Official Review: A Book for Oreo by Caralee Jardine

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Official Review: A Book for Oreo by Caralee Jardine

Post by CataclysmicKnight » 07 Dec 2016, 17:58

[Following is the official review of "A Book for Oreo" by Caralee Jardine.]
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For many people, 2016 will go down as one of the worst years in recent history. After reading A Book for Oreo by Caralee Jardine I've certainly discovered another reason - the unfortunate passing of Caralee's cat Oreo. Despite a long life of being loved like the family he was, Oreo's passing comes across as painful a loss as any fictional character.

A Book for Oreo is a heartwarming collection of anecdotes and events that Oreo and Caralee share. The book begins with their first meeting: Caralee's sister-in-law was looking for a new puppy and Caralee decided to look at all the kitties while she was there. She wasn't looking for a pet, in fact her landlord wouldn't allow her to have a pet anyway. However, as she walked by one little kitty his paw shot out to her arm and it was love at first sight. It wasn't easy, but she got Oreo the night before he would have been put to sleep. What follows are some sweet, hilarious, adorable and sad moments that absolutely hit me right in the feels as much as the best Pixar movies do.

Each chapter tells a tale or two about Caralee's life with Oreo. The entire book is very well edited, and I really enjoyed the use of photos between chapters. The book is really genuine, it's clear Caralee really opened up and let us into their life. At one point in the book Caralee ends up with a second kitty, Alley, who was badly mistreated. The differences between the two cats really seemed like two siblings, which makes the end of the book all the more touching.

Typically I have a pretty easy time finding at least something negative to say about a book. However, even after reflecting on the book days after finishing it I can't think of a single thing. The book is so sweet, so well written, and the perfect length (just shy of 100 pages). It's something I can easily see myself reading again and again, and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who have or had a cat as a pet.

It's certainly easy for me to give A Book for Oreo by Caralee Jardine 4 out of 4 stars. The book was written as a dedication to the life of Oreo, and Caralee absolutely succeeded. After going through some amazing moments throughout Oreo's 15+ years with Caralee and the fantastic photos she included, she has a poem and letters to Oreo after he's passed on. She even has a list of biblical passages that the end of the book related to animals. The themes of hope, faith and God's love are woven throughout the pages without forcing religion on the reader, making it exceptional for people of faith as well.

A Book for Oreo
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Post by Insightsintobooks » 11 Jan 2017, 00:18

I love cats. I think I would enjoy reading about the author's stories with her cat. Thank you for reviewing this book.
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Post by CatInTheHat » 11 Jan 2017, 14:05

Just reading your review made me a bit teary eyed, as it made me think of my own cats that have passed away over the years. Sounds like a beautiful and sweet tribute to a loved pet.
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Post by gali » 26 Feb 2017, 07:06

Sounds like a sweet and touching story. As an owner of a dog, I can relate. It is a great way to remember loved one. Good job on the review!
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Post by tarafarah7 » 26 Feb 2017, 08:19

I LOVE animals, especially my dog, Diamond, and kitty, BooBoo! ?? Recently, my other dog, Kane, passed away. Even though I imagine him in Heaven chillin' on his favorite cloud in the warm sun, maybe after reading this and meeting Oreo, it will give me comfort knowing there are others up there who he is friends with. Thank you for your review...GREAT opening line!! Although I'm already crying, I know I am going to love A Book for Oreo!!

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Post by dpk6810 » 26 Feb 2017, 09:31

Nice book specially for those who have a pet. Not very lengthy also

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Post by AA1495 » 26 Feb 2017, 10:17

I like pets so I think I will like this book. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. Thank You for the honest and well written review.

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Post by mindyg123 » 26 Feb 2017, 10:25

Wonderful review. This story of the love between a human and her cat is just the type of book that starts the tears flowing. I'll definitely be reading this book. Congrats on being BOTD.
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Post by sprakasarao » 26 Feb 2017, 11:29

God's plans are different from man's and man should compromise. The review clearly points out how the author compromised her life's destiny for that of a cat to be a son till its death.

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Post by CrescentMoon » 26 Feb 2017, 11:31

This definitely sounds like a very heart warming and emotional book. There was a great deep bond between a woman and her cat. Great review!
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Post by marti » 26 Feb 2017, 11:39

The sample of this book tugged at my heart. As Oreo reached out and picked his mom. Animals know which is obvious. I can totally relate to this book by being a mom to my fur babies. Oreo feeling at home immediately was a defining moment that he knew he had found his family! I will definitely be reading this book. l lost Hobo who looked similar to Oreo 6 months ago, so I send my sympathies.

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Post by MARSHA MARTIN » 26 Feb 2017, 11:46

While reading the a sample of OREO, I was hoping to find out what her apt. complex did about her having a cat and and the rest of the story. Very heartwarming. It had me wanting to keep reading. I had an experience similar to this with a stray dog that showed up at my sister in laws house & she begged me to take it as it had been showing up at her house off & on. She had 2 cats. I gave in when he walked up to me, laid on his back & expected me to rub his belly. I put him in the car, he sat on the seat, looked out the front window with a look that said "SUCKER" & he was right. HE CHOSE ME. We had many happy years together.

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Post by Majikalone » 26 Feb 2017, 11:54

A Book for Oreo is such a touching rendition of the strength of a loving bond between a true cat lover and their cat. I am owned by several cats as well and have been a cat lover my entire life so I understand completely the sense of loss when a furbaby soulmate crosses the rainbow bridge. I appreciate the author for sharing her story of her Oreo, as well as donating the proceeds to charity today on his first birthday in heaven. Thank you for your thoughtful and thorough review, I'm glad you could not find anything bad to say about this sweet book! Kudos!???

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Post by Sarah_Khan » 26 Feb 2017, 12:16

Great job on writing the review! Although this isn't something I would typically read, this story does sound sweet and I like that the author adds religion to it. :)

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Post by AbbyC » 26 Feb 2017, 12:22

This seems like such a great and heartwarming story! Not enough people are able to see such emotional relationships with pets and it looks like this book could be a great eye opener as well as a sweet story. Great review!
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