Review of The Strength of the Nation

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Saint Bruno
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Review of The Strength of the Nation

Post by Saint Bruno »

[Following is an official review of "The Strength of the Nation" by Luisa Mirella Plancher.]
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3 out of 4 stars
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The Strength of the Nation by Luisa Mirella Plancher is a nonfiction title about religion and politics. Through the author's story about her encounter with an angel, she presents a plan to make the United States of America great again, which would lead to harmony in the world. The author tells readers that America will be the prototype of the Kingdom of God and kickstart Yahweh's plans for the nations of the Earth. To achieve that, the author presents a road map and five milestones to guide us.

This book contains 36 chapters labeled as episodes (thirty-three episodes and three extra episodes). In each of them, an angel takes the author to different places in America and countries like North Korea, Russia, Syria, and Iran and informs their leaders of what Yahweh wants them to do. In America, the author and the angel visit President Donald Trump and his family and members of Congress on Capitol Hill. In the last episode, they also meet with President Joe Biden.

What I like most about this book is the author's use of anecdotes to explain her points. For example, I enjoyed how the author used making fire using a magnifying lens and the sun to show how rays from God find us through Jesus. It made her explanation of how vices like lies, deceit, gossip, and avarice prevent us from experiencing what God has in stock for us easy to understand.

Furthermore, I appreciate the author's call for unity among political parties and patriotism. The author shows that Yahweh frowns upon antagonism among political leaders and makes recommendations on how past presidents and the rich can contribute to the growth of America. Also, she encourages us to support our leaders through her enthusiasm for policies introduced by the former president of America, Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, I found some of the author's proposals to be polarizing. For example, the author leans towards the banning of sex education in schools. I believe sex education has helped us manage societal issues like sexually transmitted infections and teenage pregnancies, which opposes her stance. Another example is that the author sees homosexuality as a problem and gives 'simple' steps to solve it. I am sure some readers would find that off-putting.

Whenever I come across books that seek to merge religion and politics, I try to read them because I am curious to see if both can work in harmony. I would like you to read this book with that thought in mind. While there's a lot to appreciate in this title, I wish it was devoid of a prediction that I wouldn't want to explain further, as I don't want to spoil the book for prospective readers. Undeniably, this book provides positive insights, and I agree with many of the author's messages. The pictures and illustrations in the book make it even more appealing. I also found only a few editing errors in it. However, I am deducting a star from its rating due to the aspects above that I didn't enjoy. Hence, I rate The Strength of the Nation 3 out of 4 stars. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy political, religious nonfiction books about God's plan for America and the world.

The Strength of the Nation
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Pearl Thomas
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Post by Pearl Thomas »

I'm surprised as to why the author would want to ban sex-ed in schools. Also, the summary of the book kind of gives orthodox vibes. I think this book will be a challenging read for my opinions. Wonderful review.
Kingsley Emodi
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Post by Kingsley Emodi »

A book that is a mixture of religion and politics will present such an interesting read, and it'll be interesting find out to make the United States great again. Great review
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Post by Edit_or »

At first I thought it was a political book but the mention of “God” shows it’s got a religious content too which has drawn my attention. Would love to read. Nice review. Thank you
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Post by Raluca_Mihaila »

Religion and politics seem like an odd combination. However, America is the land of all possibilities :). Thank you for another insightful review!
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Post by Obinna9058 »

Politics and religion are two opposites that never agree. America as the world-power need to be shaped. I hope someday, someone will write solutions about my country.
David Jonathan 1
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Post by David Jonathan 1 »

I really would want to read this as it talks about Religion and politics, but the question is. Will the two agree?
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Post by Amynwankwo_ »

Can religion and politics ever agree? Seems like the author might be on to something. I’d love to read and find out.
Clurrence Mogaka 1
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Post by Clurrence Mogaka 1 »

You will think you are the only one who is disturbed on how politics and religion can come together yet they are never related in anyway. Despite the book being pioneered in the States. But still us Africans can see this book bringing the clear pictures of what we witness in pulpits if these times. I have a great yearn and zeal to read this book. It has something to tell for sure
Malkia Esther
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Post by Malkia Esther »

I'm so much interested to read books that can tell apart or relate politics to religion. From the beginning of this review I thought this book was my choice but I have changed my mind after finding out that the book might be more of dictating than giving choices. The question of homosexuality and sex education has confirmed it.
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am interested to read books that can tell relate politics to religion. From the beginning of this review I thought this book was my choice but I have changed my mind after finding out that the book might be more of dictating than giving choices. The question of homosexuality and sex education has confirmed it.
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