking, and the layout of the material makes it easy to follow. The first two parts of the book are divided into chapters, and the third is divided into sections, further divided into chapters, which stay on point making the information easy to absorb and follow. While it is a very organized and informative book, it also carries an almost conversational tone that keeps the information from becoming dry.

I generally don’t consider myself a spiritual person, identifying as atheist for as long as I can remember, but the explanation of the spiritual world make me reconsider my stance. Georgiadou does a fantastic job of incorporating impressive scientific data, especially in the areas of evolution and quantum physics, to support her message. I found myself following along with the breathing and meditation exercises and feeling better and much more positive. As a cynic, it is nice to be taken out of my comfort zone and shown a different way of perceiving the world.

As mentioned, Unveil Your Intimate Self is extremely well organized and clean. However, I did notice several areas with awkward wording, especially towards the end of the book. There are not many grammar mistakes throughout. The most noticeable appeared when listing the five senses; the first time “sound” is listed twice, and the second “sight” is listed twice, with each time “taste” being left out of the picture. The watermark boldly running diagonally across each page was a bit distracting in the beginning, but after a while I was able to tune it out.

I rate Unveil Your Intimate Self 4 out of 4 stars. Georgiadou has a unique voice and perspective, blending science and spirituality together, mirroring the modern thoughts and ancient wisdom involved in her practice of connecting via awareness and finding spiritual freedom. It is well organized with very few mistakes, and full of interesting and thought provoking content. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to reduce their stress (so, everyone), find inner peace, and learn interesting science and awareness practices along the way.

Unveil your Intimate Self
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Sahani Nimandra
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Post by Sahani Nimandra » 09 Mar 2018, 08:10

As a buddhist I can agree to your account on awareness and meditation; I have been practicing it for a very long time. This book will help a lot more out there and you on other hand have first hand experience which is great. Thanks for sharing this book and the detail review!
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Post by Yolimari » 09 Mar 2018, 08:17

It is very interesting that the author used quantum physics and evolution to convey her message about awareness and spirituality. Thanks for the review!
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Post by kandscreeley » 09 Mar 2018, 08:26

I think a conversational tone is very important for a book like this, so that it doesn't become boring. I'm really not into self-help books, though. So, I think I'm going to bypass this one. Thanks for the information, though!
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Post by lavellan » 09 Mar 2018, 14:25

Thanks for your review! I like how you mentioned that the author used a conversational tone. That makes it easier for readers to connect to the book and stay engaged.

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Miriam Molina
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Post by Miriam Molina » 09 Mar 2018, 23:55

For a book to make a long-time atheist like you stop and reassess your beliefs, it must be really impactful. Having been Catholic all my life, I'm not wont to pick up books like this one. But I think those into meditation and those who are searching for life's meaning may find this book intimately speaking to them.

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NL Hartje
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Post by NL Hartje » 10 Mar 2018, 00:59

It's nice to hear that the layout is so well organized. Thank you for this lovely review!
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Kat Berg
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Post by Kat Berg » 10 Mar 2018, 08:45

Although this is not a book I would naturally pick up, I find it interesting that it blends science and mystic practices. It is a hook that would make me give the book a once over, just out of curiosity. Thanks for the review.

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Kareema Qaed
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Post by Kareema Qaed » 15 Mar 2018, 14:45

i was intrigued right from the beginning of the review. I am interested in this kind of books. Thanks for sharing this.

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Post by gali » 05 May 2018, 06:55

A spiritual book that discusses awareness sounds inspiring. That the book is well organized makes it easier to absorb its message. It is impressive that the book blends science and spirituality so well. Too bad about the few awkward wording. Not really my cup of tea, but I an glad you found the book beneficial. Thank you for the review!
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Post by Bukari » 05 May 2018, 07:06

There are people who still do not believe in the existence of God or gods, they always rely on the popular saying "freedom of religion".
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Post by Ferdinand_otieno » 05 May 2018, 07:09

I am not a big fan of motivational self-help books, but the onlinebookclub review of this book was written masterfully and highlighted the best the book had to offer. I rated the book 2 out of 4 stars.

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Post by MegIke » 05 May 2018, 07:16

Thank you for the wonderful review. I like the fact that the book somehow influenced your personal views. I personally feel any good writer should influnce the reader somehow. From the honest review I believe I might enjoy the book as well.

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Post by Misael » 05 May 2018, 07:16

I get stressed easily so I have to get hold of this novel and learn how to meditate and take things nice and easy for a change. Congrats!

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Post by Samanthajayne12 » 05 May 2018, 07:25

This book seems very interesting. I wouldn’t usually go for this type of book but I would definitely like to reduce stress and find inner peace so maybe I should rethink and give it a try!

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