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Katie Canedy
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Review of A Sinner Saved

Post by Katie Canedy »

[Following is an official review of "A Sinner Saved" by Dan Nordquist.]
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2 out of 4 stars
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Some people have a hard time moving on after a family member passes away. Dan Nordquist is one of those people. When Dan returned home from school one day, he learned that his little brother, Steven, had passed away. Since that day, Dan did nothing but blame himself for his death. This event caused the author to make some not-so-great decisions for a good portion of his life. Does Dan ever let go of the emotional pain and self-inflicted blame? Will he find the peace that he desperately seeks? Will he overcome his addiction to cocaine?

My favorite part of the book was the parody of Psalms 23, a verse from the Bible. Typically, I do not appreciate any change done to the Bible because this is taking away and adding to the Word of God. However, I liked that the author included this verse because it highlights how controlling addiction is. If a reader does not have an open mind or does not believe in changes done to the Bible, skipping this book may be a good idea.

I also enjoyed Dan’s experiences with multiple churches. Not every church is the same, and Dan demonstrates this belief in his book. He says that true Christianity sticks to the literal teachings in the Bible, and I agree with the author. This statement positively affected my reading experience.

Unfortunately, the above positive notes were the only things I enjoyed while reading this book. The storyline frequently skips around. I expected this when I read the table of contents at the beginning of the book, but I did not enjoy it. An example of this is when one of the author’s friends, Doug, is introduced to readers prematurely. There were no indicators of when Doug came into the author’s life or his significance in this part of the book. Later in the story, he is introduced to readers. The timeline of the events needs to be consistently formatted for the book to make sense.

The ending was another part of the book I did not enjoy. As readers know, Steven’s death is a large part of Dan’s emotional turmoil. Sadly, there were no clear indicators that Dan actually got over his brother’s death. There are two sentences towards the end of the book that allude to it, but nothing else. The abruptness was another part of the ending I did not enjoy. Approximately twenty pages discuss his healing, and some of them are advertisements for his website. I expected a more in-depth and slow transition in this section; however, it did not happen.

There weren’t too many grammatical errors in this title, which I enjoyed. Based on my above comments, A Sinner Saved: a true story gets two out of four stars. I did not give it the lowest rating because Dan’s story about his faith in God was enjoyable and full of details. I did not give it three stars because several areas need improvement. Once the book gets these improvements, readers who have dealt with drugs and have negative emotional baggage to get rid of may enjoy it. There are implications of sexual encounters and one profane word in this title; readers should be cautious if they are sensitive to these inclusions. Christian beliefs and church attendance are mentioned in this book as well. If these beliefs or actions offend a reader, another book may be a better read for them.

A Sinner Saved
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Asiaa Szn
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Post by Asiaa Szn »

This review has piqued my interest on reading this book. Definitely adding this to my shelf. Nice work!
Nancy Patrick
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Post by Nancy Patrick »

A true story on breaking out of addiction and coping with the death of a loved mixed with the spice of religion really touches a sensitive spot which most people would rather leave untouched...
Thank you for the review!
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Post by Ghuddie »

The lose of a loved one is never easy to bear. I hope Dan is able to get over it. Great review.
Apple 7
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Post by Apple 7 »

Unexpected and untimely departure of a loved one takes a lot to overcome, sad that the books timeline does not flow......thanks for the review
Peace Chux
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Post by Peace Chux »

I personally do not enjoy tragedies. While I enjoyed your review, I'm sorry I would have to pass on this one.
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Paluk Pathania
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Post by Paluk Pathania »

It's far too awful to lose someone you care about. I believe this novel will bring pain, however it is too bad that it does not fully please the reader. Thanks for your review!^^
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Raymond N
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Post by Raymond N »

Losing a loved one could be devastating. This is an interesting read. Thanks for the review.
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Post by Regard003 »

The death of a young one is usually hard to bear for some people. Some don't even get over it. They just learn to accept the person is gone and live with it. Nice review
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Sharon Christanto
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Post by Sharon Christanto »

I love the story theme that deal with losing people we love. I also like it when you mention the parody of Psalm 23. Sadly, due to 'jumpy' story line and poor ending, I might reconsider before adding it to wish list. Thank you for the review! You're doing great!
Janelydia Mwangi
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Post by Janelydia Mwangi »

Though filled with errors it's a book worth recommending in today's world. Where depression and drugs have been the alternative by many young people as an escapism from the challenges they face in the world.
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