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Review of You Are A Genius

Post by Saint Bruno »

[Following is an official review of "You Are A Genius" by Dan Wedin.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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In 2016, Dan Wedin nearly took his last breath. He just stopped breathing in an eatery, and it took the high-voltage shock from a mobile defibrillator for his heart to start beating again. Having been diagnosed with congestive heart failure before that incident, a doctor estimated that Wedin had five years to live. While at the hospital, he continued to repeat a line from Emile Coué's psychotherapeutic, self-improvement teachings, "Every day in every way I'm getting better and better." And he found that it elevated his mental attitude towards recovery. Wedin also discovered that combining that line and his own "I am a genius" affirmation and repeating the result in the first-person, second-person, and third-person perspectives provided even better and more dramatic results.

In You Are A Genius, Dan Wedin, the author, shares what he has learned through experience and other authors about how optimistic automaticity through repetition of affirmations and positive thoughts can help us unlock healing, satisfaction, and happiness. The author teaches readers that positive thoughts matter and how they can improve their lives through optimistic auto-suggestion. Most importantly, he provides readers with techniques to supplant negative thoughts with optimistic ones and get the best out of life.

There are many books that seek to help the reader unlock their potentials through their thoughts, but not many present proofs of its effectiveness using their life as an example. This author presents an inspiring window through which we can look at life using his personal experience. Auto-suggestion is also not a new psychotherapeutic technique, but this author goes further to provide affirmations that readers can use. He also encourages readers to shape them into ones peculiar to the aspects of their lives they wish to improve on. Personally, maintaining a positive attitude has been challenging for me, so I am glad to try the techniques shared by the author.

I enjoyed the author's use of analogies and real-life stories to explain his points. I also liked the organization of the chapters, as they provided a progressive layer of insights. I appreciated how the author provided the names of books he had read and used the knowledge he got from them to explain and corroborate his points. I want to thank the author for recommending some of them.

What I like most about You Are A Genius is the author's encouraging tone. For example, I love how Wedin encourages the reader to celebrate small wins, as those wins would lead to achieving the bigger goal in view. It's a known fact that most of our daily thoughts are negative. We also know how hard it is to drop a habit, so I commend the author for encouraging readers to be conscious and celebrate progress wherever they find it. I also appreciate the author for the many invaluable pieces of advice throughout the book.

Nevertheless, this book is not flawless. While the author tried to make his writing conversational, the minimal use of commas almost defeated that purpose. I didn't enjoy having to reread some sentences to understand them. One such example is, "So while yes, it's possible that for some it might spur a quick reaction for most it will be a route to the goal assisted by other thoughts and actions to that end." Sentences like that disrupted my reading flow, but the overall value of the book makes them forgivable. However, I found up to ten editing errors in the publication, and it's the only reason I am subtracting a star from its rating. Hence, I am rating You Are A Genius three out of four stars. Regardless, I still highly recommend this title to lovers of self-help books who want to change their mindset and improve their lives using automaticity techniques.

You Are A Genius
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Post by Nazzy_ »

This is a great book that we can learn a lot from. The title of the book is quite captivating. Nice review.
Fahru Fattaah
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Post by Fahru Fattaah »

It's an amazing story, many people have experienced something like this. But some people are also not discouraged and continue to fight for the people they care about. "Behind a smile is a deep sadness.
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Post by Maefrandel45 »

You are a Genius is a way of manifesting satisfaction and self-confidence towards your goal. The positive way to boost yourself is that you are a genius towards your inner self-motivation. It is a great help, good to read this book.
Perinde Santosa
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Post by Perinde Santosa »

:tiphat: This is a pretty good enough to build positive affirmations a social personality
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Iqra Rafiq 1
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Post by Iqra Rafiq 1 »

Thanks for the detailed review. I like the concept of how the author tried to correlate things. A man suffering from congestive heart failure came back by the receiving charge from a mobile defibrillator. He didn't lose hope even he was given 5 years of survival .He remained optimistic throughout.
Kingsley Emodi
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Post by Kingsley Emodi »

The book seem to parked with a lot of information on how to keep an optimistic spirit. You did a great job with the review as well. Well done.
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Post by Omega_01 »

This book is a confirmation of my belief in positive thinking and how it can unlock success, healing, and happiness. Thank you for an exceptional and detailed review.
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Post by Edit_or »

It’s the title for me! The review also makes it irresistible. I’m getting a copy right away. Great review.
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Post by Nqobile771 »

I have had the opportunity to read this book and I agree with your rating. This book also reminded me to practice my daily affirmations and I must confess that they pick me up most of the time. Awesome review!
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Post by AfraBrb »

I have my doubts about affirmations, but I definitely want someone to convince me otherwise, will read, great review
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Post by Niens Now »

The information in this book is of utmost importance. Thank you for a great review.
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