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Official Review: Four Jammy Biscuits Saved My Life Today ...

Posted: 16 Aug 2016, 13:38
by Prisaneify
[Following is the official review of "Four Jammy Biscuits Saved My Life Today - side 2" by Adrian Kenton.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Four Jammy Biscuits Saved My Life Today, Side 2 by Adrian Kenton is an extremely intense account of the heartache and grief one goes through with depression, suicidal thoughts and invisible illnesses that consume and corrupt even the most successful and normal of lives. It is a very graphic and very candid recollection of Kenton’s life experiences that may contain topics and or words which may not be suitable for even the crassest of individuals. The writing style switches between an overall informative style to individual storytelling and includes both poetry and notes from therapy sessions.

This book is extremely difficult to read through and can be quite triggering if you happen to suffer from the numerous disorders or issues Kenton brings to light. He addresses each topic with empathy, realism and even contempt but also explains why it is important to be so frank and coarse when discussing unpleasant and upsetting content. Kenton rallies behind the concept that just because someone suffers from depression or self-harm tendencies, it does not make them a lesser person. One of the quotes that really stuck with me states: “how long is it going to take us to bring mental-health into the light and concentrate on how healthy it is to look at it, the way we are encouraged to check for cancer in the breast or the testicles?” (Kenton, 2012, p.30)

The author provides incredible and explicit details about his personal experiences and how depression can suck away your ability to do even the most fun of activities. He sheds light into how the depressed individual is isolated and shunned because the concept of depression is scary for those who don’t take the time to understand it, or choose that they simply cannot accept that emotion from people in their lives. From sexual abuse to pedophilia to gay romance and incest, this book covers any and all topics considered taboo by societal standards while encouraging readers to face reality and accept that negativity does exist.

The tone of this book is very aggressive yet filled with compassionate undertones towards the people who could easily be the examples provided in this book. Kenton's approach to the world is a guarded yet productive stance. He is ready to take on the role of a leader and stick up for those who have experienced both physical and mental trauma within their life. There are points in the book where the writer is on a nonstop, fast paced train of thought and cannot catch his breath until the very last word has been exhausted. This puts the reader on the edge of their seat and allows them to become immersed in his world of despair.

This book invoked a level of anxiety in me that rivals my panic attacks. It was extremely difficult to follow through with but also provided a perspective and published account of reality that I respect and appreciate. I recommend reading this in sections, in a quite space, and really take the time to reflect on the content being presented. These reasons alone were my most liked and most disliked portion of this book and the reason that I give this disturbing autobiographical work a 4 out of 4 stars. This book is not for the weak. It is not for those who cannot handle the darker side that life has to offer. It is also not for those who feel that they may have adverse effects from reading about difficult topics. Be prepared for heartbreaking and gut wrenching account of exactly what it feels like to live with a destructive mind.

Four Jammy Biscuits Saved My Life Today - side 2
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Re: Official Review: Four Jammy Biscuits Saved My Life Today

Posted: 25 Aug 2016, 12:56
by Amh73090
Honestly I skipped over reading this review because of the title of the book. However I'm glad that I came back to it. It sounds like a good book if you are ok with the language used. Thank you for your review

Re: Official Review: Four Jammy Biscuits Saved My Life Today

Posted: 30 Aug 2016, 16:46
by Kia
Great job on the review and congratulations to the author!