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Official Review: Men's Guide To Trouble Women

Please use this sub-forum to discuss any non-fiction books such as autobiographies or political commentary books.

Official Review: Men's Guide To Trouble Women

Post Number:#1 by kasi33
» 17 Jun 2014, 00:20

[Following is the official review of "Men's Guide To Trouble Women" by Jonathan ago.]

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This work of writing could be described as a playful mega-pamphlet of useful tips for Men of whom have been burned, used, battered and beaten, or are looking to avoid any of these things. There are many tips from the Author's own experience, and he isn't shy about letting the reader know this. The Author leads us through chapters such as "What Makes Pussy Trouble?", "The Power of Pussy", and "Trouble Pussy Science".

The Author, of course, provides a "Disclaimer", which aligns the reader with the knowledge that "This book was was written for education and entertainment purposes." He states that the book was written from his own, and that of persons close to his', experiences. He also mentions that "This book is in no way to be taken literal at any context."

As you may have noticed, the language of this work is very "colorful". This statement is put mildly, but without actually reading for one's self, one cannot properly insert themselves into the mood of the story to understand the use of this language. The language takes an adjustment to the atmosphere and context of delivery.

The story, in it's current form, has some errors, mostly spelling and grammar. The layout is very well organized, which leaves the reader free to form ideas and opinions on the topics without cross-interference. The opinions may not be shared by the reader, but there is information that could be valuable to any number of people.

The humor that is translated from the Author to the reader is apparent, mostly, when classifications such as "Illegal Immigrant Bitch" are expressed within the story. The Author explains each different type of "Trouble Pussy" that he feels may present a threat, and how to identify, avoid, and overcome. These ideas are shared in an entertaining, and surprising manner, and can be enjoyed to the dismay of even the modern feminist, (well, maybe!).

The Author presents himself as someone that one might enjoy having a beer in a decent pub with. He writes his ideas about the "Power of Pussy" surprisingly eloquently, and in a very charming manner. He conveys a very likable personality, and projects qualities that one can relate, and look up, to.

I give this story 3 out of 4 Stars. This rating is based on language being not universally accepted, and grammatical errors. For the genre of writing, this story lives up to par. It is an interesting read, and that, coming from a Woman, is a compliment!

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