Review of Broken Church, Nation Divided

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Mercy Udeokeke
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Review of Broken Church, Nation Divided

Post by Mercy Udeokeke »

[Following is an official review of "Broken Church, Nation Divided" by Stan Rogers.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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Over the years, Americans have dug for answers to questions about their existence, and in the course of concluding, they have been stirred into darkness by delusions and false assumptions. As a result, the country has wallowed in disastrous obscenities; impurities have been legalized, and they have become a way of life. Man has turned away from his true purpose and is slowly deteriorating into an infernal misconception. Americans have been lost in worldly fantasies and materialistic possessions; they have allowed their minds to be led astray by illicit thoughts and extravagances. The church has overlooked other essentials in the whole armor of God and focused on the helmet, which is grace as a ticket out of sin; it has also diverted from preaching the truth and has left many who need to be shown the way toward the light to pummel themselves with darkness; and the nation has been disharmonized by illogical philosophies. Luckily, despite the nation's situation of ignominy, a way out has been found for Christians to finally approach the light. Read this book to find out what measures the church has to take to overcome the mark of the beast.
As readers delve deeper into this book, Broken Church, Nation Divided, by Stan Rogers, their minds are prone to a rethink on what direction they have taken to search for truth. The book doesn't cut across Americans only, but the world at large. Questions tend to spring up while reading this book, questions that only the conscience can resolve. The book exposes all manner of atrocities, especially in the twenty-first century, and the sacrifices this generation has to make to let God uncover the itching spot underneath the cloth of curiosity. The book illustrates the concept of the twenty-first-century church and its approach to civilization. Americans have left establishing a standard relationship with God and gone after the things of the world. Americans may likely face unwanted hazards on their planet if they do not surrender to the will of righteousness and their fate in the afterlife.
What I love most about the book is its extensibility; the book didn't hold back and was quick to uncover the atrocities committed in the process of evolution. People have turned to ideologies for resolutions, and even though these so-called resolutions have led them to a point of confusion, the people still see no reason to change their attitude and get rid of ignorance. Although the book criticized the church, it also suggested credible ways in which the church and society could amend their ways and prevent the impending destruction of humanity.
There is nothing I dislike about the book. This book is a call not only to a nation but to the world at large. The need for repentance also cannot be overemphasized. The book is reaching out to the nation to seek God's word for one's life, as it will provide a platform for fulfilling one's actual purpose. I was highly inspired after concluding this book and was left with my thoughts to ponder. 
The book is exceptionally well edited; I found no errors while reading this book. As a result, I'll rate it 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend the book to Christians who have lost their purpose in the church.

Broken Church, Nation Divided
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Charles Babbage
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Post by Charles Babbage »

A conspiracy theory is always good for Conceptual thinking and this book is all about that. I really agree with the points you've raised in this book.
Active Chris
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Post by Active Chris »

I don't think this book is meant for general readability as it is focused on Americans alone. It would have been nice if it was generalized as the author talks about a concept which is common everywhere now. I personally would love to read the book. Great review.
Prisca olu
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Post by Prisca olu »

Your review was very detailed and well written, I really would love to read this book. The concept of repentance came at a good time. But the ignorance and nonchalant of many ie some to discuss.
Chris Rich Nwaka
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Post by Chris Rich Nwaka »

It is obvious that many churches have left the real call from sin to true living. Many nations have neglected the grace God has provided for mankind. I love the review it is well-detailed. Good job.
Francis Ignacio
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Post by Francis Ignacio »

This book is a clarion call on America and the world at large not to abandon their maker and creator but turn to God who is the author and finisher of their faith and whom has all the answers they seek.
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Post by Olaminds »

I don't think this book focuses only on Americans. This book says a lot about people now forsaking their God and running after worldly things, doing terrible things, and such. I think it is time for us (the people) and the world at large to turn back to their God. I would love to read the book. Great review.
Precious Anavheoba
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Post by Precious Anavheoba »

This is an amazing book written by a courageous author. I would love to read it too. There is so much confusion in the world today simply because people refuse to study the word of GOD deeply for themselves. They prefer the easy delusional wave of ideologies flying about.
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Post by Abeymayor »

Right from the first page to the last page, one thing I keep poundering on is need for reconciliation with God by man. I will like to call this a religious book, where the author is clamoring for the salvation of man.
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Post by Chiamaka_Glory »

I really love the fact that this book is a Christian book. It teaches all readers to know that Christ is the one and only way to having light and life. Great review.
Jerry Anozie
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Post by Jerry Anozie »

This books is fascinating to read and was a Christian book which is why I kept reading. But then, I felt the audience was limited to America.
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Post by Stevenmusk »

Your review was insightful and well-written. It's always great to hear different perspectives on a book, and your review added valuable insights to the discussion. Your comments about the characters, plot, and writing style were particularly helpful in understanding the book's strengths and weaknesses. Overall, your review was a great contribution to the conversation about this book
Temi book
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Post by Temi book »

This is quite an interesting book, but as I’m not a fan of nonfiction books, I’ll pass on this. Your review is well written. Well done!
Friederic Schröder
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Post by Friederic Schröder »

This review is educative and informative. According to the Wisdom of philosophy, "Do not court death by the errors of your ways, not invite destruction through your own actions. Death was not God's doing, he takes no pleasure in the extinction of the living..." This shows that man had been the one deviating from God's way and in doing so, in going astray, we only bring destruction to ourselves.
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