Review of No Longer Settling for Half of the Rainbow

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Review of No Longer Settling for Half of the Rainbow

Post by Blessing Chi Peculiar »

[Following is an official review of "No Longer Settling for Half of the Rainbow" by Ryan J. Hulbert, Ph.D..]
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5 out of 5 stars
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No Longer Settling for Half the Rainbow by Ryan J. Hulbert, Ph.D., is an engrossing novel that will captivate any reader. The author uses the colors of the rainbow to measure heart temperature, mood, emotions, feelings, and thoughts in this book. He goes into detail to explain to readers that when our thoughts are narrow, we cannot see the big picture because we have blocked vision. He also states that those who make rash decisions make poor choices. The author refers to Albert Einstein's quote that "life is difficult," emphasizing that it is during difficult challenges that we truly discover ourselves and our potential. He continues by advising us to always try to understand our feelings in order to direct them toward having the correct thoughts and doing the right things. Do you want to know how these points are explained in detail? Get a copy to find out.

As I read this book, I pondered the author's mental state because he was able to depict human emotion almost exactly, including our moods, the hormonal and metabolic changes that affect us, and the warning signs of low mood. Despite our desire to concentrate on some previous events, we should constantly make an effort to live in the moment because that is where we can experience happiness, joy, and peace while ignoring the past. We typically find our strength in the most trying circumstances in life. I learned from this book that if everything goes according to plan, we won't be aware of our actual potential. This book made it abundantly evident that not all problems are terrible; some of them actually help us grow as individuals. However, how we approach these issues will ultimately affect the outcomes.
It is difficult for me to choose a favorite page in this book because every page offers the reader something new to learn. But I'll still say that the imagery and symbolism are my favorites. The representation of a concept through symbols or the underlying meanings of objects or qualities is defined as symbolism. This allows the reader to connect with real-life events. He compared life to music. For example, just as life has its ups and downs, so does music, which has high and low notes. The combination enhances their beauty. He also used rainbow colors to determine one's emotions and feelings.
Nothing about this book bothers me. It is quite inspiring and piques the readers' curiosity. I must say that when I first picked up this book, I didn't have high expectations, but as I turned the pages and read each chapter, the book's fascinating content drew me in. This book serves as a guide for identifying and comprehending our feelings, moods, emotions, and thoughts. People should read it because, if we learn to control our emotions, we can excel in every aspect of our lives.
I rate this book five out of five stars because it has broadened my perspective on how to deal with life's difficult challenges. I applaud the author for his inventiveness. I'll also thank the editor because the book is professionally edited, even though I discovered one error. This is a book I recommend to everyone, especially those who see life's challenges as evil. This book will help you see life's challenges in a new light.

No Longer Settling for Half of the Rainbow
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Post by Adeolaoskydeelight »

The book cover and title are captivating, also the author's illustration which made the reader to connect to real life is something commendable. This book is a necessity as it entails several pieces of information. Fascinating review
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Post by Temi book »

I enjoyed reading this review. I love the comparison the author used to illustrate his points. especially that of music. Great review!
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This book teaches basic life lessons using the rainbow. Facing life challenges when life seems difficult will bring out the best out of us. I enjoyed reading your review.
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Reading your summary gives me idea of mindset shift to expect from this book. Using rainbow as illustration is very very genuine and realistic.
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This book looks like the type that inspires someone to a greater height and I can not wait to add this one to my shelf. Nice review.
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This author's idea of how various color represents our emotions is an interesting concept and I do agree with the quote by Albert Einstein, it is during difficult times that man's true potential is displayed.
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I love how you said the author used the colors of the rainbow to measure heart temperature, mood, emotions, feelings, and thoughts in this book. It takes professional understanding to be able to do that. Nice review.
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Post by Hazel Mae Bagarinao »

I love books about life, and I love rainbow! Based on your review, I must say, this book is a perfect fit for me. It will probably give me a new perception of life. Looks like the author has several pieces of wisdom implanted in this book, and I would like to be enlightened. Thanks for your outstanding review!
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