Featured Official Review: When No One Else Believed by Ron Tripodo

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Re: Official Review: When No One Else Believed by Ron Tripodo

Post by MsTri » 16 Mar 2018, 22:28

Even though I'm usually a big fan of spiritually-based books, I don't think this one's for me. It could be that I don't like biographies, so even though this one has Godly elements, it's not calling to me. I am glad, though, that it seems his wife got the miracle she needed. I too have known people who got miraculous healings, so that's always wonderful to rejoice in.

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Post by Lg_99 » 16 Mar 2018, 22:50

I am glad the author was able to treat his condition and managed to write this book. I am also glad that his wife fully recovered from her illness. I do believe miracles can happen, and this is a proof of that. However, I am not into spiritual novels nor memoirs. Therefore, I think I'll skip this one. Nonetheless, thank you for the review.

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Post by tamdlyte » 16 Mar 2018, 23:01

I cannot imagine having ADHD and my spouse having a serious illness and having to cope with all that! It is amazing how the author was able to pull himself together through all this and then write a book about it! Awesome person, all around, I'd say, though maybe he'd give more of the credit to God?!? :)

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Post by Cynge42 » 16 Mar 2018, 23:07

Having recently lost my husband to a heart attack I have had my own journey of faith. Why have so many others survived their heart attacks while mine died at the age of 46?

Based on this review, I am looking forward to seeing how he coped with the love of his life being so sick, having his own difficulties to work through, and thankfully their happy ending.

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Post by mosero » 16 Mar 2018, 23:08

The review is very telling. Based on your insight I would recommend to a few people who I know would loved to sit and read through the same.

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Post by melvs » 16 Mar 2018, 23:17

Truly amazing things happens whenever there is involvement of God's works. I remember this verse Romans 8:28 King James Version (KJV) And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Sometimes there are things that you think it is already something really bad that happen to us, but the final thing is it will be for our betterment.

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Post by dragonet07 » 16 Mar 2018, 23:27

I'm not really into "miracles of God" books because I'm not religious (or even Christian), but I do enjoy the occasional inspirational novel, and it might be uplifting to see the author and his wife make it through such a horrible time. Thank you for the great review.
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Post by toribyers13 » 16 Mar 2018, 23:42

Your review just makes me want to read this book even more! I love the way you describe his writing and let us know it's a tear jerker without spoiling anything. I know I'll need some tissues as I read this book, inspiring stories like this always have me crying like a baby!

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Post by BookishCreature » 16 Mar 2018, 23:51

I'm not a fan of religious books, so this one isn't for me, but I'm sure plenty of people will be uplifted by its message. Thanks for the thoughtful review!

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Post by Jeconiaomolo » 17 Mar 2018, 00:15

Inspirational stories like this one have always been my point of interest. I appreciate the great work done by the author in sharing the miraculous work of God upon his family with his readers. I'll probably read this one later. Thanks for this great review.
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Post by jennyd2003 » 17 Mar 2018, 00:24

Seems like a really good book. The way he presents his diagnosis and how he struggled can be applied by many to their own lives. Having a loved one sick is also something that others can relate to. Good review.

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Post by SJSharks » 17 Mar 2018, 00:45

I am excited to read this. I like non-fiction books and the fact that book centers on faith is something that is near and dear to my heart. I can't wait to delve more into this book especially after reading the official review.

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Post by Gracie777 » 17 Mar 2018, 01:01

A love like the one this book portrays is a very rare gem. I love how you have mentioned his clarity on his thoughts and how the book is easy to understand despite being written by a disabled person. I love that you note the authors personality through his writing. I love books that awaken the humanity within and unlocks my emotions. Thank you for this beautifully written review. I can't wait to dive full body into this one.

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Post by BDTheresa » 17 Mar 2018, 01:12

When No One Else Believed by Ron Tripodo is an interesting novel. Not all couples can overcome such situation. He's great faith in God's miracle and his preservance is inspiring.

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Post by WillowStarSerenity » 17 Mar 2018, 01:14

When I saw the cover of this book, I immediately thought it was going to be one of those ultra-religious types of books. Then I read this review and I read the blurb and knew I was very wrong in my original assessment. I'm looking forward to reading this book when I can.

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