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Review of 8-Second PR

Post by Francis_Reads »

[Following is an official review of "8-Second PR" by Liz H. Kelly.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The world has evolved to a present dispensation referred to as the digital age. This is the age where computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other gadgets have entirely changed how humans market and consume content. According to a Microsoft Corp. study, the average adult human attention span in 2015 was only 8.25 seconds. With the short span of attention, how can you connect with your audience seamlessly within 8 seconds? Do not overthink this. The author shares an eight-second (superpowers) guide to raising a brand, increasing sales, and changing lives. This book also contains twenty new strategies which ensure that these superpowers give you the desired result.

The book shows that the power of the digital space cannot be overemphasised in creating compelling content that emotionally connects with readers or potential customers. To increase word-of-mouth marketing, a brand can no longer rely on posting ads without engaging fans in a two-way conversation through comments, contests, polls, events, and more. The digital space has proved very effective for this.

The author continues to develop creative and innovative skills and ideas to pitch your career success story and money tips for retiring early. This book urges us to remember this: "a brand without a ‘Wow Story’ will go nowhere fast." A ‘Wow Story’ simply means developing your story to inspire fans and media. So the question is, what are the components of a ‘Wow Story’? That’s exactly what this book answers. Taking this course would be a good investment in your career. The author also includes a process she calls the Story Energiser Process. This process, when done correctly, will take your brand to the next desired level. I like that the author references some big-wigs in the media industry by including their quotes.

I admire the author's PR experiences, which she shared at the beginning of her marketing and PR career. The story resonates with many businesses, authors, CEOs, and marketing professionals. The PR superpower tools introduced simplicity to the course with action items and a recap at the end of each step. With statistics and references, the author could provide incredible insights from case study examples relevant to all classes of brands. I highly commend the author's enthusiasm, team spirit, and giving back to society, especially donating to autism charities.

In conclusion, this book challenges brands to be relentless in brainstorming, developing new media hooks, improving on pitches, and continuing to tell their ‘Wow Story.' The author also used one of these superpowers by highlighting how she intends to empower one million people and brands. In my opinion, this intention is relatable and makes me 'wow' at her story. And sincerely, I am one of the lucky one million people she intends to empower. I am empowered with the knowledge I gained from this book. I didn’t just learn, but I have started implementing some of the strategies in this book. I have no reason to dislike anything in this book.

The clients' testimonials speak volumes about the author and her impact. As a result, I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars. The author's writing style is quite impressive; no errors or offensive words were used. I strongly recommend the 8-second PR course by Liz H. Kelly to publishers, marketers, CEOs, authors, and PR professionals who want to achieve ultimate media success. If you have been struggling with getting Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) right, this is a must-read for you. You cannot afford to miss the gems that lie within this book.

8-Second PR
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Post by Odala00phiri »

It's not easy to attract people's attention due to the short lifespan. This is an educative book. Am eager to learn the strategies.
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Post by Stevenmusk »

This book has a very alluring plot and is very informative. It is very true that humans attention span has gotten shorter over the years and it would be really important to learn how to control it.
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Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

I enjoy how the author was able to combine different things in the book and still made sense. The author's writing style is commendable and I look forward to reading the author's expertise on all areas stated in your review. Wonderful review, welldone!!!
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Post by Elijah0007 »

I enjoyed your review; it's quite the dissection. It also piqued my interest in the book, unlike any ordinary summary could have achieved. Nice.
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Post by Daniel Oscar »

The power of digital space has cannot be undermined. I think this book has a lot of information that would benefit me. Therefore, I would take it up as soon as possible.
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Post by White Edwin »

Reading about the tremendous change in technology is indeed fascinating. This book seems very educative. I can't wait to get the book to grasp other information. Thanks for the great review.
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Post by Ebi Robert »

You write good, dear reviewer. First, I was captivated by the title. 8-second what? And then going forward I come to see more interesting details being unveiled. What's more? I think this is an exceptional book. I really would love to read this book.
Mozi Ken
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Post by Mozi Ken »

This book seems to help entrepreneurs know how to promote their business and brand. It seems interesting and insightful. Thanks for a detailed review.
James Goodman
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Post by James Goodman »

I love that enough research was done before writing this book. I think this book will be very important to salesmen and any business person. It'll definitelu be interesting and I look forward to reading a copy. Nice review.
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Post by Adaeze Joan »

A book that guides one in raising a brand, increasing sales, and changing lives is one I consider very useful and an important read for all. Nice review.
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Post by Regard003 »

The world we live in is now a digital one. I'm sure this book was written after thorough research and I appreciate the author. Thanks for this review.
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Post by Jelly_J »

Creating content that appeals to the audience is not easy. I believe this book would come in handy for brands that are looking for ways to get their audience's attention. Great review.
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Post by Sally77motors »

Owning a business is one thing, marketing your business is another. This book promises a lot in the area of digital marketing and making profits in business. As an aspiring CEO, I would love to read this book.
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Post by Eliwamala »

How the author wove together seemingly unrelated elements into a coherent whole was a strength of the book for me. Your review has convinced me that I need to read this book because the author has a wonderful writing style and is obviously an expert in all the areas you mention. That was a fantastic evaluation; well done!
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