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Anselm Freeman
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Review of Onward, At Last

Post by Anselm Freeman »

[Following is an official review of "Onward, At Last" by Kevin Howard.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Onward, At Last by Kevin Howard is a set of thought-provoking commentaries that opens up discussions about general topics. These topics form the basis of societal issues currently dishevelling all of us. The author focuses on his immediate American society as a case study for these commentaries. From the first note, I could tell that the writer was a deep thinker. He begins by telling us 'The Universal Oneness Manifesto', which helps most of us realise how much we don't think of other human beings sharing this life and planet with us.

It is written in 5 volumes. At the start of the first commentary in Volume 1 (A simple Proposition), I could feel my thoughts forming and seeking to rationalise, understand and decide whether or not to agree with the author. In the following volumes, he talks about personal opinions, the economy, politics, social evolution, recent happenings, and religious inclinations.

There is a reference to the COVID-19 year and how the US government (and citizens) responded to the situation. From what I read, the author believes the situation was not managed properly due to a failing system in his beloved America. He calls for a change in mindset, which will bring about a change in the system. There are several facts and figures obtained from reliable sources as well. I found 'Thoughtlessness… Our Persistent Pandemic', a commentary in Volume 4, is entirely accurate and fascinating. Aristotle and Socrates have done the thinking of their time. Howard seems to be taking on that role for a time like ours—his time.

This book is quite brilliant. It should be used to teach students of Political Science and Economics in our universities and colleges. This is simply because it holds essential modern facts and ideals in this 21st century. I also believe economics should be compulsory in secondary/high schools because it affects daily living. Some parts of this book should be used to teach it as well. In this way, we would be sure that we did more than raise kids who are only interested in TikTok and video games.

The truths, perspectives and facts this book expounds are necessary to be passed on to the next generation if a new and correct society must be formed. To actualise this, may I suggest that the author begin a movement or foundation that promotes the strong messages embedded in the book? Little by little, realism will be born out of this collection of thoughts (called commentaries) then more and more people will join the movement.

The author's inclusion of an epilogue and some information about himself made the book less abstract. The epilogue, in fact, provided a suggestion on how to move forward after discovering the immense, unprecedented perspectives in the earlier parts of the work. However, I found some of the previously stated points in the book repeated in other parts—almost as if the writer was unaware of his mentioning those points before. Besides this, the book came across as daring, strategic, revolutionary, and reasonable. The book seems professionally edited because I found only one error while reading.

I gladly give it a four out of four stars rating because of all the positivity within its stimulating pages. Politicians, Africans, human rights activists, university students, economists, historians, religious leaders, and all American citizens must read this book.

Onward, At Last
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Hannah Mae Fabro
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Post by Hannah Mae Fabro »

A book that focuses on societal issues to bring thought-provoking information is a masterpiece. I wanna read this sometime. Thank you for your review.
Famzi Ken
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Post by Famzi Ken »

This book sounds very complicated to me. Onward At Last, I am only interested enough to see how this title applies to the content of the book. Great review
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Post by Edit_or »

I don’t think I would enjoy this book but I love the way you presented your review. Thank you.
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Chimereucheya Okoroafo
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Post by Chimereucheya Okoroafo »

This seems like a lot, interesting topics and matters that are based on life and today's melodrama. The book cover is nice and your summary of the book is a good one. Nice.
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Natalie Sheph
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Post by Natalie Sheph »

The book interested me in many ways. I wonder from the current point of view how quickly and adequately we responded to Covid; Politics and social changes are no less interesting. Thank you for your well-written review.
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Post by Nazzo »

It does sound like a great book. However, I'll have to pass on it because I'm not a big fan of non-fiction. Thanks for your review.
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Ambrose John
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Post by Ambrose John »

This is a thought provoking piece. I would like to read this book. A book that is recommended for economics students must have carried alot of info.
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Saint Bruno
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Post by Saint Bruno »

Sounds like a book that opens the mind of the reader to many topics bothering our lives and the way forward. It is worth looking at, I must say. Thanks for the detailed review and recommendation.
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Post by Judy_Akha »

Political science and economics are quite difficult subjects, I am glad that this book will make learning easier for interested people. Excellent review.
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Post by SunVixen »

This book seems like a very lenghty read. The author gives his thoughts about a lot of things. Is he an expert in sociology, politics, theology and economics at the same time? :roll:

Anyway, thanks for a well-written and detailed review.
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