Review of Overcoming Adversity, Third Edition 2022

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Review of Overcoming Adversity, Third Edition 2022

Post by bigfootisreal »

[Following is an official review of "Overcoming Adversity, Third Edition 2022" by Nelson J. Fowlkes.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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Overcoming Adversity: Resetting Goals by Nelson J. Fowlkes is a book based on real-life events. It is a recount of Nelson's life journey, particularly his professional life. This book brings to light some of the difficulties African Americans face in the Whites' land. Nelson, while recounting his life sojourn, highlighted some of these discriminations. This book is majorly about how much Nelson tried to work hard to achieve something out of life and to see he doesn't end up an empty man -financially, socially, psychologically, and otherwise.

I can't say there are a lot of things I like about this book, but it does have a few positive aspects. I liked Nelson in this book. His resilience in trying to lead a better life is worth admiring. I also liked how he did not allow the discrimination he encountered as a Black to deter him from taking the next positive step. He showcased the fighting spirit of a true Black man. I also loved what the book talks about, as discrimination is a prevalent issue in society.

Despite the fact that I love historical fiction novels, this one had a downside I would like to mention. But before then, I must say that the author did a good job. This book is a historical book consisting of real-life events. However, the events that were recounted in this book were mostly job-related and uninteresting. I found it difficult to enjoy this book. It seemed like the author did not add much flare to his stories. This may be limited to just me anyway.

Also, the title of this book and the plot have almost nothing in common. While the title implies that the book might be educative on how to overcome adversities, the plot barely taught anything of such nature. It only had life stories of Nelson and how he moved from one job to another. No emphasis was made on overcoming adversities, and neither was it spoken about in the book; it was barely mentioned. I find this quite contradicting. I would survive a change of title to a more befitting one.

This book was well written and edited. I barely spotted any errors while I read this book. Therefore it was professionally edited.

I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. I gave this book this rating for two reasons. First, because giving this book a lower rating would be unfair. The fact that I did not enjoy the book because of the negatives I stated above does not mean others will not. My dislike for the book stems from disappointment, as I expected something else. I believe the author did well, even though the life events he talked about did not appeal to me. Secondly, I enjoyed the book to some extent. The star deducted is for the negative aspects I found. I recommend this book to lovers of history and expectant/already existing military personnel.

Overcoming Adversity, Third Edition 2022
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Post by Chiwelite Obioma Mgbeoji »

This appears to be a beautiful book. While you must have had reservations about it, I do hope the book holds information on overcoming adversities, as that's what draws me to it.
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Post by Jose Cortez1 »

Historical fiction doesn't appeal much to me. However, I find interesting ones to stick my head in once in a while. I hope to find this interesting too. Wonderful review you have here.
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Post by Favour Amarachi Mgbeoji »

I will have to pass on this one because of the negative aspects you stated. I am not a lover of history, but I am sure lovers of history would find this book intriguing. Thank you for this lovely review.
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Post by Fine Brand »

This book seems to have discouraging negative aspects. I will still check it out, though, to see it for myself; maybe, I might find it interesting. Thank you for your review.
Darlington O
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Post by Darlington O »

The summary of the book is intriguing; the book itself looks interesting. I will love to learn about the author's real-life events. I will definitely check this book out when I am less busy. Thank you for your review.
Chinemezu Okafor
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Post by Chinemezu Okafor »

I love well-written and edited books. This is because errors tend to always interfere with my reading. But then, the negative aspects you talked about in this book have actually tampered with the interest I have in it. Thank you for your review.
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Post by Chimomaebuka Ejimchi »

I like that it was exceptionally well edited. I will try to read the book, regardless of the negative aspect you mentioned,I think the book would be worth my time. Thank you for this amazing review.
Sugar Rush
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Post by Sugar Rush »

This book falls in my kind of books, I will love to read this. Kudos to the author for this great book.
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