Review of Sunshine Among the Clouds

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Precious Amarachi Nzeakor
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Review of Sunshine Among the Clouds

Post by Precious Amarachi Nzeakor »

[Following is an official review of "Sunshine Among the Clouds" by Dan "Axe" DeKruif.]
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5 out of 5 stars
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From early childhood through maturity and old age, a person continues to acquire his or her own distinct experiences in life. Also, one's disposition towards life is accordingly dependent on these experiences. What is your outlook toward life? How does this affect the quality of your life?

In Sunshine Among the Clouds, Dan "Axe" Dekruif provides a detailed description of his life, from his early years through high school, college, and meeting his soulmate. He presents a dual-perspective account of his personal life in two different sections. In the first section, the author's life is narrated from a negative perspective; in the second, his story is told from a positive lens. By telling his story in a negative and positive light, the author hopes to demonstrate to readers that one's reality is only their perception of life. In other words, if we have the propensity to focus on and observe only the unpleasant aspects of life, then we end up believing that we are living terrible lives. However, if we tend to appreciate and notice even the smallest pleasant things that happen to us, we will live a more positive, successful life.

This novel had many appealing aspects. I commend the author's strength and vulnerability in inviting readers to witness both his happiest and darkest moments in life. By sharing the most painful aspects of his life, he not only displayed remarkable bravery but also endeared the readers to his story. Additionally, the story was told gradually and progressively from the author's childhood to adulthood, which complemented the reading flow. The author's writing style was simple and engaging. I liked how the author compared life to a coin. According to him, the positive and negative aspects of life are similar to the two sides of a coin, and the quality of your life will depend on whether you choose to focus on the good or the bad.

I couldn't find any reason to criticize this book. I was impressed with the way the author depicted his life's events from two separate angles. It inspired me to focus on the positive aspects of my life rather than the negatives. I believe it is safe to claim that this book was professionally edited because I only came across a few errors while reading. With all that's been said, I give this book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Anyone seeking to live their best life and make the most of it should read this book.

Sunshine Among the Clouds
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Annas Felix
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Post by Annas Felix »

Being open about what you went through invites readers to read your story. This is exactly what the author did here. I'd really love to read this book.
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Post by Faruqinspired »

There were several enticing qualities to this book. I applaud the author's courage and openness in letting readers see both his happy and saddest periods in life. He not only showed incredible fortitude by discussing his most upsetting experiences, but also won readers over to his tale.
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Post by Sudip017 »

This novel had much much of appealing and interesting aspects. I Praise the author's strength and way of inviting the readers to witness not only his joyful sight but also allowing the reader to visit his darkest side too. The author's way of presenting the message is inspirational.
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Post by indicadepron »

A real-life collective of somebody’s life events. Sunshine Among the Clouds is a reminder to us all that we can either focus on the positives or the negatives life gives us, and either grow from our experiences or wallow in misery, you choose. Stick with it through the darkness, it gets brighter.
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Harty Muli
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Post by Harty Muli »

I appreciate the author retelling his story and thereby highlighting both the dark and light moments in his life. Thanks for the insightful review.
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Domeseo Camus Meda
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Post by Domeseo Camus Meda »

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Margi zuu202
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

Book 📚 of the day BOTD is non fiction and autoduography it tells the same life described through two different lense the first segment describe suffering through every failure and dark emotions of human pyhche,the 2nd segment forcus on very positive feelings from growth to excitement and passion to success.the book was well written and reviewed I will recommend it 💯 we all need little 🌞 among clouds to brighten our feelings
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Post by Leen282 »

I love the book cover. It's an interesting idea to tell the same story from two different angles, a positive and a negative one. Makes one look at its own life experiences differently.
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María Andrea Fernández Sepúlveda
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Post by María Andrea Fernández Sepúlveda »

I guess life experiences can be negative or a certain extent. But the dual narrative technique seems like a fascinating way to retrain our brains to focus on the positive.
Good review 👍
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Towfiq Juma
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Post by Towfiq Juma »

I appreciate how the author has woven a narrative that doesn't shy away from the challenges and triumphs of their life, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects. The author's perspective has encouraged me to seek out positivity in even the smallest things, and to see the bigger picture in life's ups and downs. The book has been a source of inspiration and motivation for me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new perspective on life's challenges.
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Jorge Leon Salazar
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Post by Jorge Leon Salazar »

This book seems to be an inspiring memoir. I like the narrative from two different perspectives and agree with life's philosophy of focusing on the positive aspects of life and not on the negatives. Sounds interesting!
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Aan Granados
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Post by Aan Granados »

I like the “positive “ theme of this book and highlighting that one can appreciate even the little things to be positive. Thank you for your review!
Tari egai
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Post by Tari egai »

It is evident that this particular novel had a multitude of captivating attributes. The author's courage and vulnerability in inviting readers to witness not only his most joyful moments, but also his darkest times in life is truly commendable. This literary work offers readers an intimate glimpse into the author's world, allowing us to empathize with his struggles and triumphs alike. It is without a doubt a well-crafted and thought-provoking piece of literature that resonates with its audience on a deep level. The reviewer's positive feedback is a testament to the quality of the book and the author's writing abilities.
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Post by Mpyburn »

The notion of perception in both positive & negative view points should enlighten the reader and make a stark comparison of the two. Even before reading this book, I choose positive. I truly look forward to reading this book.
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