Review of God: The Financial Genius

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Review of God: The Financial Genius

Post by JonesLeeh »

[Following is an official review of "God: The Financial Genius" by Cynthia Flynn.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The book’s title stood out. I wanted to get into depth about the reason why God was a genius when it came to finances. While I thought I would receive profound religious and spiritual lessons, things were easy and better. Cynthia begins by informing us how she got into tithing and how it has enhanced her life. God and faith are the roots of this book. And while tithing is essential, the author profoundly states the purpose for doing it. When we do so, we plant a seed and let God take care of our lives. And in times like this, when the economy is rough for most people, these words resonated with me immensely.

The author breaks down the book into seven concise chapters. Each contains personal experiences and biblical quotes. Tithing unlocks shut doors, and God provides more and better opportunities for us. Then there were more reflective teachings about Jesus Christ and how his death liberated humankind.

One thing I truly enjoyed was the use of the author’s personal experiences. To be particular, Cynthia detailed her first breakthrough when she began tithing. She was earning a $900 monthly salary and decided to start tithing 10% of it, and better things began to happen. She got a second job and then a third one that was better paying with the inclusion of bonuses. That’s the power of faith!

Another thing I appreciated was that each chapter was precise and straightforward. For example, chapter seven talks about gratitude. When you sow a seed through tithing, you ask your request to God in faith and humility, and you will get it. Cynthia advises us to be joyful because it is a “spiritual force.” In the Bible, Job is a definitive example of that, and God promised joy to those who’d obey and serve Him.

The author includes many biblical excerpts about what she discusses. For instance, when Cynthia talks about reasons for tithing, she inserts a quote from the Bible with the book, chapter, and verse. To avoid making the book dull, once she details her lessons, she gives a personal past or recent experience. Hardly did I take my eyes off the book.

God: The Financial Genius by Cynthia Flynn is well edited. I say so because I detected no grammatical errors. I did not identify any reason to despise it. I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. I recommend it to people who’d appreciate a deeper understanding of tithing.

God: The Financial Genius
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Post by Oluwasogo »

Paying tithes is just like investing with God, one will definitely get a greater reward. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Paully_ »

The title of the book caught my attention. It emphasized on the importance of tithing backed up with personal experiences. I love books sprinkled with bible passages all over. I already know I would enjoy reading the book.
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Post by Galaxy987 »

The title is familiar and eye-catching even though it'd be a more truer word title to say God has no need for money as he already owns everything one ever needed.
Definitely a must read for everyone who can read (and count money).
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Post by Cherrie Joy Rosaldo »

I want to read this book. I want to learn more about tithing. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Yasmine M »

I think the book is more about spirituality and faith, rather than finance. I understand that tithing is at the center of the story and I totally agree with the positivity it brings, in so many aspects, to ones' life. However, based on the title and book cover, I expected more of a financial guide or a presentation of financial systems recommended by the bible, etc.
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Post by Ezidimma 01 »

Thanks for the review. Paying tithe is a way of showing appreciation to God for what he gave us.
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Post by Edit_or »

The principle and benefits of tithing cannot be overemphasized. This sounds like a book I’ll love to read. Nice review. Thank you.
Sumto Nii
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Post by Sumto Nii »

This tithing thing has generated a lot of trouble. What about atheists and Muslims that have made it financially? We tend to spiritualize everything in Christianity. I don't agree with the author on this one.
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Post by Penny Johnson 1 »

I am reading your review because the page stood out to me too. For years, I have heard preachers teach about tithing, many of them forcing people to tithe. With not even reading this book, I can see that she started tithing because she felt led without being forced to do so.This to me makes all the difference. God says to give with a cheerful heart. Great Review!
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derick scribbles
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Post by derick scribbles »

I'm a fully practicing Christian and this book fits my profile. Relative to matters of tithing, Cythia is absolutely right. God blesses the work of our hands and we ought to support His mission whilst we are on earth. One way to do that is through tithing faithfully.
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Post by Christal Merkey »

I could use a little understanding of tithing. All I really know is that you are supposed to give 10% of your paychecks or monthly income or something like that, and I used to go to church. But anyway, good job on your review!
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Post by Shadreck Rogers »

I blend of religion and finance always fascinates me and this book looks like my type. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Patty Allread »

Nice review! The author has compiled Biblical passages and added her personal experiences to explain tithing and show why it is a beneficial action.
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Post by Odala00phiri »

The title of the is attractive and suspicious. I support the author's point. Tithing brings us good things. The simple principle that God gave us. 10% is not much from what we earn and how we spend. Am glad the author thought of communicating this.
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