Review of Speedy Hurled Through Havoc

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Oyedeji Funmilayo
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Review of Speedy Hurled Through Havoc

Post by Oyedeji Funmilayo »

[Following is an official review of "Speedy Hurled Through Havoc" by Dave Letterfly Knoderer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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We are sojourners in this world. Our time here, though short, is filled with long-lasting experiences. There will be times of sadness, times of laughter, losses, and gains. Whatever we make of life and how we spend our time here is solely our responsibility. Speedy Hurled Through Harvoc by Dave Letterfly Knoderer is a true-life story of the author. In this book, the author carefully and thoughtfully puts into writing his life journey from childhood to adulthood. Hopefully, readers will read his life story and better appreciate family, friends, animals, workers, and relationships.

David, the third child in a family of three, had a traumatic childhood. His elder brother, John, wasn't an average child like every other child he knew; he was an autistic patient, a name he didn't know until he was old. His father, Bill, was determined to make John behave as he should. John's inability to move at his pace frustrated him. Bill, in turn, passed this aggression on to David and his sister Paula. Though his mother was loving and caring, David needed his father's love and craved a relationship with him. But, his father was fighting many battles David didn't know about. He looked perfect on the outside and vibrant in his ministry as a priest, but deep down, David's father was broken and couldn't play the role of a hero that David wanted him to play. This significantly affected David and his siblings, and they retreated to their world filled with resentment, unforgiveness, and loneliness.

Trying to re-create the acts of his father while he was a young man, David fell in love with the circus and embarked on a journey that changed his life and made him the happy free man he is today. His blessings are counted in this book. The turn-around point for him and the stories of those who played a part in his growth and success are beautifully told in this book.

I enjoyed reading this book. The writer flowed well from the first page to the last page. I fell in love with the story right from the first chapter and had no regrets about reading through the tenth chapter. The book is filled with so many lessons and wisdom. There was so much to learn from his experience in the circus and as an artist, and I was blessed to read through this experience. The book is also an emotional one for me. Reading how David and his father never got along well to how they became best friends brought smiles to my face. His father was later proud and happy that his son was living the life he once imagined for himself, and David somehow restored his youth and happiness. When I thought all was well, death came knocking and took David's father. The happenings before his father's death and on the day he was buried made me emotional. The author's story is a confirmation that the gift of men is a treasure that money can't buy. And that when you are free from the bondage within, you become a free-minded man and see the world differently.

I do not dislike anything about this book. The book is complete; it is a family book, a career book, a relationship book, and a self-help book. The book was professionally edited and had no sex scenes or profanity. It is also suitable for all religions. I rate this book four out of four stars because it is well deserving of it.

I recommend this book to everyone suffering from a bad childhood experience, especially those who are depressed and battling alcohol or drug addiction. Fathers, young adults, counselors, and readers of good books will also find this book helpful.

Speedy Hurled Through Havoc
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Post by Jelly_J »

Oh! Dave must have gone through a lot. I also can't imagine what his brother, John, must have experienced; he probably wondered why he wasn't been understood and why he behaved differently. that is quite sad. Your review was amazing but I don't think I can bring myself to read this book. It looks to contain sad themes.
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Post by OTrain M »

I love that the author never failed in capturing your attention from the start to finish. This is rare in most authors. Your review was differently amazing. Kudos for sharing.
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Post by Odala00phiri »

I like hearing other people's life journeys. We grow differently and face different challenges. I read them, and learn from them but I don't conclude because each one of us has a different story. David's story seems awful.
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Mrs D O
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Post by Mrs D O »

The book is complete; it is a family book, a career book, a relationship book, and a self-help book
Thank you for explaining what this book is about Oyedeji Funmilayo. I considered reading it but the description confused me! I admire the insight you have expressed in your great review. It seems like an emotive and inspirational story so perhaps I will read it.
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Post by Moyin Loveth »

It's really sad how autistic children,such as John, are misunderstood and forced into behaving "normally.'' this book really shows how important proper upbringing is in the lives of children. Thanks for the balanced review.
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Yasmine M
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Post by Yasmine M »

I enjoyed reading the review. I like the fact that David finally got to understand and appreciate his father. We often blame parents for not meeting our childhood expectations, but we ought to realize that they are also normal human beings with their flaws and personal trials. This is an interesting book, it covers many aspects of life: family, relationships, careers...
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Post by Francis_Reads »

The author has done well in writing a book that details his life from childhood to adulthood. I believe you enjoyed your time with it and would love to have a peep into his life too.
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Post by Peace10 »

The role can never be undermined. Its influence goes a long way. Sometimes, people look at their priests and pastors like they’ve gat it all, not knowing they also need help.
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Post by smoothcrowd »

The sad part of all this is that it is a non-fiction book. David truly went through a lot. But at the same time, I can't fully blame his father. Thanks for such a heartfelt review.
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Nwaka Chukwuemeka
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Post by Nwaka Chukwuemeka »

Wow, I will love to read this book. From the review, I discovered that the book will be interesting. Great review.
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Post by Kyrian007 »

Beautifully reviewed! I appreciate and admire your descriptive review of Speedy Hurled Through Havoc. I look forward to reading it. Thank you for the review.
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Post by Sally77motors »

David's story seems to have a satisfying ending because he was able to make up with his father before his death. How he managed to deal with everything and his autistic brother is something I want to know.
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Oluwabiyi Daniel
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Post by Oluwabiyi Daniel »

This book literally drew me in as I read your review. I can't wait to read about David and his siblings childhood. They must've suffered a lot of emotional trauma, especially John as he was autistic.
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