Review of 101 Things my Mama Said and then some

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E Daves
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Review of 101 Things my Mama Said and then some

Post by E Daves »

[Following is an official review of "101 Things my Mama Said and then some" by Delilah Rashell Williams.]
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4 out of 5 stars
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101 Things my Mama Said and then some by Delilah Rashell Williams is a compilation of short stories from Delilah's childhood with many quotes from her mother's wisdom. Delilah has two sisters. They lived in Del Paso Heights, Sacramento. Her parents always had heated arguments because her mother had a job and her father wanted her to stop working. The arguments were so severe that she and her sisters had to beg their mom to do what their dad wanted and quit her job. But Mrs. Opal Faye Williams would never quit her job. When she told her daughters the reason, they understood. To me, Mrs. Opal is a wise woman. This book is about the wise things she always says.

I love the personality of Mrs. Faye. She doesn't mince words when it comes to the truth. That aside, I admire the fact that she was not a religious woman but a godly woman. Godliness is both in spirit and in truth. Being religious is mostly a show. Also, I have never seen a person as selfless and accommodating as her. In this book, you will find some advice for navigating through life. You will also find people of different characters. I also like how this book is broken up into sections with quotes that go together. For example, there are quotes about love and relationships, money, helping and giving, etc.

Themes in 101 Things My Mama Said and then some include racism, servitude, religion, family, love, patriarchy, and many others. Some men will always claim they can earn enough to care for your every need, but when you ask for your needs to be met, it becomes a problem!

The negative aspect I noted about this book is that most of the quotes are popular ones that we are already familiar with, with little changes and twists from her mother. However, those quotes are what Mrs. Opal experienced every day. Whether they are popular or not, whether they are original quotes from other people, they are what everyday life gave her, and she spoke them out. She said them in her own words, based on her experiences.

The negative aspect above shouldn't affect my rating, but I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars. I removed one star because the errors in this book were just too many! This book deserves a perfect score, but unfortunately, I have to painfully remove a star from the rating because of the errors. I would recommend this book to those who love reading memoirs. Delilah is a blessed woman because her mother was incredible. Everyone deserves a mother like Mrs. Opal Faye Williams.

101 Things my Mama Said and then some
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Post by Sophia_D_Ajayi »

Beautiful review. Very detailed and informative. I like Mrs. Opal's attitude. She strikes me as a strong and resilient woman. I wonder what the reason behind her adamancy on quiting her job was.
Nwoko E
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Post by Nwoko E »

I love the personality of Mrs. Faye. She doesn't mince when it come to the truth. Nice review.
Nicholas Bush
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Post by Nicholas Bush »

I love your review for this book and i must admit that it is was worth the read. Would be nice to read this book someday ASAP. adding it to my bookshelf. Nice review.
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Esther Godwin Ogechi
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Post by Esther Godwin Ogechi »

I'm not a fan of memoirs, but this will make a good read.
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Emeka Emordi
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Post by Emeka Emordi »

This book will contain life lessons that might not be easily found on the street. This will be a good read for young ladies and men.
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Anselm Freeman
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Post by Anselm Freeman »

This is a sure lesson for young adults as they grow up to make life decisions like choosing their spouse and living with them. This will be an enjoyable read.
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Precious Anavheoba
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Post by Precious Anavheoba »

This sounds like such an interesting story. I already love Mrs Opal Faye's attitude to life. I love books like this that teach life's wisdom. The author is actually helping many people by sharing this story.
Einsthawkton Edeh
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Post by Einsthawkton Edeh »

Wow, this book sounds like an amazing read! It's so inspiring to hear about Mrs. Opal Faye Williams and her wisdom. I love that she was selfless and accommodating and that her quotes were based on her experiences. I also appreciate the themes of racism, servitude, religion, family, love, and patriarchy that are explored in the book.
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Hazel Mae Bagarinao
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Post by Hazel Mae Bagarinao »

Mother knows best. I always found my Mama's advice pure and authentic. For sure, Mrs. Faye's advice is always significant. I want to learn a few from her advice. Thanks for your beautiful review!
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