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Piece Nkem
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Review of Lucianity

Post by Piece Nkem »

[Following is an official review of "Lucianity" by John Byer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Indeed there are books to be read. Often, we tend to settle for truth, but what happens when we find out that what we thought was real was only an orchestrated lie. 

Lucianity: The Perverse Religion of Christians by John Byer explicitly reveals hidden truths about the Bible. The book opens our eyes to some unseen reality of the scriptures, which the author dwells on with strong proof. It exposes the hidden deceit of Lucius, especially in the three synoptic Gospels of Jesus Christ and Acts of the Apostles. This is the kind of book you could enjoy as a Christian.

The amazing thing I admire about this book is the portrayal of biblical intelligence. I admire the author's confidence to express his view in the book without guilt or feelings of being criticized by Christians. From the preface, the author writes courageously because his intention is not to impress his reader. But he intends to reveal the truth to anyone who cares to know. His sincerity instills in me an interest to assimilate this book. 

The author brought me to a shock when he stated that the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 and other verses were not that of Jesus. Surprisingly, he has pieces of evidence that he will amaze any reader. All his views were followed with strong evidence because he used "Septuagint" and the "Qumran Text" as references. He thoroughly went through the New Testament and books like Isaiah and others to explain his points.

I love how the author kept me glued to the book. The information in the book was backed up with enough proof. Did Jesus really ascend physically into heaven? The author seems to have a point to prove. I sincerely commend the author's ability not just to capture his reader's attention but also to throw enough light to every point he makes for better understanding.

Furthermore, the analysis in the book was top-notch. I commend the author's style of writing. He uses diagrams, tables, and pictures. For instance, on page 72, the author used a table to present a clear picture of the date of Jesus's birth to his death. This portrays evidence of the author's thorough investigation and research of the Bible. 

As much as I enjoyed Lucianity: The Perverse Religion of Christians by John Byer, I feel many Christians might criticize this book. It kicks again a lot of lies that Christians have taken as the truth. But sometimes, it takes a lot of courage to be a writer. There was nothing I considered a negative point in this book.

I am rating this book 4 out of 4 stars. I found a few errors in the book. It still appeared professionally edited. I will recommend this book to Christians who want to know more about the Bible, especially the New Testament. 

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Post by Ugonna_GN »

Wow!! :shock:

I haven't even read the book yet and I'm already hooked. Now I want to know what Lucianity has to tell me. I might just add this to my bookshelf.

Thanks for this helpful, thoughtful, and awesome review.
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GideonWrites Review
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Post by GideonWrites Review »

huh? Lucianity! I really want to know those proofs he's having to prove any part of the Bible wrong. Thanks for a well analysed review
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Oscar E Gomez
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Post by Oscar E Gomez »

I can accept any opinion on any affair with public caracteristics, and, religion is one of them. In example, the Quoran is full of Warriors, no of Saints, the Thorah is called "Pentateuch" because it touch only the first five books of the Old Testament, the African religions are arranged around regional Gods...
The Catholic Church was a cruel machine during the Dark Ages and on top of that, the function of the Vatican during XVII and XVIII Centuries let a lot to desire... But, and always have to be a "but", the only thing I can't accept is that someone plant in front of me "proofs" taken from the actual version of the Bible. There are a "septillon" versions of the Bilble. Every branch of every religion transformed and re-write every gospel while wispering "My Way"... Imaging we have to Jesus bringing the new gospel to a guy inscripto in gold laminates... And this was no so long ago. In the 1960's the prediction of the Last Days came from the Bible... By the arrival of 2000 the voice was: Now is fpr real, we are Doom... The da Vinci Code send Jesus to the area of what is today France with family and everything... Please, stop the gossips... This Book, in my humble opinion is more close to Indiana Jones than to any real thing, religios or not. I want to congratulate to the reviwer Piece Nkem for the elegant treatment of the subjet and keeping every aspect of it professional.

Oscar Gomez
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Post by Ifedigbo_C »

John Byer is a definitely demigod. This is a catch and I love it. Thanks for this review.
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