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Temi book
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Review of Living in Color

Post by Temi book »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Living in Color" by Mike Murphy.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The agony and suffering that comes with losing a loved one can be excruciating. Losing the unique and magical love you've heard about is another painful aspect of it. This is something you've been searching for your entire life. It might be sad to lose it after obtaining and enjoying it. Living in Color: A Love Story, in Sickness and in Health, by Mike Murphy, is a heartfelt true story where the author’s love and family life were vividly portrayed. You might want to judge the author as you read this because many things may not make sense, but fate can be incredibly illogical, can't it?

Until Margot came to him to publicize an event from her company, Mike was a typical family man with a wife and four wonderful children. Even though they were already married, they immediately fell in love. Despite all of these obstacles, Mike and Margot remained together. Everything was going OK until Margot received her breast cancer diagnosis. Consequently, she spent several years traveling to various hospitals in various nations. Read about Margot's final years and days in Mike Murphy's report.

There is much more to Living in Color than a love story. It's also a tale about a cancer patient's battle with the disease, survival, faith, hope, and belief. I appreciate how the author took his time to capture each recollection in writing and with images. The images are like taking us down memory lane. I felt sick to my stomach while going through the many hospital procedures since it was so heartbreaking. I've never had a very unwell family member. Not only that, but I was picturing how challenging it must be for Mike and Margot to experience that after only recently meeting.

Even though we shouldn't pass judgment on what had occurred, I felt sorry for each spouse. Finding out that the person you had promised each other had abandoned you might be terrible. I believe that if there had been more discipline, the entire affair and divorce might have been prevented. What, however, can we say about fate? What is inevitable will occur. The fact that Mike accepts responsibility for his actions has somewhat calmed me down. It's a beautiful sensation.

I have no objections to this story. Both educational and stirring, it. Margot's fortitude and faith in facing her cancer inspire me. Additionally, the author was honest in his writing; even the conflict between the two of them was described, he didn't hide his readers from the suffering and difficulties they had to endure. I rate this 4 out of 4 stars for these reasons.

No errors were discovered while I was reading. It is, therefore, exceptionally edited. The book contains a few mature situations and occurrences of language. I'll suggest this to folks diagnosed with cancer or to the family members of cancer patients. You'll find the willpower to carry on after reading this. Enjoy!

Living in Color
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Jay David Randall
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Post by Jay David Randall »

Reading this review gave me a glimpse of the book Living in color. Losing a loved one is a very terrible thing and bearing the pain that you wouldn't see them again is another. I appreciate the author's work here.
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Post by Waliyat_24 »

The pain of losing a loved one is one life changing incident. It changes one perspective and some might go astray. I love how committed to his deceased wife the author is here.
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Post by Peace10 »

I enjoyed reading this book and I’ll recommend it to adults especially. Now that divorce is now rampant, seeing the commitment of the author might renew their mindsets.
Davey Chijindu
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Post by Davey Chijindu »

Losing a loved one is one event that can drastically alter your life. It alters one's viewpoint, and some people might make mistakes. I adore how devoted the author is to his late wife in this passage.
Kenneth Onyenwe
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Post by Kenneth Onyenwe »

Living in Color by Mike Murphy details the love story of Mike and Margot. This book can be a source of courage for anyone with a cancer relative since it details Margot struggles with the cancer ailment.
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Mercy Udeokeke
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Post by Mercy Udeokeke »

This sounds like an enthralling book that stir different emotions in readers. I would love to more about Murthy’s wife and how they past through the ordeal of her breast cancer.
Charles Jeremiah
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Post by Charles Jeremiah »

There is a lot of love-hate for this story. From having to leave their partners to being together in sickness. As someone who has experienced a bit of love, I can say I understand what they may have been going through and why they made the decisions they made. This book is emotional and wonderful.
Thompson Grace
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Post by Thompson Grace »

The tittle of this book already suggest hope. This is my kind of read and I am delighted by how amazing and detailed your review was. Looking forward to reading more review from you.
Christabel Benson
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Post by Christabel Benson »

This book is a good read, the pain of losing a loved one can change a person I appreciate the author for writing this book nice review.
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Post by Youngreader720-OluwabukunmiWilliamsOso »

Cancer is such a difficult ordeal to go through, and the author details the story of his wife going through this condition. The book is quite an emotional read.
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Emmanuel Maduabuchi Eze
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Post by Emmanuel Maduabuchi Eze »

Fate is one of the bitter realities of human nature that we have to contend with, whether we admit it or not. We see this play out in the lives of Mike and Margot. I like that Mike is honest and open enough to reveal to readers some dark moments in his and Margot's lives. I hope we learn one or two things from these lovers and the health challenge Margot faced.
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Chris Walter Mason
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Post by Chris Walter Mason »

Life is full and challenging and the loss of a loved one is the most painful experience anyone can have. The relationship that existed between Mike and Margot is a great lesson. Good job.
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Post by Lee_thewriter »

Losing a loved one especially from cancer can be really hard. I can't imagine what Mike and Margot had to undergo. Thanks for the review.
Mozi Ken
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Post by Mozi Ken »

To lose a loved one in death is hard. I feel for the author on what he went through. I'll like to read this book to see how he dealt with his sad situation. Good review.
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