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Bef Ozo
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Review of Cut Yourself a Break

Post by Bef Ozo »

[Following is an official review of "Cut Yourself a Break" by Sarah Fletcher.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Cut Yourself a Break by Sarah Fletcher is a complete guide for people to learn how to be kind to themselves. Self-compassion in this book was defined as being kinder to oneself. This book covers a wide range of self-compassion and the effects of individuals not having self-compassion. She shared her story and other incidents to show how important self-compassion is. The pillars of self-compassion are self-kindness, humanity, and mindfulness. She explains these pillars as trying to avoid focusing on the flaws but accepting them, forgiving themselves, and stopping blaming themselves. She also talked about the misconception between self-pity and self-compassion, then guided us on the journey to achieve self-compassion. I will spare you the details for now but grab a copy of this book to find out more.

Before reading this book, I had never really taken notice of the word "self-compassion," but this book shows how important it is to be self-compassionate. Sarah's story was both emotional and encouraging. Despite all that she faced, she still forgave herself. I learned a lot of things from reading this book. For example, I have learned that I must always know how to forgive and be kind to myself first, and then I will be kind to others too. This book also tells people to be kind to others, as their actions may affect people in the future. These are just some of the numerous messages that this book passes across.

One would see the amount of work put into researching this topic just by reading this book. A lot of real-life stories were talked about to buttress this point. The sites and references for this work were included at the back for further research. I enjoyed the delivery of the topics in this book. Every point was well-analyzed, and the author left no stone unturned. The writing style was impressive, and the book flowed perfectly. I liked that this book was short and straightforward.

It is really hard to dislike anything about this book, but I think I enjoyed the author's views and what she had to say more than some of the referenced stories in the book. Some of the stories did not make sense as much as the author did. Aside from this minor dislike, this book was perfect. It was free of any form of error, and it was exceptionally edited.

I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because of the lives this book will help. People who are battling with trauma should get a copy of this book. It will help them ease the tension and forgive themselves. Psychologists and therapists should get a copy of this book too. It will help them in their line of work when tending to patients.

Cut Yourself a Break
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Famzi Ken
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Post by Famzi Ken »

This is interesting! Self-compassion? Compassion is often encouraged to show others but to oneself. This is the first time I'm seeing this idea. I would like to know how to cut myself a break, as the book puts it. Great review.
Mmeso Goodness
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Post by Mmeso Goodness »

I'm also ashamed to admit that I have never really self compassion into consideration. Your review has given me insights into more on this topic. This book would surely do some good for people facing traumas and who can't seem to have that self love.
This would be a great read.
Your review was nice.
Opara Jerry
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Post by Opara Jerry »

It might seem like a no brainier but sometimes you do need to remind people to try to be nice to themselves. And you sometimes have to do that then you definitely will find people who are learning to be nice to themselves. This is a self-help book for such people.
Nina Vanderbilt
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Post by Nina Vanderbilt »

I definitely need more self-compassion and this books seems like something that could help me. Beautiful review!
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Post by ArdentPeruser »

The title of the book itself gives one person a sense of relief. In this fast paced world, it is okay to take a pause and catch our breath. Mental health is the most important concern that we should focus on in life, after all. If our mind is not healthy, then our body will not be in its best condition, as well.
Margi zuu202
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

Book 📖📚 of the day BOTD is non fiction guide from dozen of stories shared by people who have gone through different kinds of traumatic experience be it chronic illness, bullying,war. they share how people made them feel hopeless as if they were the only ones experiencing trauma at that time alone .the author talks about "cutting yourself a break" and by this she means not giving up !? But facing the trauma like it's not a traumatic no more , she gives good guide through self compassion .I really like this book because traumatic experience touches our daily lives and through Saras guidelines we can over come it.the book was well written and reviewed making it so easy to understand I will recommend it to everyone
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Post by Readerjorge »

For sure, we can learn useful lessons from a guide that focuses on teaching people to be kind to themselves. The topic of self-compassion is important since sometimes we can make the mistake of blaming and scolding ourselves. I find it positive that the book is backed by research and real-life stories.
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Post by Sophia_D_Ajayi »

Kind of the author to elaborate on the difference between self pity and self compassion. Alot of people are so hard on themselves, they drive themselves into depression. Self compassion is important.
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Post by NetMassimo »

This self-help book can be very useful to teach us how to face problems and traumas with an attitude that can help us to go through such adversities using self-compassion. Through real stories, the author offers a way to improve the quality of our lives during hardship. Thank you for your great review!
Ciao :)
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Post by Robinlloyd17 »

It is so important to see ourselves in the correct light. Thinking positively about ourselves is physically healthy. But learning to do this without pitying ourselves is difficult and does not come naturally. This book has the potential to help many people, in many ways.
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Rodel Barnachea
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Post by Rodel Barnachea »

I believe that the voice in my head is very mean towards me and always has this negative perception of me. I'm sure this book will help me in correcting that.
Congratulations to the author for BOTD!
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Moo Reny
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Post by Moo Reny »

Cut yourself a break is a book on self compassion I like how many life stories were shared and how short and straightforward the book is. Congratulations on book of the day.
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Abdul-Malik Hassan
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Post by Abdul-Malik Hassan »

I like how the author reflects on the three pillars of self-compassion. It highlights just how much the decisions we make impacts the likely outcome of our experience. Mindfulness is a key component emphasized in the storyline. The author regards self-compassion as a way of relating to yourself.
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Post by DavidOchieng »

This is definitely a better form of self-medication than pill-popping...and I see that a lot of research has gone into it as well.
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