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Annabell Samuel
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Review of Zenith Man

Post by Annabell Samuel »

[Following is an official review of "Zenith Man" by McCracken Poston Jr..]
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It is a known fact that we tend to judge people based on preconceived prejudices or a narrative we have concluded about them. These narratives can be based on what we have heard about them and probably do not confirm their validity. We have seen this play out countless times, especially in this day and age when the media court tries to blur the lines between assumed and actual innocence. Most of the time, people with unusual personalities are always on the receiving end of this faulty human nature. This is the predicament Alvin Ridley finds himself in.

Alvin and his wife, Virginia, had been through a lot. His truck got impounded, and his TV sales and repairs business, Zenith TV Sales & Services, closed down. This situation took a toll on Alvin and Virginia. They believed that the government and other people were out to get them, and as a result, Alvin and his wife subscribed to living a secluded life. Virginia also had epilepsy. One day, Virginia died, and Alvin was accused of murdering his wife. He had to find a way to trust the author, McCracken Poston Jr., to be his attorney as he fought to prove that he did not kill his wife. Was he convicted of the crime or acquitted?

"Zenith Man" is a true story that evokes many emotions. This book will make you laugh, angry, sad, and frustrated. There were many times I screamed to express frustration. There were other times I laughed so hard that folks around me wondered whether I was reading a book or watching a comedy skit. All in all, this was an emotionally charged book.

At the core of this book is the need to see people beyond their outward appearance and get to know them for who they are. When the author first encountered Alvin, he concluded that he was a difficult person who did not know how to relate to people. However, as the author spent time with Alvin, he began to see the other sides of Alvin on display. He was even shocked that Alvin could make a joke. Even the first responders to Alvin's call for help concluded that he was emotionless. However, they later saw him crying. This is a huge reminder to not conclude on people when we have not had the chance to know them.

I enjoyed how the author narrated all the court proceedings without boring me. It was so suspenseful and engaging that I could not wait to see what would happen next. I loved how the case swung from the prosecuting counsel to the defense counsel and vice versa. I could never predict what the outcome would be. It kept me turning the pages till I got to the end.

The author uses this book to shed light on many societal issues, especially how the media reports unverified information and how some scientists allow hearsay to taint their scientific findings. We see this scenario play out during Alvin's trial. Some expert witnesses had issues sticking to the facts and not allowing hearsay to direct their findings. The author also sheds light on the flaws of the polygraph. Overall, this book was insightful.

I dislike nothing about the book, so I rate it five out of five stars. I appreciate the images and pictures in the book, and I like that the author does not distract the reader by inserting images in between. I recommend this book to folks fascinated by court proceedings.

Zenith Man
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Mojisola Omowunmi Omotosho
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Post by Mojisola Omowunmi Omotosho »

Sounds like 'Zenith Man' by McCracken Poston Jr. offers a gripping true story that challenges preconceived notions and highlights the complexities of human judgment. A compelling read for those interested in courtroom drama and societal issues. You did a good job reviewing the book!
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Areena David
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Post by Areena David »

I read it a while ago. It is a purposeful novel for those interested in legal issues, trials, and human challenges. The book not only evokes a wide range of emotions but also sheds light on important societal issues such as the impact of media on public opinion and inaccurate testimonies in legal cases.
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