Official Review: Personal Encounters with Cancer

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Re: Official Review: Personal Encounters with Cancer

Post by BoyLazy »

I've not been around any cancer patients. Let me try this book. Thanks for the nice review
Boy Lazy
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Post by aajumbo »

Cancer is an epidemic in our society it splits family leaves children orphans and some family bunkrupt thus I am fully behind this book in creating awareness to people big up
Latest Review: "Puffy and the Formidable Foe" by Marie Lepkowski and Ann Marie Hannon

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Post by Celticlady »

A story about a devastating disease. Hubby had cancer and it was a rough year for sure, chemo was bad but just watching the side effects of it was horrible. He is now cancer free for 5 years so this is a book I can relate to. Thank you for the review.

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Post by G4gyanendra »

This is my first review to the books of this site. And to be honest, the review of this book is really awesome. In the modern world of increasing the patients suffering from cancer, this will be great motivational and create awareness among people.

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Post by sirzino12 »

There's no counter with cancer that is a good one
thanks for review
Margaret phalo barnhart

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Post by mrsredfish12 »

This is so personably relatable because even though I have never been diagnosed with cancer, I have been diagnosed with both end stage renal disease and liver disease, both requiring a transplant.

Yes, it did take me awhile before I realized, this was real, the significance of the diseases, treatment and impact on my life. It is a lot, but my faith brings me past the fear to a place of knowing that my life, my reason for being here, goes beyond the diseases, it is serving the people God puts in my life. I look at how I can help others instead of focusing on me...I know there is a God.

I can't wait to read the book. So much hope :D

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Post by Juanita700 »

Cancer is something I know from personal experience. I had a mother who had breast cancer. She died many years ago , but not from cancer directly. She had a heart attack. Reading just a sample bring something of my childhood back. I think the book from just the sample and the review can give people hope.

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Post by coscannon1 »

Thank you, this was a helpful review although frankly I would have preferred a shorter one with fewer nuts and bolts and giveaways. I'd have stressed that PERSONAL ENCOUNTERS WITH CANCER is an unusual book in that there's no effort to exaggerate or proclaim "THIS is inspiring". Nothing is hyped. It's all plainspeaking, and reads as a group of first person accounts from everyday people who, no more than you or I, were anticipating a cancer diagnosis. This makes their experiences relatable to all of us. Suddenly the events of their lives change, but they remain connected to who they are. They become patients but not hopeless victims. They always learn the value of hope, the hope that, in the darkest moments, was still inside of them.

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Post by ellieonline03 »

I don't normally read non-fiction books but I would give this book a try. Cancer is a prevalent disease and anyone can be a victim. I might be able to gain knowledge on how I can support someone with cancer. Thank you for your review!
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Post by Paul78 »

Cancer these days is a killer disease. A diagnosis if cancer is like a death sentence on a patient. It is thus a great effort and bravery for those survivors who told their story.
I have known several people who have succumbed to the disease. For survivors, it is a story of one's faith in God that drives them through this hard time.
Thanks for your review.
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Post by Peskeric »

A book about personal encounters with cancer survivors is like re-living the devastitating experiences of being a relation or friend to any one who has been diagnosed and gone through cancer treatments. This can be quite a draining experience. I up lore the author for putting together the experiences of Crystal, Jack, Linda, Ken, Miriam and Margaret to help encourage people. It's undoubtedly a wonderful experience during the reading of the book. It make you imagine what patients go through with cancer.

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Post by Cotwani »

Thanks for the review, indeed cancer is becoming increasingly common. Reading first hand how various people encountered various cancers seems to be an eye opener in understanding how to encourage anyone grappling with the illness.
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Post by kwahu »

The book sounds informative. Cancer is really awful and I congratulate the author for taking this bold step to write.

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Post by tamdlyte »

The difference between this book about cancer, and most books about cancer is
how well it lives up to its name. Sure it's all about encounters with cancer, but it's also very personal.
Most books that I see on the shelves about cancer deal with the diagnosis and prognosis and the treatment. This story deals with the people. Because that's what it's about. People.

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Post by KlareAllison »

I think that Personal Encounters with Cancer is an important book. I commend the author for putting together the experiences of Crystal, Jack, Linda, Ken, Miriam and Margaret to enlighten humanity on the dreadful scourge of this disease and also help encourage cancer patients, their families and friends.
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