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Official Review: Evie's Kitchen; A Collection of...

Post by MarisaRose » 14 Nov 2017, 13:22

[Following is an official review of "Evie's Kitchen "A Collection of My Family Recipes"" by Evelyn Rothwell.]
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1 out of 4 stars
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Evie’s Kitchen “A Collection of My Family Recipes” by Evelyn Rothwell is described as a family cookbook with accompanying pictures. The book includes pictures of an assortment of Argentinian and European dishes. Breakfast dishes, main courses and desserts all appear in this collection. Further, the author includes some photos of décor ideas for various occasions. Additionally, some wine and food proverbs are sprinkled throughout the book.

Unfortunately, I think the kindle version of this book may be incomplete. There are no actual recipes included in this book. Instead, the book is made up of pictures of various dishes and table decor. Each picture is labeled, so at least the reader knows what they are looking at; however, the absolute lack of actual instructional recipes or ingredient listings make this book feel pointless to read. Although the pictures do make the food look scrumptious, I fail to see the value in them without any accompanying directions to help one create the dishes on their own.

One aspect I found helpful was a diagram showing how to properly set a table. I have always wondered about table etiquette, but I’ve never had the motivation to actually look up the proper method. Unfortunately, even this diagram was incomplete. Each utensil is designated a letter, but there is no corresponding key to describe the name of each piece or what the letter refers to.

There are additional pictures of table décor for various occasions, like Christmas, everyday occasions, and romantic occasions and more formal occasions; however, again, the lack of description for any of these photos, other than a simple label, left much to the imagination. It would have been appreciated if additional details were given about the décor; for example, the colors that go best with each occasion, or the names of various pieces utilized in the photos. Further, the description of the book states there is a section on wine pairing, yet I only found one picture of a white-wine-filled glass with the name of some dishes underneath – this hardly counts as a guide for wine pairing, in my opinion.

Evie’s Kitchen “A Collection of My Family Recipes” really missed the mark and failed to live up to its title. The absence of any actual recipes makes this cookbook rather pointless. If anyone is interested in just looking at pictures of various dishes, they may enjoy this book; however, readers looking for an actual cookbook with ingredient lists and instructional recipes will be highly disappointed. Based on the fact that this book doesn’t contain any recipes or helpful written material, despite being marketed as a recipe book, I give it 1 out of 4 stars.

Evie's Kitchen "A Collection of My Family Recipes"
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Gunnar Ohberg
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Post by Gunnar Ohberg » 15 Nov 2017, 12:38

A collection of family recipes without any actual recipes? Hard pass. Sorry you had to slog through that.

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Post by Amystl26 » 15 Nov 2017, 20:10

Sounds knowledgeable as far as ettiquite goes, but no recipes?! That would have been a great addition to the book!

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Post by kandscreeley » 15 Nov 2017, 20:17

Well, the pictures sound nice. I would love to see the table setting diagram. However, it's really disappointing that there are no actual recipes. For a cookbook, that's a pretty big downside. Thanks.
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Post by Mallory Whitaker » 15 Nov 2017, 23:31

Man, looking at the pictures of basic food people post on Instagram makes me hungry; I can't imagine looking at a book with pictures of all kinds of delicious foods with no recipes to get them on your own table (but at least it will be properly set no matter what thanks to that diagram). That's so odd that there weren't any recipes, hopefully they'll fix that soon. Great review!

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Mercy Bolo
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Post by Mercy Bolo » 16 Nov 2017, 05:45

A recipe book with no actual recipes? That's a bummer. Looks like it needs more work. Thank you for the informative review.
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Post by Quinto » 16 Nov 2017, 11:17

What was the whole point to the book?

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Post by kingslexasoh1000 » 19 Nov 2017, 17:28

A recipe book with no actual recipes....what!!

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Mtsweni Nelsy
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Post by Mtsweni Nelsy » 21 Nov 2017, 09:26

I am sure if it was completed with necessary recipes and diagrams, it would have been an amazing book. Nonetheless, thanks for the review. :tiphat:

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Post by sunshinedee » 01 Dec 2017, 20:13

Based on the title of the book Evie's Kitchen "A Collection Of My Family Recipes" by Evelyn Rothwell makes me feel hungry.I like cookbooks especially with many pictures of delicious foods, but with no recipe written on it?not enough but it's nice to see some beautiful photos of foods with decorations.

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Post by Paul78 » 07 Dec 2017, 00:15

Everyone knows that a cook book like the one under review should have recipes.
Probably they wanted to bring out another version in a different way and it ended up this way.
Too bad for the author.
Nonetheless, a wake up call.
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Post by inaramid » 07 Dec 2017, 03:18

Yeah, I agree. The pictures should supplement the text. I wonder what happened during the production of this book and whether it was intended to be this way.

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