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Dani Elle Ele
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Latest Review: It Was What It Was by Daniel Pace

Review of It Was What It Was

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[Following is an official review of "It Was What It Was" by Daniel Pace.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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It Was What It Was: A Tale of the 1st Infantry Division in Iraq (2006–2008) by Daniel Pace is a historical memoir about the author's experience with his deployment to Iraq for a war against insurgents. The author is married to Alycia, who gave birth to Gareth, his son, and was pregnant for him the second time. The book started with his training experience in the Ranger School and the deployment of the squadron to Iraq. There were lots of actions, explosions, casualties, and people who lost their lives in this book, including residents, soldiers, and insurgents. The soldiers planned to carry out a different approach to the war tagged "counterinsurgency," which involves winning over the population rather than just defeating the enemy. Will they succeed in their mission? Was their success worth the casualties and deaths the squadron faced? Read this book to learn more.
I've read many historical books, but I rarely come across military books. I must say this one was a rare gem. Reading this book has exposed me to a lot. Firstly, I learned a good amount of military jargon and also different posts, offices, and agencies in the military. I saw the beauty behind these soldiers who go to war. Despite the fact that they were trained to kill, I was emotional with the way they showed care for the residents of the neighborhood they went to for war. Another thing I loved most about this book was the humor in it. I felt the pain and fear of losing someone you love. When the soldiers were going to war, different families were seen giving their last farewell, unaware of whether or not they would see their spouse again. The author's writing style was superb, and his editing was flawless. I did not notice any errors in this book.
For those who may not have any idea of the military jargon in this book, there is nothing to worry about. The author gave references to all the places they were used in this book, along with an explanation for them. Although it may make the reading slower, it helped to make the book easily understandable. There was absolutely nothing I disliked about this book. I recommend this book to people who will love to know what wars look like and also to those who will love to get more insights on what it means to be a part of the US military and how it affects their relationship with their family. I rate this book a perfect 5 out of 5 stars for its meticulous editing and captivating storyline.

It Was What It Was
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Olivier Muhammad
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Oh, don'tcha know, this here review sure makes it sound like "It Was What It Was: A Tale of the 1st Infantry Division in Iraq" is a real good read, ya know. The reviewer really liked how the author shared his military experience in Iraq, especially with all them military terms and such. They said the writing was excellent and the editing was spot on, don'tcha know. They mentioned the emotional side of war and how it affects families, which sounds quite interesting, don'tcha know. Overall, this book seems like a real gem, ya betcha! Enchanting atmosphere, immersed me completely.
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Joshua Sawders
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Post by Joshua Sawders »

This review highlights "It Was What It Was: A Tale of the 1st Infantry Division in Iraq (2006-2008)" as a rare gem in the military genre. The book provides an insight into the author's deployment and the challenges faced by soldiers in Iraq. The reviewer praises the author's writing style, flawless editing, and the emotional depth portrayed in the story. The review also mentions the book's informative nature and the author's ability to explain military jargon, making it accessible to readers. Overall, the reviewer highly recommends this book for its captivating storytelling and the reader's understanding of the military experience. Engrossing read, lost track of time.
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