Review of Living Through the Mist of The Soulslonging

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Review of Living Through the Mist of The Soulslonging

Post by Temi book »

[Following is an official review of "Living Through the Mist of The Soulslonging" by B Leslie.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Among us, there are individuals endowed with extraordinary abilities to perceive and interpret energy, effortlessly sense spirits, and administer healing to people both near and far. Brad Leslie, the author of the captivating memoir Living Through the Mist of The Soulslonging, happens to be one of these extraordinary individuals. This remarkable book chronicles his personal odyssey, commencing from his early years, when he first began perceiving phenomena beyond the grasp of others, to the point where he attained profound clarity and expanded his journey into mediumship. Notably, Mr. Brad possesses a unique genetic makeup, as his genes deviate from the customary XY pattern found in males, manifesting as XXY.

This uncommon genetic disposition thrust Mr. Brad into a solitary existence, plagued by diminished self-confidence and an inability to vocalize his thoughts, even as he commenced experiencing supernatural occurrences at the tender age of 18. These inexplicable events bewildered him, leaving him with an acute awareness of his divergence from the norm. Within his narrative, Mr. Brad conveys a resolute sense of curiosity and an insatiable yearning to unearth deeper truths and awaken his innate gifts. In pursuit of these insights, he encountered a myriad of kindred souls who shared his unique characteristics, traversed various countries seeking enlightenment regarding his abilities, and engaged in numerous spiritual encounters with departed spirits, such as Santa Maria, his guide, and Jacob, who imparted wisdom on the twelve pillars of the soul.

To be perfectly honest, when I initially delved into this novel, comprehending much of the author's discourse proved challenging. Fortunately, he interweaves his supernatural experiences with personal anecdotes, offering a relatable glimpse into his life beyond the metaphysical realm. Among the familiar aspects I encountered early on was the mention of Santa Maria, a name I had previously encountered in a movie, attributed to an entity known for providing guidance. The authenticity of that film's portrayal became apparent as I discerned the pivotal role Santa Maria played in the author's life, directing him towards destinations instrumental in the expansion of his awakening. Concurrently, Mr. Brad grappled with matrimonial and financial tribulations, circumstances that could have easily shattered one's resolve. Admirably, the author remained steadfast, displaying qualities I found commendable: unwavering determination, persistence, and obedience.

Engaging with Mr. Brad's story profoundly influenced my perception of life's inherent ability to unravel itself in unexpected ways. Despite teetering on the precipice of financial ruin, his awakening facilitated a windfall he could not have fathomed. Witnessing his business flourish elicited genuine happiness within me, stemming from my own firsthand experience with financial anxiety. I deeply appreciate his unwavering commitment to self-discovery and relentless pursuit of understanding one's true nature. The ceaseless queries that haunt our minds render true fulfillment elusive, a predicament that impelled him to embark on extensive voyages to locales such as Italy, Germany, Athens, and various European destinations, in addition to diligently attending numerous classes. Witnessing the transformation in his circumstances was truly gratifying.

Furthermore, I derived great value from the author's assimilation of a mantra acquired from Tony Robbins, an advocate of positive affirmations. Mr. Brad embraced the profound impact of vocalizing positive words, acknowledging their transformative influence on our lives. Despite encountering a few minor errors within the text, they did not impede the seamless flow of my reading experience. For all the reasons outlined above, I wholeheartedly bestow a rating of 5 out of 5 stars upon this remarkable memoir. There's nothing I dislike about it. I enthusiastically recommend it to individuals with an inclination towards mediumship and spiritual healing, as there is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from the author's extraordinary journey.

Living Through the Mist of The Soulslonging
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Park Cherri
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Post by Park Cherri »

This is quite an informative review. I guess we all have the abilities to see supernatural things, but it depends on how connected we are. Nice review!
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Post by Jimmy Cyprian »

I never thought somebody like Mr. Brad truly exists in our today world. It sounds really fictional that people possess such abilities in real life. I'd love to experience such first hand. Thanks for your review.
Boluwatife Ade Aderogbin
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I have read and watched movies about people with extraordinary attributes. I commend Mr. Brad's effort to know more about himself. This is an attribute every human should imbibe, it will go a long way to save the stress of getting lost in life. Wonderful review.
Ogidor Chinasa
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This is an interesting book. I admire the author's unwavering commitment to self-discovery and his ability to share profound insights into mediumship and spiritual healing in a relatable and engaging manner. Great review
Jane Honda
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This is really interesting what will be the effect of possessing the XXY gene? This book seems to be a very interesting read and I must commend you for your presentation of the review.
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This review provides valuable insight. It suggests that each individual possesses the potential to perceive supernatural phenomena, but the extent of this ability depends on their level of connection. Amazing review.
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Post by Nancy004 »

Experiencing a spiritual awakening and encountering departed souls may seem like an extraordinary and fictional occurrence. However, it also brings to mind the personal memory of my father's passing, where I had a dream in which he bid his final farewells to me. This book appears to combine elements of a life journey dedicated to attaining a state of mind that allows belief in connection with a higher power and the realization of one's true capabilities. Your detailed review beautifully conveys this essence. Thank you for the review
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I wonder how it's done, whether it's magic or just supernatural and unique abilities, but I know certain people in the world today have the power to calm or heal others.
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