Review of The Leadership of Muhammad

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Review of The Leadership of Muhammad

Post by zainherb »

[Following is an official review of "The Leadership of Muhammad" by Joel Hayward.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Within twenty-three years, Muhammad achieved lofty goals in Arabia, the effects of which last till this day in around 1.8 billion Muslims all over the world. Both his followers and historians regard Muhammad as an outstanding leader for reasons mostly relating to his character traits and his legacy.

In The Leadership of Muhammad, Joel Hayward debunks the usual arguments regarding the reasons Muhammad was a successful leader, pointing out the logical fallacy embedded in these arguments. As a scholar of history, Hayward explains the actual reasons for the success of Muhammad as a leader. He also points out the similarities and differences between Muhammad and other historical leaders like Jesus, Napoleon, Julius Caesar and several others. Instead of writing as the loving follower or the hateful enemy, Hayward maintains an objective stance in examining the life and leadership of Muhammad, leaving room for rational engagement.

Contrary to my initial thoughts, I enjoyed reading this book a lot. There is a map of early Arabia at the beginning of the book, and since the book mentions of the different locations, the map serves as a good reference point. At the end of the book, there is a chronology of the life of Muhammad and his achievements, which is also a good reference point. The book is mainly in English language, but contains Arabic, Hebrew and Greek scripts in some parts. Being able to read the scripts in their original languages would be sweet, no doubt. However, there are translations so that the English reader can understand as much as possible.

The book has been professionally edited, and the editors did a phenomenal job because the book is free of errors. The author's engaging style of writing makes this book interesting. Drawing from actual occurrences, the author has woven multiple short stories into the text, which effectively immerse a reader in seventh century Arabia. This ensures the book entertains as well as informs, and prevents it from coming across as just a history textbook.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this book for me is the concept of having an objective discussion about such a grand figure based on historical facts, rather than positive bias or negative distortion. Regardless of whether everyone agrees or disagrees, the author is bold and brilliant enough to approach things from a different angle, unafraid to be challenging. I normally dislike reading history, but when seasoned with stories or made into an intellectual exercise, as in this book, then I cannot resist.

There was nothing I disliked about this book. It was informative, intellectually stimulating, and fun. The Leadership of Muhammad earns four out of four stars.

I recommend this book to Muslims, those who are curious about Muhammad, and those who love history. Lovers of nonfiction should also enjoy reading this book. Some of the book's contents may slightly disturb individuals, including Muslims who are averse to discussions which may challenge their long-held beliefs.

The Leadership of Muhammad
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Post by Raluca_Mihaila »

I would love to find more about this incredible person. I am sure his lessons are valuable. Thanks for this captivating recommendation!
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Post by Ailakhu Yusau Aizhebiomon »

As a Muslim, I think reading this book would add to my stock of knowledge about the noble prophet. Thanks for an amazing review.
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Post by Prisallen »

I must confess that I don't know much about Muhammad, and this book sounds interesting and informative. I would like to read it to learn more. Thanks for an excellent review!
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Post by Sarah Sonbol »

As a Muslim, I find it interesting to know the opinions of unbiased non-Muslim historians about prophet Muhammad- peace be upon him-. I also think the book can be read by non Muslims too, because I don't think that the writer actually meant it to be read by Muslims.
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Post by Alexander C Schmoock »

As a Christian, I'd really love to find out the diffrences between Jesus as Mohammed. Great review.
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Post by J Edwards »

A very sensitive topic I dare say. This author must be very brave. Anyway, I think we should all have a chance to hear from both sides. Thanks for your excellent review.
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Post by Nqobile Mashinini Tshabalala »

I appreciate that he maintains an objective stance in his analysis. I'd like to read this book. Thanks for the review!
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Post by Ben Madeley »

I've not heard of this before, it sounds interesting.
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