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Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Please use this sub-forum to discuss any non-fiction books such as autobiographies or political commentary books.

Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Post Number:#1 by MarisaRose
» 04 Aug 2017, 11:25

[Following is an official review of "Wings" by Sunny Angel.]

Book Cover
4 out of 4 stars
Review by MarisaRose
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This book requires a clear warning: there are many parts of this story that depict horrendous abuse, torture and rape. I do not recommend this book for readers who are easily triggered by these topics.

After turning eighteen, Sunny, or Sunita formally, was viciously pursued by Khan, an unstable con artist and predator, and ultimately brainwashed to believe that she was his wife. Although a tight-knit family, Sunny’s parents and brothers refuse to acknowledge her relationship with Khan as abusive and forcefully believe Sunny suffers because of her own willingness, perhaps aided by the use of drugs or black magic. Wings by Sunny Angel bluntly reveals the story of Sunny’s life with Khan and her subsequent escape only to find herself trapped in a different kind of abusive relationship. Familial relationships, personal and familial degradation, cultural characteristics, survival, and self-discovery are all themes discussed throughout Sunny’s tale.

Wings is written in the first person narrative, and Sunny’s voice is distinct and personal throughout. Many of her life events are described in the present tense, and in some instances, the author reflects on certain situations via asides to the narrative. I found the use of past and present voice incredibly moving. Understanding Sunny’s feelings during the events of her past abuse is important, but gaining insight about the author’s future understanding of her past naivety and the other events that led her on such a path gave the story apparent depth and understanding. Reading about any type of abuse is difficult, but the author’s injection of consideration and her conviction about past events help make the narrative informative and digestible so the reader is not constantly burdened down by the overwhelming telling of physical and mental abuse the author suffered.

Overall, the narrative is honest and genuine, the author clearly meant for Wings to contain all aspects of her story during this specific period of her life. As a Hindu Punjabi Indian, Sunny’s culture plays a significant role in understanding her position in life as well as her relationships, especially her relationship with her family. The author expertly includes explanations of cultural references and rituals so readers can understand her story in the appropriate context. I learned a great deal about various Indian cultures and their differences, yet I was never under the impression that the author was mindlessly spewing information about these topics. The integration of Sunny’s culture within the narrative of her story was seamless and only helped bolster understanding of her environment and mental state throughout the book.

My only criticism is in regards to the prologue. The book begins with a very moving scene taking place after the death of Sunny’s third husband, Ray. However, Ray’s presence in the book is minimal, and her marriage to Ray takes place after the focal events described in Wings when Sunny has seemingly evolved into a different person. Although the prologue worked to introduce Sunny and her plight, a concrete connection back to this scene is never developed in the narrative. If Sunny’s later transformation and her life with Ray had been given more consideration in the narrative, the prologue would have felt more appropriate.

Despite my minor grievance, I found myself captivated by Sunny’s story. The natural, candid narration of this book and the raw, emotional reflection the author provides make Wings worthy of attention. Wings deserves nothing less than 4 out of 4 stars and should be read by audiences looking to understand the emotional perspective of a victim while also learning about the impact of different cultures on these situations. As previously stated, this book contains graphic abuse, rape and torture and should only be read by appropriate audiences.

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Re: Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Post Number:#2 by kandscreeley
» 04 Aug 2017, 14:49

Wow. This sounds quite powerful. I honestly can't imagine. I'm sure her culture does play a big role in what she goes through which would make it all the more interesting for those of us who aren't familiar with that culture.
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Re: Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Post Number:#3 by Shreyoshi Sen
» 04 Aug 2017, 15:06

A very natural yet mind triggering plot. The story narrates the real life issues of girls in an abusive and forced relationship. Awesome review.
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Shreyoshi Sen
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Re: Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Post Number:#4 by LadyClaire
» 04 Aug 2017, 16:46

This is amazing and the mere notion that it's a non-fiction makes it a treasure, one I'd love to keep. Thanks for reading and sharing, MariaRose. I'm glad you enjoyed this one.
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Re: Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Post Number:#5 by Quinto
» 05 Aug 2017, 08:27

Quite a touching review of a young woman who has to face the dark side of her own culture. To me its an eye opening narrative of the place of women in society and the struggles they face to remain relevant. I would treasure the book as i always want to understand other cultures more.
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Re: Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Post Number:#6 by Amagine
» 06 Aug 2017, 07:40

This sounds like a captivating and enlightening read. Any story that is told from a victim's perspective, I find to be very powerful.

Great Review! 💟
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Re: Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Post Number:#7 by Naval Aulakh
» 06 Aug 2017, 11:56

The book seems very interesting. The review is very good 😊
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Re: Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Post Number:#8 by Jem Tomarong
» 09 Aug 2017, 21:33

Great review but that kind of book is not for me. Thanks for the warning and your review. Women is always vulnerable but the fighting spirit for survival is good.
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Re: Official Review: Wings by Sunny Angel

Post Number:#9 by ReadingRebecca
» 15 Aug 2017, 09:59

I was confused by the cover of this book. I was drawn to read it, but then I saw it listed as non-fiction. On first glance the cover made me think this was some kind of sci-fi/fantasy book. I had to come to the review to discover what kind of book it actually was. The strength to write such non-fiction content is admirable. I cannot imagine what it would take to survive those experiences then dare to write about them. I'm glad for the author that she was able to share her story. Like I said, the cover was just kind of confusing to me.
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