Review of A Soldier Against All Odds

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Favour Amarachi Mgbeoji
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Review of A Soldier Against All Odds

Post by Favour Amarachi Mgbeoji »

[Following is an official review of "A Soldier Against All Odds" by LTC Jason Pike.]
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A Soldier Against All Odds by Lt. COL Jason G. Pike is a beautifully written autobiography that tells the amazing and inspiring story of the author and his rise to the apogee of his military career. Just like the title of this beautiful book entails, Pike continued to move forward in life, sticking to his five P's, a principle that he stubbornly persisted with, hinged on the power of preparation in producing a wonderful performance in the end.

Pike's story even motivates us all the more when we are shown what this determined man had to overcome on his way to the top. According to this book, this was not a man who had the best of headstarts in life. His father had been a man who fed from dumpsters and cleaned up after stooling in the mountains with laurel leaves, yet his humble beginnings did not in any way discourage the author from persistence. Even Pike's learning disability which was discovered at a very young age, did not stop him from getting college degrees. Through the power of preparation, he continued to overcome, achieving extraordinary academic success and making himself and his family as proud as they could be. But how did he do this?

This book had many positive aspects to it, and I loved the author's discipline in making this autobiography actually an autobiography. Many times when people write autobiographies, they end up doctoring the story, maybe to endear themselves to the reading audience or to create a version of themselves that they can be proud of, but this was a very honest work. The author even added pictorial pieces of evidence of his military career. I also loved the way the book was written in a simple manner to make it easy to understand. The words used by the author were simple.

In addition, this book portrayed many interesting themes like fatherhood, jealousy, education, persistence, family, love, and many others. The theme of education is one I feel is important for the reader to understand. This book has indeed reiterated that for people that come from poor backgrounds, a sound education is a very important requirement for success. Sometimes the money isn't there. All that's left is a big brain that can take us to the top if we remain persistent.

I am impressed that the book had no negative aspects at all. I would like to mention, though, that I noticed the existence of vulgar words in many places. However, what is a military story without a couple of vulgar words here and there? I feel that the vulgar words actually added to the authenticity of the work.

Even with the presence of vulgar words, which I have pointed out, this book was amazing. Therefore, I rate the work five out of five stars, and I recommend it to people out there that need motivation.

A Soldier Against All Odds
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Chris Agbara
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Post by Chris Agbara »

The author's determination and persistence despite his humble beginnings and learning disability are truly motivating. Great review!
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Unique Mary Iloakasia
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Post by Unique Mary Iloakasia »

I enjoyed reading this review. The positive and negative aspects were properly outlined. It highlights the good job the reviewer did. I recommend this book to all.
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Post by Ukaegbu Confidence »

I will always have extremely high regard for military officials. I know first hand it isnt easy and they're greatly vulnerable. This is a shout out to you all. Thank you always for your sacrifice.
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Post by reviewerbook17 »

This seems like an amazing work of art and I would love to be a part of that by trying out this book.
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Post by Donaking »

The review portrays "A Soldier Against All Odds" by Lt. COL Jason G. Pike as a beautifully written and inspiring autobiography. The author's determination, despite humble beginnings and a learning disability, is emphasized, along with the power of preparation. The reviewer appreciates the honesty and simple writing style of the book, as well as the inclusion of pictorial evidence from the author's military career. While some vulgar language is present, it adds to the authenticity of the story. Overall, the review rates the book five out of five stars and highly recommends it as a motivating read.
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Olivier Muhammad
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Post by Olivier Muhammad »

Howdy y'all! After readin' this review, I reckon this book, A Soldier Against All Odds, sounds like a mighty good read. Lt. COL Jason G. Pike's story of perseverance and triumph, despite his humble beginnings and learnin' disability, is truly inspirin'. The author's honest and disciplined approach to writin' his autobiography, includin' photographic evidence, adds authenticity to the narrative. The theme of education bein' crucial for success, even in times of financial struggle, is a powerful message. Although a few vulgar words are present, they seem to fit in with the military context. Overall, I'd say this book is a solid five-star read for anyone lookin' for motivation and an inside look into military life. Give it a go! Emotional resonance, touched my heart deeply.
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Joshua Sawders
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Post by Joshua Sawders »

Based on the review, "A Soldier Against All Odds" by Lt. COL Jason G. Pike appears to be an amazing autobiography that tells the inspiring story of the author's rise to success despite many obstacles. The book is praised for its honesty, simplicity, and the inclusion of pictorial evidence from Pike's military career. Although there are vulgar words, they add to the authenticity of the story. Overall, the reviewer gives the book a five-star rating and recommends it to those in need of motivation and inspiration. Masterful storytelling, kept me enthralled.
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