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Latest Review: KEYS TO HEALTHY COMMUNICATION by Bobby R Patton, Rusalyn H Andrews, Jennifer Page Daily


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[Following is an official review of "KEYS TO HEALTHY COMMUNICATION" by Bobby R Patton, Rusalyn H Andrews, Jennifer Page Daily.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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In exploring the core concepts necessary for building healthy communication, the authors started by explaining the subjects of health (personal, societal, and relational) and communication (intrapersonal, interpersonal, and impersonal). Authenticity, empathy, and empowerment are the key concepts for healthy communication. The authors dedicated specific chapters to them and explored several subjects under each of them. Under authenticity, the authors delved into human consciousness, the ability to decipher what is real among our experiences, self-awareness, trust, etc. They also introduced skills that will accelerate one’s openness and willingness to share personal information. Under empathy, they analyzed what it entails and its abundant benefits to individuals and society at large. Under empowerment, we understand a lot, such as its meaning and its benefits in relationships. Notably, the authors introduced the reader to unhealthy relationships and their characteristics, as well as tips for maximizing healthy communication in families. Read Keys To Healthy Communication: Authenticity, Empathy, and Empowerment by Bobby R. Patton, Ph.D., Rusalyn H. Andrews, Ph.D., and Jennifer Page Daily, M.D. to find out more.

In the world today, people often say things to merely respond or argue. Often, no real thought is put into our words before we say them. To that effect, this book sets out standards and guidelines for healthy communication in any form of human relationship.

My favorite part of this book is the exploration of the concept of empathy by the authors. This is because it was easier for me to understand its intricacies. In addition, I found its importance to individuals and society eye-opening. Consequently, this has spurred me to be more intentional in expressing my empathetic side in relevant situations and to learn more about it where necessary.

I often like self-help books that sufficiently answer the “why.” Where such books don’t answer this question, I often regard them as just another self-help book. Hence, I loved that the authors answered the “why” question. Such a question here includes the reasons for adopting these healthy communication skills. Furthermore, the benefits of these skills actually transcended my expectations, or to put it in a better way, my knowledge base. This is noteworthy because I appreciate books that make me know more than I knew before I read the book.

There is a lot of information to be consumed from the book. Because of that, the book was a slow read for me.

Overall, I have no negative comments about the book. While I found enough errors to deduct a star, I could find traces of a professional editor in the book. Nonetheless, it needs another round of editing. It is on this basis that I am rating the book 3 out of 4 stars. Otherwise, it deserves a perfect rating.

I do not think those who are enthusiastic about building healthy communication skills should pass this book by. Therefore, I recommend it to them.

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Mbalentle Titana
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I relate to this book in a way of I can't open up easily to new relationships. I'm a much reserved person so I like it. It helped me, still helping.
Chinemezu Okafor
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Latest Review: Stakeholder management and social responsability:concepts,approaches and tools in the covid context by Nicolescu Ovidiu and Nicolescu Ciprian

Post by Chinemezu Okafor »

I would definitely love to build my communication skills. Thank you for your review.
Ivan Mukaaga
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Post by Ivan Mukaaga »

This book surely will go a long way in helping people improve in their communication. “
I do not think those who are enthusiastic about building healthy communication skills should pass this book by. Therefore, I recommend it to them“. Reviewer. I think everyone is interested in just doing that, many will love this. Thanks for the excellent review.
Mr Excellence
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Post by Mr Excellence »

Having a good communication skills has been my goal. This book will help me towards achieving such feat.
Wonderful review.
Zeph Dim
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Latest Review: Wild World by Peter S. Rush

Post by Zeph Dim »

Communication is vital in every area of life. Hence any book that impacts positively on communication is worth reading. Thank you for your review that encourages us to read the book. I think it is worth reading.
Tracy-Ann Clarke
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Post by Tracy-Ann Clarke »

Good communication is the key to good team work. A book such as this would do well in my work place.
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Post by Jankal »

As someone who struggles with communication skills, this book might be the most essential at this moment for me. Thanks for the review.
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shelah zerudo
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Post by shelah zerudo »

this will help me to converse with the people around me. thank you authorrr..
Margi zuu202
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Post by Margi zuu202 »

Key to healthy communication, authenticity, empathy, empowerment well written and reviewed I will always recommend it 💯
Jeffroy Dowdie
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Post by Jeffroy Dowdie »

Having a good communication skills brings people to new heights and I'm sure it will for me. Thank you for this review 👍🏽👍🏽
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Riya Sarkar
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Latest Review: Wild World by Peter S. Rush

Post by Riya Sarkar »

This sounds like a wonderful read! Your review sounds like you really enjoyed reading the content on empathy. XD
Chiwendu Ikechukwu
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Post by Chiwendu Ikechukwu »

It is interesting to know that captivating reviews like this are gotten in this site. This book seems interesting. Adding it to my book shelf ASAP.
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John Kimani 11
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Post by John Kimani 11 »

is carefully crafted to promote greater physical and mental health, happier relationships, and a better awareness of how to create and contribute to a healthier society.
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Grace orji
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Post by Grace orji »

I am 100 percent interested in building healthy communication. I am definitely interested in this book.
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