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Precious Anavheoba
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Latest Review: Stage Fright by John Gore

Review of Stage Fright

Post by Precious Anavheoba »

[Following is an official review of "Stage Fright" by John Gore.]
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A little pain here and there? Be careful! Check it out; you might just have much more to deal with, just as John discovered when he woke up one morning with a stiff, knotted neck. From an uncomfortable room in Oxfordshire to BP's nurse's clinic and then to Washington, DC, he journeys to find out what the cause of the stiff neck could be. His final answer leaves him in a difficult situation as the doctor informs him of his life-threatening diagnosis. He had developed Stage IV cancer of the pharynx (throat cancer). He was going to have a protracted hike up the mountain of recovery from his Stage IV cancer. Read through the pages of this concise book to find out how 50-year-old John Gore, at the time, survived cancer.

When I first came across this book, I thought it was about overcoming stage fright when faced with an audience because the first thing I saw was the title: Stage Fright. I didn't realise the book was about coping with cancer until I saw the entire cover page, subtitle included. Later, I felt that the author must have placed the title there based on his actual knowledge and skill in the dramatics. It was a deliberate play on words as a way of referring to the fright (initial fear) you experience when having to battle with a killer such as cancer and how you can overcome that kind of "stage fright". At least this was my interpretation of the relationship between the title and its content.

I believe when it comes to cancer, we can take advice from New York-born government and public affairs professional, author, and three-time cancer survivor, John Gore. He documents his experience with so much detail and a sub-story about British Petroleum (BP), where he worked for most of his life.

The first thing worth noting about Stage Fright: 15 Rules for Coping with Cancer is the author's ability to pen a good story. He narrated the story quite well and with a lot of humour, so you'll almost forget that you're reading a book about someone's struggle with cancer.

This book makes for an easy read with only twelve relatively short chapters and 91 pages. There are no photos, but the author's humorous narration will make anyone relax into the story. Another thing I liked, which I felt the author did well to include as a way of balancing out the story, was the postscript. It is basically a message to someone who may not feel bold enough to fight cancer because of their few privileges.

The only thing I found difficult to imagine or follow was the description of a few medical procedures, like the installation of the speech prosthesis from Doctor Blom. I couldn't imagine how the author really looked with that description of a hole (stoma) present in his throat region. It felt a bit terrifying to imagine, especially when he said that he had probably swallowed it, and his dinner started pouring out of the stoma in his neck. However, I must make it clear that the author did a great job at breaking down the procedure for the three rounds of treatment for his first pharyngeal cancer.

One other thing I would have really loved to see in the book were photographs and also the meanings of BP (British Petroleum) and "Nigerian Death Poop". It would have been great if the author had left the meanings as footnotes. But these were too insignificant to affect my rating compared to how well-written and exceptionally edited the book is. Yes, I found absolutely no errors!

I therefore rate it 5 out of 5 stars because the positives outweigh any seemingly negative comments. I recommend this book to cancer patients, their relatives, and other survivors. It would definitely cheer them up.

Stage Fright
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Post by Leen282 »

Like the reviewer, I did not realise at first that this book is about surviving cancer. I am impressed that the author survived cancer three times. I am sure that with sharing his experience, he will help others and give hope.
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Post by Tejas Koli »

"After reading this insightful review, I'm truly eager to pick up 'Stage Fright: 15 Rules for Coping with Cancer.' The way the author, John Gore, narrates his cancer survival story with humor and detail seems incredibly compelling. The positive rating of 5 out of 5 stars and the recommendation for cancer patients and survivors highlight the strength of this book. Looking forward to diving into this inspiring and well-written journey of resilience! 📖💪
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Rahul Singh 29
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Post by Rahul Singh 29 »

"Stage Fright: 15 Rules for Coping with Cancer" reminds us that life's greatest challenges often unfold as unexpected performances on the stage of our existence. In the face of adversity, we find ourselves cast in roles we never auditioned for, and the script unfolds with uncertainty. Yet, within the narrative of struggle, the rules laid out in this book reflect a profound philosophy: that even in the darkest acts of life, resilience and humor can take center stage, transforming fear into a powerful catalyst for strength and survival. It is a testament to the human spirit's ability to find light in the most challenging scenes of our personal dramas.
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SweetSourSalty AndSpicy
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Post by SweetSourSalty AndSpicy »

The book appears to be both a memoir and a guidebook. The author's life lessons are put together to offer helpful tips to motivate and provide courage to individuals facing similar challenges.
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Martina Sette
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Post by Martina Sette »

I agree that the deliberate play on words with the title adds a unique layer of meaning to the book, and the author's ability to convey his cancer journey with detail and humor is commendable. The mention of the postscript as a message of encouragement adds another layer of value to the book.
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Post by Salheen »

I didn’t realise at first that this book is about surviving cancer. I am impressed that the author survived cancer three times. I am sure that with sharing his experience, he will help others and give hope
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ni ketut anggraeni
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Post by ni ketut anggraeni »

Thank you for a very detail and thoughtful review. My first impression of reading the title, I also had the same interpretation as the reviewer, that was related to someone's anxiety when having to appear on the stage. Telling his experiences as the Cancer Survivor in a humorous way shows how the author has a big heart and the experiences he shares can be very useful for others. I love it, GBU
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Post by LornaM »

I appreciate this book and recommend it to those that seem to be on the path of lost hope. The journey to cure is never easy and always hard to be shared. Thank you for sharing your story and its great testimony will impact as many as even those not battling Cancer but other ailments, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

The title of the book stage fright I was thinking about audience!!😊 Only to read the real story about cancer diagnosis wow it's worth reading I will recommend it 💯✅
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Meghan Soderholm
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Post by Meghan Soderholm »

I appreciate the author incorporating humor into such a morbid topic. I applaud the author for how detailed he was in his storytelling on fighting his cancer. Thank you to John Gore for telling his story of his incredible fight against cancer with his unique twist. Thank you for writing a captivating review, Precious! :D
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Jorge Leon Salazar
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Post by Jorge Leon Salazar »

This book offers the author's experience as a three-time cancer survivor. The story is peppered with humor and inspires cancer patients and their families to fight this terrible disease.
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Amy Luman
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Post by Amy Luman »

John really knows what he’s talking about. The journey to discovering his cancer and then the treatment must have been incredibly scary. I’m glad he found a way to deal with it and to potentially help others. Congratulations on BOTD!
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Asma Aisha Ansari
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Post by Asma Aisha Ansari »

I'm intrigued by the author's journey from Oxfordshire to Washington, DC, battling a mysterious stiff neck turned Stage IV cancer, and I'm ready to embark on this emotional hike of recovery with John Gore.
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Sakshi A Soni
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Post by Sakshi A Soni »

Thank you for your insightful review of "Stage Fright: 15 Rules for Coping with Cancer." Your interpretation of the title's clever play on words and recognition of the author's storytelling prowess resonates deeply. Your constructive feedback on medical procedure descriptions and the suggestion for footnotes are duly noted and appreciated. The absence of photographs and term meanings is acknowledged, and your generous 5-star rating, along with the heartfelt recommendation, is truly gratifying. Your review is a beacon for potential readers, balancing praise with valuable insights. We're grateful for your time and thoughtful engagement with the book.
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