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Review of The Other Side of the Story

Post by chocolaterays »

[Following is an official review of "The Other Side of the Story" by Rachael Kohn.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The Other Side of the Story is a book written by Rachael Kohn. This book comprises twenty-seven chapters, and it is divided into six parts. This book covers an in-depth look and analysis of Jews, Christians, cults, women, atheists, and artists. The book also discusses Judaism and gives an insight into a lot of historical development of the Jews, especially in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This book also talks about the nature of religions, especially Judaism and Christianity. The phenomena of religious cults, modern-day beliefs, women’s movements, and the place of art in spiritual expression are all found in this book. It also discusses a bit of Islam and Buddhism but not in too much detail as it is focused on Christianity and Judaism. The book looks at the attitudes of the Catholic and Lutheran religious press towards the Jews and Nazi Germany. This is particularly impressive as important contributions to Australian history.

The first positive aspect of this book is that it went deeper while analyzing Christianity. It will give Christians insight into how their religion got where it is today. The book also talks about the Torah and Judaism. It talks about the hardships that the Jews have been through over the centuries. This means that any Jew who comes across this book will have a deeper understanding of Judaism. The author also talks about art and how it plays a role in the divine nature of things. The book also talks about women of substance who did great religious things in the past; this can serve as an inspiration to female readers of this generation. The book also has footnotes which makes it easy for the readers to make references to other places in case they are confused about anything or are seeking a better understanding.

The negative aspects of this book are few. One of them is the extraordinary use of grammar by the author. An average reader would probably have a hard time understanding the message the author is trying to get across. Probably only theologians and scholars can easily understand the book. In my opinion, this is the only negative aspect I could see in this book. I would suggest that the author should add some explanations for these words for people who aren't theologians.

My rating of this book will be 4 out of 4 stars because the message the book is trying to get across is impactful, and any person who comes across this book will have a higher understanding of religion. Also, I rate this book so highly because of the lack of grammatical errors; the book was exceptionally well edited. This means that the book was easier to understand, and I did not have to worry about grammatical mistakes disturbing my reading.

I recommend this book to theologians and scholars. It is also recommended to people who are curious about religion and, in general, anybody who wants a better understanding of Christianity or Judaism.

The Other Side of the Story
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Post by Ntokozo Joy »

I believe a full on discussion about all approaches to religion might offend a few but is the only way to bring us closer to the spiritual truth. This sounds like an amazing read. Thank you for the review.
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Post by derick scribbles »

From your review, this sounds like a read that clarifies some aspects of religion and the various practices whilst giving an in-depth analysis, right?

Otherwise, this is a good review. Keep it up.
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Post by GNerd »

This book doesn't sound like what I'll love to try out. Your review was exceptional. Thank you.
Lucy V
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Post by Lucy V »

The name of the book alone displays a story that seems interesting. However, I do not think this is one I would enjoy. I do congratulate you for the effort and the wonderful review.
Kennedy NC
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Post by Kennedy NC »

The book covers a whole range of topics and I will be glad to read something as broad as this. I would love to see how the author puts this together to create the wonderful story he carsar
Belen Egan
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Post by Belen Egan »

A book where several perspectives of history can be told, and in a way it is not meant to alienate ether group makes for a great book. I believe this book tries to prove how there are many (untold) sides to every story. Thank you for your review.
Walter R
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Post by Walter R »

I can see from your review that the book clarifies some topics, however, I do not think it I a book would enjoy, not from any faults of the book, but just personal preference.
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Post by Darlington O »

I love books that spread more light on Christianity. I will love to read this book to learn a lot more about Christainity. I will even learn a little more about Buddhism and the Islamic religion. Your review captured many things about the book, if not all. The positive aspects of the book caught my attention. I would definitely check it out.
Fine Brand
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Post by Fine Brand »

I would love to learn more about the religions mention in this review. This book seems like an educational book. It contains so many things to learn about. I would also love to learn about the Jew and the Nazi Germany. Thank you for this beautiful review. I would definitely read this book.
Tony Official
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Post by Tony Official »

I have read a lot of books about how Christianity came to be. From your review, it seems like i would learn a whole new different thing from this book. Your summary captures a whole lot of book. This review is also a well structured one. I would also love to learn about the Jewish people and the Nazi's. I also love the fact that this book has a lot of positive aspects. Thank you for this wonderful review
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Post by Pencrafter »

The author seems to have an extensive knowledge of Christianity. I mean, I enjoy books written in such a way to accommodate several ideologies. Jews, Cults and Christianity embedded into one book seems like a package of enjoyment. Thank you.
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Post by Timothee22 »

Books laced with histories and religion are always interesting. I might check this book out. Thanks for the review.
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