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Rishaunda Lynnette Britton
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Review of Bypass the Bypass

Post by Rishaunda Lynnette Britton »

[Following is an official review of "Bypass the Bypass" by David Rowland.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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There are undoubtedly many medical innovations that have made life a whole lot better. But then, there are incredible facts about the human body that many people are unaware of. One of these is the body's ability to heal itself, especially when supported with the right nutrients and a safe lifestyle. It gets more interesting to know that our bodies, when in their best states, can actually save us from a good number of medications, medical procedures, and their associated side effects.

In his book, Bypass the Bypass: Restore Circulation Without Surgery, David Rowland shares with readers what they can do to get their bodies' blood circulation working properly. Many bodily functions depend on blood circulation, so it can get really risky when this process is distorted or obstructed. Today, the human population is faced with many health challenges, one of the most prevalent being cardiovascular diseases. The statistics on fatalities are alarming. Responding to this, Rowland has raised concerns that the curative measures for these cardiovascular diseases—one of which is coronary artery bypass surgery—are either ineffective, short-lived, or laden with terrible side effects. These assertions are backed up with publications from relevant authorities, including the report of Dr. Henry Barnett (Professor of Neurology at the University of Western Ontario), the findings of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and the survey carried out in two military hospitals.

Rowland has provided what he believes to be a more effective, safer, and lasting option: the Arterial Cleansing Formula. The formula contains essential nutrients that fortify and help the body, among other things, contain and eliminate unsafe reactions and substances like free radicals, and remove and wash away arterial plaques. The idea is that once the arterial blockages are cleared and blood circulation returns to normal, there won't be any underlying conditions that would require bypass surgery. Rowland has included some of the feedback of the people who used this product and recorded incredible improvements in their health.

Reading this book increased my understanding of my body and health. I think this book is not just about using the Arterial Cleansing Formula to clear blockages in the artery and restore blood circulation but also about general health maintenance. I agree with the author's position that the problem with us today is that our diet and lifestyle harm our bodies at a rate they can hardly catch up with. We need to understand the incredible facts about our bodies. We need to be informed about how our diet and lifestyle "vandalize," contaminate, and incapacitate the body's defensive system, thus resulting in the outbreak of diseases. We need to know how we can help the body repair its damaged systems. These and more are covered in this book. There is also a question-and-answer section at the end of the book.

However, I am removing one star because of the grammatical and typographical mistakes in this book and rating it four out of five stars. I suggest another round of editing for this book. But then I need to clarify that the grammatical errors I came across did not interfere with my reading. In addition, I think the author should consider leaving the feedback unedited. This would make the whole thing more credible, especially for those who might meet this book with reservations due to bad experiences with other health and wellness handbooks. I recommend Bypass the Bypass: Restore Circulation Without Surgery to anyone interested in cleaning up their body system or sustaining its healthy state.

Bypass the Bypass
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Post by Osvaldo Borghese »

This is a book I definitely want to read. It regards the health of our blood circulation and blood system in general, a very important topic to know as best as possible. Thanks for your precious review.
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