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Latest Review: Surviving Chaos by Harold Phifer

Review of Surviving Chaos

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[Following is a volunteer review of "Surviving Chaos" by Harold Phifer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Surviving Chaos, How I Found Peace at A Beach Bar is such a striking and captivating literature written by Harold Phifer. It is a collection of memoirs featuring Phifer’s drastic childhood experiences, his phenomenal encounter with his own war and the Afghanistan war transitioned miraculously to the moment he sought haven at a beach bar. Each chapter entails short narratives that signify Phifer’s attributes and outlooks regarding his everyday battle against his personal environment.

This book has its meritorious hallmarks. First, the Point of View. It is written in the author’s Point of View which is engaging and allows readers to empathize with his life events. Its Point of View characterizes his various voices found in each pages of the book that make it more exhilarating to read chapter by chapter. Second, the style of writing. The author is commendable in bewitching the minds of the readers to focus on his humorous style of writing, particularly reflected in the titles of all the chapters of the book as well as how he describes each persona, however, in the real sense, the humor was just a facade. He implicitly delivers a deep message that somehow shares an unsettling and quite perplexing dilemma. Third point, the Mood and Content of the story. Initially, the readers would find themselves locked in a plot of a simple conversation of two characters that somehow makes it conventional, but as the pages shift from one to another, it conveys a thousand adventures unlocking levels of life’s facets. The mood unspokenly projects apathy, sadness, joy and madness. All emotions are poured out in Phifer’s life experiences. Finally, the Purpose. The book has a purpose to bring. Surviving life and coping with its unsightly challenges are not just the morals you would find beneath the pages. It’s the rebirth of a character. It’s how Phifer survive his own frailty and how he manages to venture into something that gives him hope to live. This book achieves its purpose with success as it would surely touch anyone who will read it.

Personally, the author is worthy of admiration because he had opened his whole totality and his vulnerabilities to the life of this book. The book would not carry out such significant relevance and a sense of reality if not for the courageous act of the author to unravel the miseries he had experienced. Moreover, there are various issues and societal conflicts manifested in the book that gives you an awareness and will somehow stimulate your will to act and fight alongside the author and the characters.

There are no grammatical or typographical errors in the book attesting to its impeccable and outstanding editing. However, because of the comprehensible language the author used through communicating his thoughts and expressions of burden, frustrations, and weaknesses, you might witness just a very minimal extent of profanity. The book also gives out tumultuous and violent themes which are not appropriate for younger audience.

With the simple and intelligible writing style, astonishing narratives, soul-stirring leap of actions, timely and contemplative lessons and perspective, this book deserves a rating of 4 out of 4. Lastly, considering the book as a manifesto to show how to survive in the abyss, this is favorable and highly recommended for people looking for a leap of faith, a sign, an inspiration and a burning light at the end of the tunnel.

Surviving Chaos
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