Review of A God-Balanced Life

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Review of A God-Balanced Life

Post by Sophia_D_Ajayi »

[Following is an official review of "A God-Balanced Life" by James Puckett Sr..]
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5 out of 5 stars
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What comes to mind when you hear the word balance? Balance can refer to a state of being balanced, stable, or in physical equilibrium. Everyone has their own definition of balance. More than physicality, there is a spiritual balance every person must strive to maintain. For Christians, maintaining a balance means simply living the Christ life and obeying the word of God. Any way of living that is in conflict with this denotes a spiritual imbalance.

A God-Balanced Life: Who or What Are You Yoked Up With? is a Christian self-help book authored by James Puckett Sr. that gives Christians an explanation of spiritual balance. The author talks about the importance of living a balanced life as a Christian and the benefits that come with obeying God. The Bible is a guide for every Christian, and Jesus is the model to follow. So living in Christ and obeying the word of God strike the perfect balance. 
The author talked about issues that have generated discussions over the years, such as tithing and attending church meetings on a regular basis. The way the author used instances from his personal experiences really impressed me. For instance, he discussed the value of tithing and the extent to which it might advance a person. He gave us an example of a time in his past when his finances were in disarray and he neglected to pay his tithe. I learned a lot while reading this book, but the advantages of tithing really stood out to me. You are merely robbing God when you fail to pay your tithe. And there is a consequence.
Several other valuable matters are discussed in this book. like self-control, learning how to be content, living and studying the word of God, obedience, faith, and many more interesting subject matters. "Be content with what God has blessed you with." "And if He desires for you to have more, He will open the door for it." This was a statement by the author that really got my attention. Nowadays, we live in a world where many people are never content with what they have. Their appetite for more is ever-increasing and insatiable. The love of money and its consequences was another amazing topic that was dealt with in this great book.
The author used Bible verses to back up his argument, which made the book even more interesting and valuable. Several bible characters were featured, like Noah and his act of faith and obedience; Habakuk; Ananias and Saphira; Apostle Peter; Judas; Micah; David; and many more. 
This was a very short but inspirational book that gave me insights on the importance of living a righteous and balanced life in Christ. As a Christian, I am very pleased to have read this book because the lessons learned will last a lifetime. It was also an eye-opener on some issues I've been dealing with.
This book was professionally edited, and I found nothing to dislike about it. I will be glad to give it a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars.
I recommend this book to Christians who are struggling with their faith and to anyone who has recently gained salvation and is looking for a Christian guide.

A God-Balanced Life
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Medina Fedrick
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Post by Medina Fedrick »

Having a balanced life comes with its benefits, and I'm glad the author also addressed the issue of tithing in this book.
Charles Ashinze
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Post by Charles Ashinze »

This seems to be an interesting read. I will like to read about the author's take on a balanced christian life. As a Christian book, I liked that he backed up his stance with scriptures and not just his opinions. He seems to have covered a wide range of areas in a Christian's life.
Prisca olu
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Post by Prisca olu »

The idea of giving tithes has not always been a clear one to me. I hope this book will give me more insight into it. Also, I love any good Christian book. This was a great review.
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Post by Reader_noc »

This seems like a good spiritual book that can help me maintain a close relationship with God. I would love to read this. I love your review. Well done.
Nathaniel sarah
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Post by Nathaniel sarah »

This book is a self-help book, that talks about learning how to balance up your life. And trust me, Living a balanced life has its benefits. Because of the society, we are in today, the love of money has become what will have to deal with. I must compliment the author for bringing up this topic "The love of money and its consequences". Every individual needs the Christian self-help book. Good job.
Charles Babbage
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Post by Charles Babbage »

Your review was superb. I've not read this book before but reading this review has given me some insight as to what the book is all about.
Ajibola Gabriel
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Post by Ajibola Gabriel »

I think one loves for God makes every other struggle disappear. The presence of the Holy Spirit makes everything thing easier. To love God is to obey him. I will like to see the author's perspective though. Thank you for your review.
Silvia Idahosa
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Post by Silvia Idahosa »

This book seems like it has a good number of valuable lessons. I like that the author backed up his words with Bible verses. It provides more of a connection for Christians as we can take the author's words and make sense of them in connection to the Bible. Great review.
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Post by Donaldo2004 »

Relating spirituality with with equilibrium is one phnomenon I have never encountered before. This book surely will be an epitome of inspiration to me.
Oluchi Samuel
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Post by Oluchi Samuel »

Balance is something we all need in our life, and this book helps us get that. Additionally, the author provided ways for us to grow our spirituality as christians. Great review.
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Post by Nadia_jones »

Living a God-Balanced life is simply living by the word of God and looking up to Jesus as a role model. Contentment,Kindness, humility and compassion are traits of a God-balance life. I love this review because it is so engaging and informative.
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Post by Stevenmusk »

Your review was insightful and well-written. It's always great to hear different perspectives on a book, and your review added valuable insights to the discussion. Your comments about the characters, plot, and writing style were particularly helpful in understanding the book's strengths and weaknesses. Overall, your review was a great contribution to the conversation about this book.
Flourish Sunday
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Post by Flourish Sunday »

Balance means many things to different people. I think I will read this book to know what. the author means by the word balance. Good job.
Ben Mount
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Post by Ben Mount »

The cover of this book captivated my interest. I also appreciate the author for writing such a wonderful self help book. Christians will benefit a lot from reading this book.
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