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Review of Always on Call

Post by Buch1-Dm »

[Following is an official review of "Always on Call" by Allen Malnak, M.D..]
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3 out of 4 stars
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In this riveting collection of short pieces of prose, Allen Malnak, M.D. explores humanity and the essence of life through his lens as a human and a doctor. In each of the stories, both fictional and non-fictional, we see Dr. Allen grow through various stages of life. From a child to an unsure teenager to a young intern and finally a certified physician, we share in Allen's experiences of learning, growing, caring, and healing. In each of the stories, it is evident that Allen takes his job as a doctor more seriously than a mere salary-earning exercise. He shows that at his core, he cares for humanity and would go out of the way for his patients on every occasion. He makes it clear that to him, there is no greater calling. He also shares anecdotes of the American world during World War II, personal experiences of antisemitism and general stories of racism, opinions on health care in today's world, and proffers objective advice on various health care issues.

The best thing about this book is the honesty and subtlety with which the author makes his points. He does not use emotive language intended to sway; he simply tells stories as they happen. He does not obscure one part of the story in order to illuminate the other. He simply tells things as they are. Again, I appreciate the lessons taught in this book. While he was starting out with his dream of being a doctor, Allen didn't have the odds in his favor, but he held on to his dreams and refused to be pessimistic. This has taught me that in life, your unbreakable will is most important. It shows that because something seems impossible does not make it unworthy, undoable, or not meant to be. It teaches us to persevere and view life from the perspective of possibilities and always give our tasks the best we can. Also, the stories under each part are cohesive and make a thematic point. The stories are beautiful and appear to have been professionally written.

I was, however, sidetracked by the duplication of some stories and characters. It made me confused trying to get the stories right. The author duplicated characters and their recognizable traits and even snatched some conversations from the memoirs to the stories. I wish the author had invented new characters even though he was telling the same story.

The book was well constructed and arranged. However, based on the complaints above about the book, I would give it three out of four stars because I found myself questioning that particular aspect of the book a lot, and I just couldn't agree with it. The book was professionally edited; I found just one error in it.

I recommend Always on Call to doctors, prospective doctors, medical students, political leaders, especially law-makers, and anybody who needs a lesson on endurance and courage. Anyone who wants to know a bit more about the human body and the science behind it should also read this book.

Always on Call
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Post by Christopherio »

I appreciate the honesty and straightforwardness of the author and how passionate he was about his job. I learned about the power of positive thinking and the advantage of being strong-willed.
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Post by Ezidimma 01 »

I admire that the author his profession important more than just a paying job but as a calling and i appreciate the truthfulness of the author. Amazing review
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Post by Nwankwo GC »

The part where the reviewer wrote about the fact that the author goes out of his way to help his patients got me. I love people who still care for humanity and not just their personal gains. This should be an inspirational book.
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Post by Limitless_66 »

There will be a lot to learn by following the growth of such a great personality and Dr Allen. His love for humanity is definitely the most prominent.
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Post by JamesJaphet »

Dr. Allen's story is a inspiring and it's coming at a time when the world needs to be reminded that being humane to others is the best thing anybody can be. Great review.
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Post by Ekezie1998 »

A collection of prose that explores humanity and the essence of life is sure to capture my attention. Would definitely love to read this book based on this review. Well done.
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Post by Darlington O »

Dr Allen will definitely impress me with this book. I love selfishness and a show of love to humanity. I will definitely find all of these in this book. Great review.
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Post by Tony Official »

Dr. Allen's story is quite inspirational and it's speaks on my favourite topic; humanity. It contains a lot of lessons for whoever wishes to learn about humanity and other traits that helps one have a great life. Good job.
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Post by chocolaterays »

A collection of short stories about a doctor that puts humanity before monetary gains is rare to come by. This should be good inspiration.
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Post by Fine Brand »

Human is the best thing anybody can be. It's inspiring to read about Dr. Allen's ways of showing his love for humanity. I hope to squeeze out time to purchase and read this book.
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Post by Sarah Sonbol »

Being raised in a medically oriented family, I always enjoy books depicting doctors and their lives and how do they endure many difficulties during their work. Thanks for the nice review.
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Post by Israel10 »

It is necessary to be optimistic and hold on to all our dreams when life's waves and challenges come at us. I appreciate that point as a lesson gleaned from this book. Great review.
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Post by Ndicka99 »

I am not a great fan of memoirs. It doesn't help that the author has duplicated a lot of stories of the characters in this book. Will probably pass on this one. Great review though.
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