Review by dbelis0001925 -- And Then I Met Margaret

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Latest Review: And Then I Met Margaret by Rob White

Review by dbelis0001925 -- And Then I Met Margaret

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[Following is a volunteer review of "And Then I Met Margaret" by Rob White.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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"And then I met Margaret, Stories of ordinary gurus I met"

By author: Rob White

Publisher: Mind Adventure Press, Boston, MA


Mr. White's book is a wonderful compilation of life experiences told to his audience in a storytelling style. There is a moral to each story as he progresses through his life history. He reminds us if not brings to our attention through these stories the simple concepts of living in a truth that gives us the freedom to be ourselves, and love our life as well. His book is an encouragement to not overlook the everyday hero's in our lives, as he has advised, they do not necessarily carry a PhD.

What I liked most about his book was his sense of humor. I also found myself laughing outright not having to think about whether or not the content was funny. Reading his writing was an effortless joy as I found myself breezing through chapters and loosing track of time. I appreciated his message that as we go along in life to not forget to live the dreams we believed existed for ourselves, and to never give up. I also like how he communicates that in the process of life's experience we need not be afraid of the pain and sad events. We need to take them and glean from them the truth or lesson to be learned. This makes us who we are, but to let it make us who we are in the most positive sense, and to not leave this life undone. My favorite statement in his book is on page 112, "If you ponder a great start but don’t take action, your dreams remain dreams. Take action, and your dreams can take flight."

What I liked least about the book were the final conclusion statements at the end of each chapter, "The myth I believed" and "The reality I discovered". I never quite felt they hit the nail on the head in singling out the message of the chapter. I also felt the book lost a little momentum towards the end. A couple of stories didn't grab my attention.

Over all I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I personally think this would appeal to the middle age generation such as myself, I could be wrong. I feel this given the authors style of storytelling sounds like it comes from someone from my mothers' generation. I'm not sure the younger generations would relate to his use of old fashioned slang or word use; therefore, I don't think this book would appeal to them. I enjoyed his book as he is descriptive giving you mental pictures that make you feel you are there with him. For example, in chapter fourteen, "my whole body vibrated as if it were a loose part that needed to be bolted onto the frame."(page 124). He is, again, a wonderful storyteller.

I didn't find too many errors. There is a quotation mark missing at the end of the first paragraph on page 76, and at the beginning of the fourth paragraph on the same page. On page 82 there is a spelling error, "that I think I am" should be " than I think I am".

I enjoyed Mr. White's book as I lost track of time reading it, and thank you for the opportunity to review it.

And Then I Met Margaret
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