Review of Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be

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Mercy Udeokeke
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Review of Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be

Post by Mercy Udeokeke »

[Following is an official review of "Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be" by Trudy Wells-Meyer.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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Trudy’s application at Vincent & Vincent Salon was accepted, so she must embark on a journey from Switzerland to America, a country she has never been to. Her aspirations and goals are fueled in America when she wins two awards in various hair competitions she has joined and when her poem about America's freedom is published in the newspaper. Trudy's parents, both hairdressers, encouraged her to pursue a career in the hairdressing industry, in which she excelled. Her father, who makes his children memorize poems so they can earn Christmas presents, inspires her love of poetry, which she barely hides. Her incredible skills with the scissors are evident when customers won't stop seeking her patronage, to the extent that she has had the same customers for more than thirty years. Out of everything she already adores and derives pleasure from, she finds a greater fondness in Lew, her American husband. Read this wonderful piece to find out how a Swiss woman's enthusiasm unfolds in a land she has never set foot in before.
The book, Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be, is an exploration of Trudy Wells-Meyer's life in a setting she hasn't become habituated to yet. The book exposes readers to the ups and downs, frustrations and joys, of life's underside. The unique bond that people had with one another and with inanimate objects—even numbers and dates were emphasized with explicit details—the hustle and bustle of daily life and how everything would eventually fade into memories, as well as how these memories, which were held dear and had significance pointing to them, produced the greatest joys we found in incredibly small places.
The surrendering tone the book tried to express was what I appreciated most about it. The author was honest in her presentation of the little things that made up the story of her life and the lessons it contained. Through her book, she delighted readers while also enlightening them. Readers were able to picture and enter her world through her writing. I also liked how she illustrated her points with pictures and expressed her feelings about the things she thought were appealing in her poems.
What I didn't enjoy about the book was how it was organized chronologically. It was difficult to determine when an event occurred and what results arose from it. Although dates were supplied to indicate specific occurrences, they did not help to clear up my confusion. As a result, I rate the book 4 out of 5 stars.
The book is professionally edited. I found a handful of errors. However, it didn't hamper my enjoyment of the book. I recommend this book to people who enjoy factual stories with a mixture of poetry.

Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be
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Ajibola Gabriel
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Post by Ajibola Gabriel »

Trudy seemed to have excelled in America. I like that she had and a part of her success. I can understand why you deducted a star, I’d do the same also if I read a book that I didn’t find properly organized.
Prisca olu
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Post by Prisca olu »

The title of the book was the first thing that struck me. It's an inspirational book and the setting seems new and interesting. A great review.
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Post by Chiamaka_Glory »

Some things are simply meant to be is quite an interesting read. I like how straight to the point and simple the title sounds. Another thing I like are the illustrations used. Well done.
Oluchi Samuel
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Post by Oluchi Samuel »

Trudy's autobiography explains her life as a Swiss woman in America. She talks about her life as a hair dresser and a poet. Thanks for the great review.
John Kingsley Ken
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Post by John Kingsley Ken »

Trudy's outstanding style in her preferred skill shows the importance of uniqueness in anything you do, This made her reserve certain customers for more than thirty years, that's mind blowing. Thanks for your review
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Post by Stevenmusk »

Your review has provided me with valuable information and insight about the book. I appreciate the way you have presented your thoughts and opinions on the book in a clear and concise manner, allowing me to form my own opinion about whether or not to read it. Your review has helped me to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the book, and has given me a better idea of what to expect. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, and for helping me make an informed decision about what to read next.
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Post by DominicSavyo »

Life is bound to have ups and downs, good times and bad ones, frustrations and successes. This book details some of that of the life of Trudy in her quest to become a better and successful person.
Oyedeji Funmilayo
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Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

The title of the book speaks a lot. Truly, some things are just keahr to be and I believe her journey in America is one of the things meant to be. Wonderful review well done.
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Azuka Jessica
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Post by Azuka Jessica »

I really appreciate skills and I'm very much happy for Trudy. I'll like to read on her experiences in America. I am looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for an interesting review.
Friederic Schröder
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Post by Friederic Schröder »

It is indeed completely true Some Things Are Simply Meant to Be, I understand the feeling of moving into a country you barely know, it is exciting and scary at the same point. I like the fact that Trudy had supportive parents who urged her to pursue her dreams and were willing to support her no matter what. Great write-up by the reviewer.
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Park Cherri
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Post by Park Cherri »

It’s always somehow to move from where you are familiar with to an unknown place. It takes time before one would be able to familiarize themselves with that new environments. Well done!
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Ben Madeley
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Post by Ben Madeley »

This sounds like an interesting and slightly unusual book, not my normal style but I will consider it. Nice review.
Agbata Trust-
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Post by Agbata Trust- »

I want to applaud the author of this book for choosing to select such a simple but supensful book title. I am sure going to read this book. Life indeed has alot of emotions. Reading about someone experience is fun.
Precious Anavheoba
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Post by Precious Anavheoba »

I think this story encourages people to remain focused on their dreams as well as become masters in their fields. It sounds like a success story to me but the title gives no clue that it will be about this.
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