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Latest Review: Effortless Belonging by Oscar Willis Mitchell

Review of Effortless Belonging

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[Following is an official review of "Effortless Belonging" by Oscar Willis Mitchell.]
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The basic idea of the nonfiction self-help book Effortless Belonging: The Lost Science Synchrony by Oscar Willis Mitchell revolves around a historical text called the Lankavatara Sutra. The first of these books was originally authored in Sanskrit (a classical language belonging to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages) and first made its appearance in Chinese translation in 443 CE.  

There are three sections in Effortless Belonging. The first is called Core Concepts, and it demonstrates research into our awareness, self, consciousness, and mental health, as well as suchness and, most importantly, accepting who we are without putting on a mask. Our inner and outer selves are both visible in suchness, which is the calm nature of the mind. Nature's Interdependent Co-Arising is the title of the book's second section. This section celebrates the full potential and advancement of people. Here, we discover that the five stages of propensity, comprehension, prejudice, circumstance, and disposition determine an individual's capacity to integrate learning. To find out how they actually function, continue reading this book. We shall also address the important topic of “Who do we think we are?” here.

The first chapter of the book, Lanka is presented in its entirety in the third section.  The author of this book developed his ideas after studying D.T. Suzuki's writings. The first English translation of the Lanka was D.T. Suzuki's work. I appreciate that the author took the time to describe the mysteries and history of the Lanka. The explanation helps make the notion easier to understand because the book is new to me and, I'm convinced, to other readers as well. Mr. Oscar discussed the history of the Buddhists, from India to China, and how their work was disrupted, and they were dispersed in this book. Every chapter ends with a poem that makes you stop and think about the meaning of life and who you are.  

Even though it's acceptable to live alone, this book taught me that we cannot survive by ourselves. We continue to require the help of the people around us. Nonetheless, it highlights the necessity for isolation occasionally because it is in solitary that we can reflect and get profound understanding and insights into ourselves. Because it is an old discipline that deals with human psychology, Lanka will help people learn the innermost secrets of their lives. “It's our job to be happy,” the author remarked, and I quote: “ensure your happiness.”

 The author's tendency to move from one thought to another bothered me about this book, but I can't give it a lower rating because the author claimed to have dyslexia. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars because of the author's insightful analysis and thorough justification. No errors were discovered while I was reading. Hence, it has flawless editing. 

 This might not be for everyone, but I do recommend it to individuals who enjoy reading self-help books, particularly those that deal with self-discovery. 

Effortless Belonging
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Ebube Steve
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Post by Ebube Steve »

Effortless belongings is a great self help book, I read it sometimes last month and it was amazing. You gave a very well detailed review. Good one
Tomi Luwa
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Post by Tomi Luwa »

Beautiful book!
Truly it's our choice to be happy
We have to choose that, ensure our happiness and know that we can't survive alone. Great review
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Non fiction self help books are really nice and they help us the readers understand concepts to life that we usually disregarded in the past.
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The good thing about a self-help book is that if you misunderstand something then it won't mock you. I loved how you gave an effortless review.
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This self-help book sounds complex. It also sounds like research work. What will I learn from it? Great review.
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I found this self help book very encouraging. Beautiful beginning was indeed the wake up call I very much needed at the time I read it.Your review is very detailed. Nice one
Oluchi Samuel
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This self help book explains psychological terms like Lanka and also teaches the readers on the benefit of having people around. Thanks for the review.
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I don't think I would enjoy this book. I'm really not interested in its content. Also, I'm not a fan of self-help books. Thanks for your well detailed review though.
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This sounds like it would definitely bring a new perspective on self help books. Thanks for a great review!
Agbata Trust-
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I could feel this inner peace and unexpressive joy while reading this review. This is going to be a blast. I was so captivated by the plot. Can't wait to read this book.
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Kelly Peter
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This self-help book is interesting it looks like there will be some secret of self-discovery in this book I look forward to reading this book.
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Ayilaran Emmanuel
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Awesome Review!

After all, we can choose to be joyful.
We must decide that, secure our happiness, and understand that we cannot survive on our own.
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Effortless Belonging: The Lost Science Synchrony by Oscar Willis Mitchell sounds like an interesting nonfiction book that explores strong themes that readers will find insightful. Thanks for the great review.
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It's in isolation that we can reflect and understand ourselves. I so much agree with this. We need to lock ourselves from the outside world once in while and look inward. A. person that cannot reflect, cannot grow because we get understanding, knowledge, and even energy to continue with life in solitude. Great review.
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