Review of Self-Help Sucks!

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Review of Self-Help Sucks!

Post by ciecheesemeister »

[Following is an official review of "Self-Help Sucks!" by Tony Blankenship.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Have you purchased self-help book after self-help book only to remain trapped in the same harmful behaviors? So did Tony Blankenship. Then he realized what most self-help books are missing and was inspired to write Self-Help Sucks.

Self-Help Sucks is based on the principles outlined in the well-known Twelve Step programs. Tony postulates that when we try to fix our problems by ourselves, we invariably end up making the same mistakes. We need the assistance of a higher power. That power can be God, the Universe, Buddha, Jesus, your own higher self, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

If you are worried that the book is going to be preachy, Tony identifies as a spiritual agnostic. His message resonated with me because I do as well. I’ve always been skeptical of Twelve Step programs because I have had negative experiences with religion and religious fanatics and the Twelve Step program’s reference to God was a turn-off for me. However, Tony is not a zealot with a holier-than-thou attitude, so I was willing to listen to what he had to say and to really give the suggestions in the book a try.

The book is not heavy on profanity, but because of forthright discussions about sexual matters and other mature topics, it is only suitable for adult readers. Devout biblical literalists may feel that Tony’s liberal interpretation of a higher power is blasphemous, and hardline atheists may not like the idea of involving any sort of higher power in their healing process.

For everyone in between, Tony’s flexible spiritual interpretations and compassionate advice may create the spark you need to take on your personal demons. This book is helping me tackle an issue that I have been dealing with since childhood. Like many people, I have purchased a myriad of self-help books only to end up back at square one every time. Since this book’s approach is different, I believe that I will finally be able to achieve lasting results.

I believe that the book was professionally edited. I did not find any errors in the text. I only found one place where a sentence could have been edited for better readability, that being the following sentence.

“What is it that you no longer want to do any longer?”

The book was straightforward and concise, and I could find nothing to dislike about it. The text has a nice flow between one topic and another and plenty of suggestions for readers to work on in their own lives. I give Self-Help Sucks four out of four stars.

Self-Help Sucks!
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Post by Akintola Ola »

Hmm, thanks for this review. I believe there is a whole lot army of individuals like you and I who are cynical about self-help books. Isn't it ironical though that the author writes a self-help book bashing self-help books? Well, we better hope his is different. And it seems to be from what I can gather from this review. That was a good introduction to the book there!
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Post by Recee Ann »

hmm.. well I'm a huge fan of self help books and my personal favorite are those that deal with finances like Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Richest Man In Babylon and Customer Service is Dead. But I guess the author is right since I rarely apply anything to my life, I just sit around and read them but I won't say the books are at fault. Anyways the review sounds amazing and I would love to lay my hands on the full book myself.
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Post by Deprise Evans »

I am a huge fan of self help books. My personal favorite that i am reading right now is "Badass Habits" by Jen Sincero. I am loving it so far! But I think that this book would be a great read, especially for more insight and other perspectives. Thank you for your great review!
Precious DA
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Post by Precious DA »

I'm not exactly a fan of self help books. I am a believer though and I would like to see where the author goes with this. Thanks for the review!
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Post by IamJc_Bembo12 »

I’ll definitely correlate with all the provisions and conceptions made by the author. Your honesty as well definitely hook me up to give this one a try. Thanks, bud, this is a great review!
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Post by Lauren16 »

I enjoyed reading your review. I don't typically read self-help books, but if I need advice, I will pick this one up. I'm happy to see you liked this book.
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Post by Nkgchidimma080 »

I find this book interesting as it would help ones self in believing and being confident,nice review
Antonina Otieno
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Post by Antonina Otieno »

I love your honesty on this book. I really look forward to reading it because sometimes self help books feel overwhelming to me.
Great review
Sarah C McHum
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Post by Sarah C McHum »

Uh-oh! As a person who love reading self-help and self-development book, this book is going to be interesting. I am curious to dig in to his opinion about self-help book. As in my concern, not every self-help book would help because nobody fits in one same size. Some people are good with time management, some don't like to be ruled, etc. That being said, it is importance to not only read one self-help book, but to read as many as possible to find the right 'help.'
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