Official Review: It's Time to Align: by Allen Lottinger

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Re: Official Review: It's Time to Align: by Allen Lottinger

Post by Helen_Combe »

It’s an excellent review and would have me reading the book, had I not read the sample first.
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Post by RyomenWolfsong »

I have found this review to be quite helpful. I am sure that this book is one I would enjoy. I appreciate that this review covered what topics to expect in the book, but left out the juicy details for me to discover on my own.

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Post by onixpam »

Thanks for your review. It looks like you really enjoy it, this kind of books are not meant to be for everybody. The most important thing is that you help us know what to expect from it. I do not really think this spiritual, alien book is for me, but I am sure is a great reading for the right person.

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Rachelle Bisa
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Post by Rachelle Bisa »

It's a precise review. Thanks for that . It's Time to Align by Allen Lottinger is the same as reading between the lines. Reading is easy but without understanding is quit different from it. Positive or negative vibration can be an optional to the reader. It depends if we understand it, if we absorbed it, then automatically we will apply it in our lives.

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Kim Ann
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Post by Kim Ann »

The author of It’s Time to Align has made significant points in his work. Altogether it seems to be speaking on the Law of Attraction which is a universal law describing how we attract what we receive from the universe (karma/drama) through vibration that travel along different frequencies. This like usual ranges from high to low and Lottinger directs ones mind to the highest frequency.

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Post by MsTri »

Thanks for the great review, but I don't like self-help books and I have no attraction for this law - *ha ha* see what I did there? - so I'll be passing on it, even though I am curious about the segment discussing other cultures and religions. I'm glad you enjoyed it and got something out of it, though.

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Post by P0tt3ry »

Thank you for writing a review about this book. Your review confirmed my decision not to read the book after sampling it. The author builds a case for his vibration theory, but it's too simplistic and New Age for my tastes.

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Post by revna01 »

The review certainly gives a comprehensive understanding of what one can expect by reading the book. After reading a sample of the book, I can say I won't be pursuing this read. It sounds like "The Secret" with less flair. Also, it's common sense to associate less stress and negativity with a happier life!

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The BookWorm Nagham
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Post by The BookWorm Nagham »

I love when I learn new things by reading books, especially if it's about religion which is a subject I'm really interested in. Thank you for your detailed review, i'm glad the words aren't too fancy and hard to understand.

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Post by jemgirl202 »

This is definitely a book for those seeking spiritual guidance. I do appreciate that while reading this book there is a lot to learn about other people and cultures! Congrats on book of the day! Great review!

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Post by katiesga54 »

[It's Time to Align: The Most Powerful Self-Help Book Ever Written
Allen Lottinger/i]

Very interesting information just in the few pages available in the preview. Purchased to read futher. The author does manage to relate the vortex of positive and negative in a very relatable way and the spiritual aspect should not turn off any reader.

The author does not use complex words and explanations and this will allow a reader to quickly understand his information.

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Post by KLafser »

I read the sample and think the concept is interesting. Your review helps quite a bit, I am glad to hear that it also incorporates thinking from other sources. Thank you!

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Post by EricaWilson »

This book sounds like a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and religions, while deepening one's understanding of the universe. Thanks for your review!

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Post by kate_nguyen »

This book teaches us to learn more about yourself. I like the way it's simple yet persuading. Learning to avoid bad habits can be painful but yes we still need to.

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Post by barbie254 »

Well written sample. choice of vocabulary was perfectly In order with the theme but am not a fan of the subject. However, I like the theory about the law of attraction in relation to vibration. I honestly recommend the book to lovers of spirituality.

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