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Chris Rich Nwaka
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Latest Review: Across the Divide by Elizabeth Bernays

Review of Across the Divide

Post by Chris Rich Nwaka »

[Following is an official review of "Across the Divide" by Elizabeth Bernays.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Across the Divide by Elizabeth Bernays is a captivating story that follows the lives of Elizabeth, Linda, and several other intriguing characters. Elizabeth, a passionate lover of science, nature, and discovery, rarely has time for TV shows like SpongeBob. As a result, she doesn't know much about them. However, her friend Linda, who accompanies her on research expeditions, is more knowledgeable about TV shows and is keen on educating Elizabeth in that area. During their research on caterpillars, Linda wears a first-aid bracelet due to her allergy to bees. Their mutual attraction also leaves Elizabeth wondering about their relationship. The outcome of their research and personal dynamics remains a mystery that readers can uncover by delving into the book.
I was engrossed as I followed the two women on their research project about caterpillars. As the story progressed, I was captivated by the author's creativity. This book was totally different from what I expected, and it spoke volumes about supporting each other, embracing our differences, and learning to live with one another. Elizabeth loved her husband and respected him, even though she had another relationship. Her love for science was quite interesting.

My favorite character in this book is Elizabeth because of her passion for science. Even at her age, she was still out there making new discoveries. Her passion truly inspired me. After reading this book, I discovered that age is just a number. Her love for science was totally amazing; she loved it and put her whole heart into doing what she loved.

There is nothing I dislike about this book. I love the fact that even when the characters had differences, they were able to stay together. It just shows that even though we are different in nature and character, we can still live together, as everyone can't be exactly the same. I applaud the author for her creative prowess. I also want to thank the editor because I didn't notice any errors in the book, which indicates that it is exceptionally edited.

I rate this book five out of five stars because it taught me how to stay together and tolerate one another. I recommend this book to everyone, especially those who enjoy reading about research.

Across the Divide
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Peter Nene
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Latest Review: Bluewater Walkabout by Tina Dreffin

Post by Peter Nene »

Across the divide by Elizabeth Bernays sounds like a book that one would learn so much on especially on the topic of tolerating one another despite how different it might be for us. Elizabeth sounds like a smart woman.
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Rowayda Van der Ross
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Post by Rowayda Van der Ross »

I am always fascinated by people who follow their passion. Watch them closely and you will see their eyes light up, their voice has an urgency to it and the stories they share draws you in, whether or not it's a subject matter you understand or support. I admire them because so few of us either have the opportunity or the brave approach it takes to follow our passion.
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Ms Chet
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Post by Ms Chet »

Oh well, I never thought the story would be anything shot of romance.
But I'm glad it focuses on science and research.
I wonder what mystery was uncovered during the caterpillar research.
Thanks for the amazing review.
Jimmy Cyprian
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Post by Jimmy Cyprian »

Elizabeth strikes me as a very interesting character. From your amazing review, I think this book would appeal to me, as I'm a huge lover of science. However, there's a confusion; when you said Elizabeth has another relationship, were you referring to her love for science or literally another relationship?
Christabel Ify Benson
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Latest Review: Bluewater Walkabout by Tina Dreffin

Post by Christabel Ify Benson »

I agree with the reviewer that the author's description of the journeys of these friends is beautifully written and evocative, and it captures the essence of the atmosphere inside. It makes readers feel as if they are right there with the characters.
Blessing Chi Peculiar
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Post by Blessing Chi Peculiar »

It's great to see that the reviewer commends the author's editing skills, which appear to be professional, and that the book contains no errors. It's always a plus when a book is well-edited and easy to read.
Flourish Sunday
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Post by Flourish Sunday »

It's great to see that the reviewer commends the author's editing skills, which appear to be professional, and that the book contains no errors. It's always a plus when a book is well-edited and easy to read.
Omobolanle Shittu
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Post by Omobolanle Shittu »

This is a delight to read. I'm intrigued. Essentially, Elizabeth was cheating on her husband or was she in an open relationship. I look forward to reading this someday to date my curiosity.
Nathaniel Sarah
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Post by Nathaniel Sarah »

The relationship between Elizabeth and Linda is one of the most captivating aspects of this book. I love how their mutual respect and support for one another transcended their differences. Elizabeth's love for science and Linda's interest in TV shows complemented each other in a unique way.
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Obc Contentor
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Latest Review: The Basement of Child Abuse by Calanda J Owens

Post by Obc Contentor »

The relationship between the two main characters seems mutual, and it defines the reality of what helpful relationship should be like.
Prince Oyedeji Oyeleke Jayeola
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Post by Prince Oyedeji Oyeleke Jayeola »

The book has an interesting plot, but what other relationship could Elizabeth have aside that of her husband. I look forward to reading the book. Well-done.
Tari egai
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Post by Tari egai »

I greatly admire the relationship between Elizabeth and Linda. Your review portrays Elizabeth as someone who wholeheartedly devotes herself to her field and passion, considering anything else as a mere diversion. Thank you for your insightful review
Silvia Idahosa
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Latest Review: Bluewater Walkabout by Tina Dreffin

Post by Silvia Idahosa »

I think that life would be quite boring if we were all the same. There's beauty in being different, and when you accept it, you could learn from it, understand it, and learn to live with it. I like that this was a theme in this book. I also appreciate the representation through Elizabeth that shows that age is indeed just a number. Nice review.
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Chris Agbara
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Post by Chris Agbara »

This is a great review! I love how you describe the characters and their passion for science. I’m curious about the outcome of their research and personal dynamics. I think I’ll get this book and find out for myself.
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