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Kendal Low
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Review of Billboards Across America

Post by Kendal Low »

[Following is an official review of "Billboards Across America" by D.J. Parsons.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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2024 is an election year, which can be an especially scary time for people in America. With so much information out there on either party, this book aims to show the reader the benefits of voting Democrat. D.J. Parsons outlines women’s issues and how “women have been stripped and tortured under the law.” It is up to the American people to rectify the systems that allow for these laws to be created. Billboards Across America: A Guide to Voting in 2024 is a plea from the author to try and fix America while there is still a chance.

One thing in particular that I enjoyed about this book was how steadfast the author was in her beliefs. She decided what she believed in and stuck to it. She leaves no room for interpretation, and she doesn’t mince her words, ensuring that her audience receives a clear picture of what she is saying. On the exact opposite side of that argument, though, could be the people who are not on the same page as Parsons and find this book insulting to their beliefs. So, it is only suitable for readers with open minds and those who are willing to hear other points of view on political matters.

The author provides information that backs up her arguments and opinions. She aims to reach as many people as possible with her words, so I recommend reading this book.

While I enjoyed the content of the book, I found the formatting of it slightly confusing. Some paragraphs were separated by blank lines and others were not. Some sentences were even separated by lines, but I believe that was an editing oversight. I also found a few grammatical errors in the book, and I believe it would benefit from another round of editing. Unfortunately, the errors and formatting issues did detract from my engagement with the book, so I will have to deduct a star from my rating. So, for the reasons above, I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I think that this book would be best enjoyed by Christian readers, as the author includes many Bible verses throughout the book to prove various points. If the reader is not religious, they will not necessarily connect with that aspect. Additionally, as this is a guide to voting in America, it is best suited to American readers, as foreign readers cannot follow the specific advice provided in the book.

Billboards Across America
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Biswajit Barman 1
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Post by Biswajit Barman 1 »

"Billboards Across America: A Guide to Voting in 2024" by D.J. Parsons offers a passionate plea for readers to consider the benefits of voting Democrat in the upcoming election year. In a time of heightened political tension, Parsons highlights key women's issues and calls for action to rectify injustices perpetuated by existing laws.
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Olivier Muhammad
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Post by Olivier Muhammad »

Howdy y'all! After reading this review, I reckon this book seems like an interestin' read, especially if y'all are open to different points of view on politics. The author seems passionate and committed to her beliefs, even though some folks might find it a bit insultin' if they don't agree with her. Now, I gotta mention that the formattin' and grammatical errors could be a tad distractin', but overall, the book seems to provide solid information to support its arguments. If you're a Christian reader and an American voter, this book might be right up your alley. Givin' it a 4 outta 5 stars seems fair. So go ahead and give it a read if you're lookin' to delve into some political discourse. Y'all take care now! Exquisite prose, flowed effortlessly and elegantly.
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Joshua Sawders
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Post by Joshua Sawders »

Hey there, great review! I appreciate your honest assessment of "Billboards Across America: A Guide to Voting in 2024." It seems like a crucial read for those interested in the upcoming election and the importance of voting Democrat. However, it's worth noting that the book may not resonate with everyone, especially those with differing political beliefs. It's great that the author provides supporting information for their arguments, but it would be helpful if the formatting and editing were improved. Overall, it appears to be a valuable book for open-minded readers seeking insights on American politics. Immersive experience, lost myself in the story.
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