Review of The WORD Works...If You Work IT! From Poverty to PROMISE!

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Anselm Freeman
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Review of The WORD Works...If You Work IT! From Poverty to PROMISE!

Post by Anselm Freeman »

[Following is an official review of "The WORD Works...If You Work IT! From Poverty to PROMISE!" by Tammy McBride.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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In The WORD Works… If You Work IT! From Poverty to PROMISE!, Tammy McBride detailed how God has been faithful to her since she served as an Air Force officer. The primary purpose of this book is to share her testimonies of how God improved her financial status by speaking God's words to the situations in her life. She shared her experiences to stir readers' faith and challenge them to start working God's words in their lives because God's words can only work if you work them with faith.

This book indeed challenged me and fired up my faith. I am glad I read this book at this moment in my life. I want to say it is not a coincidence. If reading this review stirs your spirit, don't hesitate to get this book.

This book is 45 pages long, and short as it is, it is compelling. Tammy shared how the Lord had planned that she would work at the Air Force base closest to her parents and grandparents. Although this has been her desire, eventually, God used someone unexpected to make it work. I have found this to be true several times. As long as your intense desire is not selfish, God will make it come to pass. He can use anyone to fulfil his promises for our lives. You just have to be patient.

I like the kind of relationship that exists in her family. I desire the same for myself: the kind of love that pushes one another to be better. That makes one available for God to use them for the betterment of the whole family. There are two touching moments in this book for me—the moment when her grandmother's last two children came to greet her on her dying bed. What happened at that time was so touching. Also, the moment when her brother went all out for her to ensure she was okay, even with her depleting financial status. It is rare to see a sibling that would do all that without expecting something in return. I also like that she was able to reciprocate this gesture in her sister's situation.

One thing I took away from this book is that we cannot live life alone. We need our family and, most importantly, the words of God, which contain his promises for us. While taking God at his word, we also need to be patient. God is not a magician, and there is time for everything. He knows what we need but also wants us to depend on him, so we don't make fools of ourselves. She demonstrated this by writing down all of her desires and beginning to speak the words of God to them.

I found nothing to dislike about this book. It is exceptionally edited, for I did not see any errors. The book is well-formatted, and the delivery is friendly and relatable. It contains materials that Tammy reads that help boost her faith. The inclusion of high-definition pictures of her grandma's house, her house, and her prayer cloth brings out the book's beauty and realities. She also starts every chapter with Scriptures that capture the narrative in the chapter.

Because of the above points, I will rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to Christians who want to solidify their faith and know how to apply God's words to their situations. It will challenge them and boost their faith.

The WORD Works...If You Work IT! From Poverty to PROMISE!
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Chimereucheya Okoroafo
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Post by Chimereucheya Okoroafo »

Her testimony of faith and life gives one the fuel to push on and never give up. There are a lot of downs in this life but they are unable to keep us down if we don't let. Lovely review.
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Rita Nuncia
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Post by Rita Nuncia »

I have honestly come to understand that when things aren’t working out for you, it doesn’t mean God isn’t there for you. Sometimes the problem is that we don’t really desire and put in the effort to achieve the things we want. Determination and faith plays a large role.
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Nwaka Chukwuemeka
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Post by Nwaka Chukwuemeka »

Tammy McBride's story has encouraged me to continue working with God no matter the challenges of life. God is always faithful. Great review.
Oyedeji Funmilayo
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Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

God works in ways we don't know. But, we sure knows that when we trust in him he wouldn't let us down. I find this book a perfect readd for me and will read it soon. Wonderful review Welldone!!!
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Post by Olomofe »

This is a relatable read. And as you've said, Tammy's experience is soul-lifting. I believed you that you enjoyed this book
Precious Oba
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Post by Precious Oba »

I'd love to read this too. There is often a lot of quoting of the word and an admonition of Christians to live godly lives, but usually no practical examples or step-by-step guides. This is a good one.
Hannah Mae Fabro
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Post by Hannah Mae Fabro »

This book sounds amazing but I think this book isn't for me. But I really enjoyed reading your review. It was wonderfully written. Thank you for such amazing review.
Niyi Briggs
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Post by Niyi Briggs »

The Bible says that the word of God must always accomplish the purpose it was sent out. I love this book already. Reading this review already bolstered my faith.
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Post by Regard003 »

I'd like a book that would boost my faith. I like how she wrote her testimony of God as a book for all to read. Nice review.
third agbata
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Post by third agbata »

Although I've not read this book. Your review is amazing and fascinating. Thanks for the great review
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Post by optimistic-sogzy »

I celebrate Tammy with her testimonies. I agree that we have to be patient when we ask God for something; He hears us, it is just that His way might not be our way and vice versa. The sincere truth is that God always has the best planned out for us. Thanks for the review. This seems like a book I MUST read.
Ozioma Miriam
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Post by Ozioma Miriam »

This book is very suitable for Christians. It would inspire them and maybe fire their faith like it did yours. Nice review.
Adaeze Joan
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Post by Adaeze Joan »

Though this is a short book, I feel it has a lot to offer readers. From your well-written review i could tell that this is an inspiring book that speaks on faith and and how best to apply God's words in our lives.
Famzi Ken
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Post by Famzi Ken »

This sounds like a usual Christian motivational book on how you can get rich with God. I think I'll pass on this one for now. Great review.
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