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Park Cherri
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Review of Pandora's Lockbox

Post by Park Cherri »

[Following is an official review of "Pandora's Lockbox" by Nico Lundborg-Griffith.]
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According to Greek mythology, Pandora's Lockbox is the tale of a woman who got a wedding present but was instructed not to open it. The box contained only hope when this woman opened it, releasing several issues upon the world. The author's experiences working as a real estate agent in the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s are relevant to the mythology of Pandora's Lockbox. In her book, prominent real estate agent Nico Lundborg-Griffith recounted many amusing anecdotes from her personal life and professional experience.

During her four months of pregnancy in 1982, Nico had just experienced a miscarriage. As a co-owner of a mortgage firm, the miscarriage was brought on by the demanding work of trying to increase sales. Her spouse is also requesting a divorce, leaving the debt on their rental home to her. With no work, a debt-ridden mortgage, and only $800 in her account, Nico is at a standstill. Given her background in managing businesses and mortgages, the author opted to pursue a career in real estate. Nico was eventually hired by Fakke & Company following a refusal. She put great effort into being the top real estate agent despite having no prior expertise in the field. In this humorous book, you can learn about her many experiences.

Because I had heard of Pandora's Lockbox before, I initially picked up this book, anticipating a historical fiction. The stories I read here, though, completely blew me away. The first tale was really intriguing. It discussed the author's involvement in a murderous plot. It wasn't until halfway through the novel that I realized I wasn't about to read about the author's life in prison. Because Nico is such a gifted writer, each story's heading is appealing and catchy. I'll be curious about the story she has for her readers after reading the header. I also respect the author. She is an excellent individual. Her tenacity, bravery, and strength are qualities I admire. She nevertheless succeeded in real estate in a year, despite having recently lost her baby and her fourteen-year marriage. I adore her adage to "never give up."

These lovely true-life stories with a few fictitious modifications taught me some valuable lessons. The first is the one about Nico's determination to move forward despite her challenging upbringing and existence. I learned that we shouldn't just enter a marriage impulsively from her story about her female friend Miriam, who got married because she felt butterflies in her stomach, only to discover her new spouse was unemployed. Additionally, we parents must exercise extreme caution when using language with our kids. Trying to bring them them or make comparisons to someone else just serves to lower their self-esteem, as was the case with the author. I adore the way she used hers to motivate herself to improve.

This book doesn't bother me at all. Even though I spotted a few mistakes, I still gave it a rating of 5 out of 5. The humorous book, Pandora's Lockbox, has many interesting anecdotes about the author's life, her place of employment, and the acquaintances she accumulated over time. Nico Lundborg-Griffith is also excellent at describing actual locations and happenings. She also used it to define words that she thought her readers might not be familiar with. Thus, I have no excuse for rating this lower. It's also been well edited.

I'll suggest this to anybody involved in the real estate industry. Additionally, if you're looking for a quick read that will make you giggle, this is it.

Pandora's Lockbox
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Jay David Randall
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Post by Jay David Randall »

The title of this novel is what appealed to me the most, I have heard of Pandora's Box but I never have tried to discept the meaning of it. I really can't say reading this novel gave me that idea but nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this review.
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Post by Dominic2023 »

Pandora's Lockbox by Nico Lundborg-Griffith is quite the intriguing read. In it, you'll get to understand the Greek methodology more and appreciate it. The storyline was just perfect. Great review.
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Post by Jay_shon03 »

Reading the opening lines of your review helped me to understand the reason for the title. Seems like the author has mastered the art of storytelling. Though I am not into real estate, I will want to read this book.
Grace Lee Rose
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Post by Grace Lee Rose »

Pandora's Lockbox by Nico Lundborg-Griffith is a book I might find to be interesting as evidenced by your perfect analysis of the book. It's amazing to discover that the book has a top notch story telling capability. Well done.
Mozi Ken
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Post by Mozi Ken »

I will like to read this book to know the correlation between pandora's box and Nico's life experience. I might also learn something from Nico. Good review.
Oyedeji Funmilayo
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Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

I find the title of the book intriguing but I can't see how it relates to real estate. Perhaps when I read the book I might understand it. Wonderful review well done.
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Post by Sophia_D_Ajayi »

I never knew the myth behind pandora's box. The title of the book is completely different from the plot, but it will still be intriguing to read about the authors struggle in the real estate industry.
Amanda Warner
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Post by Amanda Warner »

It seems like a good read. I will love to know more about Nico's story. Nice review.
Odindi Omo
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Post by Odindi Omo »

Nico sounds like a real strong woman. That she didn't breakdown after everything she went through. Nice story. Nice review.
Temi book
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Post by Temi book »

This is an interesting review, but it’s not one I’ll be interested in, seeing as it’s about estate management. I like that Nico is a strong woman. Well done!
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Post by Chiamaka_Glory »

Pandora's Lockbox by Nico Lundborg-Griffith sounds like a book that would interest me. I've heard of the Pandora's box concept and believe reading this book will help me understand better.
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