Featured Official Review: The Day I Broke My Brain

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Re: Featured Official Review: The Day I Broke My Brain

Post by Alena_Surya » 18 Jun 2018, 04:26

A catchy title like this is enough to make anyone want to pick up the book!

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Post by Amber2989 » 18 Jun 2018, 13:28

This is a book to definitely read. I love books like this it makes you really think about life and how easily it could be taken away from you. It's so good to know people that get a injury that could take their life but survived it and now can tell about it is amazing.

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Post by Agomuo » 18 Jun 2018, 18:48

Hmm, "life isn't fair!" Many would cry, but this review shows us a man who was determined to fight to recover what life stole from him. A Tragic event that changes the course of one's life, a want-to-read book for me.

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Post by holsam_87 » 19 Jun 2018, 01:21

I have been fortunate to not have experienced a TBI, but I can understand where the author is coming from. It also sounds like he is one of the luckier ones. My neighbors' youngest daughter had a TBI during basketball and its changed her personality completely. I also had an instructor that had when she was young, and she mentioned that it impacted her by giving her really bad migraines.

I count my blessings every day that I have my health. Plus I try to live my life to its fullest always.
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Post by Grace100 » 19 Jun 2018, 15:28

The day I broke my brain by Darron Eastwell is a powerful novel, best recommended for busy workers. No matter how busy we are, we shouldn't forget our health comes first

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Post by Lovelyliz23 » 19 Jun 2018, 18:02

Thank you for this review! I too have an invisible illness and deal with daily struggles, so I will certainly add this too my book shelve! Thank you again!

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Post by Books_are_best » 19 Jun 2018, 18:28

Wow! What a great review! That sounds like a really good book and a good reminder not to take your life for granted.

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Post by Riszell » 20 Jun 2018, 01:52

We all suffer from different life struggles and we also have different approach to deal with them. I think this story will make readers realize to appreciate and value every breath we take and not take it for granted. This is also very helpful to be able to focus and think things in a more positive way.

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Post by crediblereading2 » 20 Jun 2018, 10:57

Our health is something that we should never take for granted indeed. It is only when we lose something or someone that we truly realize the value. Thank you for a well-balanced review.

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Post by Itameo » 20 Jun 2018, 22:37

I really pieces like this should be written more often, it reminds us that we are humans and any momment anything can what a great review spot on

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Post by SereneCharles » 21 Jun 2018, 07:44

Wow. I'm really turned off by books with many typos and all that, but the story of Darron Eastwell got me emotional. I can truly relate with his struggles to return to his previous self and his positivity (something lacking seriously on health victims). The title of the book had left me curious to know how exactly he broke his brain. It's a book for keeps. I'll get my hands on it. It'll encourage me too. Thank you very much for this fine review.
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Post by KitabuKizuri » 21 Jun 2018, 08:43

Reading this makes me realize it makes sense to go on expeditions with company. The author was very fortunate there were others around to help when he got into trouble at a remote area.

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Post by Mofefahm » 21 Jun 2018, 10:39

The book has really opened my mind to a lot of situation in my life. Its challenging and motivational. I greatly recommend it to all. Great review

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Post by LivreAmour217 » 22 Jun 2018, 13:47

This sounds like an inspirational book. Normally I shy away from books with too many typos, but as someone who also suffers from an "invisible" illness, I am very interested in the author's story. Great review!
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Post by BILL[] » 22 Jun 2018, 23:17

Well,i think this book is motivational and hope giving .

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