Review of Misery Traps The American Family

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Fine Brand
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Review of Misery Traps The American Family

Post by Fine Brand »

[Following is an official review of "Misery Traps The American Family" by Sharon Washington.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Misery Traps: The American Family is a non-fiction book written by Sharon Washington. This book proposes an act to help with the family situation in America, an act that would help in reducing the amount of abuse and neglect suffered by children in America and hopefully make great strides in breaking the cycle of abuse tons of people find themselves caught in. This book hits on many hard truths for the government and individuals.

The book begins with an introduction of the author, from a single defining moment in her young life where she finds her purpose, which fuels her determination to leave an empty family, to her joys in accomplishing some of her plans for saving kids. The author, using experience gathered from years as a teacher and years spent handling troubled teenagers, proposes a law to help out. This book hammers on the importance of both parents in the family and, with the use of statistical evidence, proves that fathers should have equal custody rights with the mother. Like a soldier in action, this author delivers a work of wonder filled with the realities of war, its deaths, casualties, and victories, oftentimes children in this case.

This book had a lot of positive aspects for me. First, it was filled with true stories from the experience of the author, which really drove home the realities of the matter. Again, this book was obviously written out of a deep passion for helping kids; this showed throughout the book. The author also put in a lot of work in gathering data and in backing up statements with facts and statistics, forcing the reader to face truths that it might otherwise be denied. Also, the book provided very practical solutions to real problems, which is a more effective method of improving our society than identifying problems without coming up with solutions. The writing style of the author made it easier to read and understand this book too.

This book had only one negative aspect for me. It seemed to place a lot of responsibility on the government and the courts. The proposed act depended a lot on the decisions of the government and the courts in specific situations; this will most likely create room for human incompetence and may not end up solving the intended issue. I do not think this should be a lesson the society should be learning.

I give this book a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. I did not rate it lower because this book is a marvelous work, and I had a charming time reading it. I couldn't find any compelling reason to remove a star from my rating of this book.

I would recommend this book to people who handle young adults and kids. I would also recommend it to teachers particularly and anyone interested in making our society generally a better place for kids.

Misery Traps The American Family
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Blessing E
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Post by Blessing E »

A book good for teaching kids too. I appreciate well written reviews. This is because it gives me an idea of how to structure my reviews subsequently. Thanks teaching me what a good review is. And congratulations for having your review published.
Akinola John
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I love how the author wrote the story base on his experience and passion for helping kids. The book is worth checking out. Thanks for the review.
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Yes, in deed! Childrens life are sacred, not just in America. The sooner I and other people grasp this, the better.
Fine review!
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Post by Gwrites208 »

I've never being to America, but this book promised to reveal alot going on there in some aspects. I appreciate the fact that the book tackle children's issues in the society. A beter society tomorrow emanates from a better breed of children today.
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Chinyere Nwankwo
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I love that the story involves true stories as I think this would make this book relatable to many. Hopefully this book breaks the cycle and helps many kids who are abused and neglected.
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