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Review of Praying Wife Healed Husband

Posted: 05 Jul 2021, 08:47
by Unique Ego
[Following is an official review of "Praying Wife Healed Husband" by Marcy Myles-Clark.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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The year 2020 was quite eventful for most people. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic ensured it would be a year to remember (or to forget for some). The world was brought to a standstill, and people had to sit back and evaluate what really mattered to them.

Theirrien "Tee" Clark thinks it is the usual flu and cough when the symptoms begin. However, when the diagnosis reveals that he is COVID-19 positive, his life and those of his family members are quickly turned upside down. This is a true story of survival and faith in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, written by a wife who resolved not to let the pandemic have her husband. This book gives deep insight into the seriousness of this coronavirus and the amount of work that has gone into and keeps going into combating it.

Praying Wife Healed Husband is an inspiring true story. In this book, Marcy Myles-Clark narrated in detail her husband's battle with the deadly coronavirus. She presented the bulk of this story via her journal entries during the ordeal. Tee's battle with the coronavirus happened in the early days of its emergence when no one knew much about the virus. It was difficult for me to read about his struggle for his life in the Intensive Care Unit of Johns Hopkins Hospital. It made me even more thankful that I haven't been directly impacted by this pandemic while helping me realize the enormity of the current global situation. I was deeply moved by this couple's story as they fought gallantly together while separated.

Marcy's faith was inspiring and admirable. She wasn't allowed to visit or take care of her sick husband as he was quarantined for more than 46 days. Alone and not knowing what to do, Marcy could have lost hope and resigned herself to the worst. However, she retained a firm belief in God and held fast to her conviction that Tee would be alright. I admired her unreserved devotion to her husband and determination to stand by him through the ordeal. I wasn't surprised that she prayed fervently for his recovery—being a person of faith—and even got others to pray with her.

This book was divided into five broad sections; her journal entries, while they made up a significant percentage of the book, constituted only one section. There was also a section for Marcy's email correspondence with the attending physician, another section for the text correspondence with friends, family, and medical personnel during Tee's ordeal, and one for the progress reports from Johns Hopkins. While this book was put together and presented by Marcy, there were a few first-person narrators, including her husband. This caused a little redundancy problem; the different narrators essentially talked about the same thing but from different perspectives. While I'm certain this was done to give a well-rounded and detailed insight into Tee's and Marcy's experience, some points were mentioned repeatedly. This wasn't a good look, in my opinion. I would have preferred if the writing was a bit more concise.

In any event, it was an inspiring book and a bit of an eye-opener. The book was professionally edited; I only found a few grammatical errors. This was a fantastic presentation of the Clarks' experience with the coronavirus pandemic. It was emotional, inspiring, and in many ways, enlightening as far as how to survive the coronavirus. I'll still give it a perfect rating of 4 out of 4 stars, as my only issue with the book is purely subjective. This book would be ideal for anyone who has being affected by COVID-19 in any way. There is hope to be found within the pages of this book even as the world continues to battle with and recover from the effects of the coronavirus.

Praying Wife Healed Husband
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Re: Review of Praying Wife Healed Husband

Posted: 20 Jul 2021, 10:06
by Aarti Jha
This has to be one of the newest books. It gives me comfort to know that the woman stuck by her husband even when everything went wrong, and it strengthens my faith in the commitments made at the time of marriage. Although the content is not new, as we have all been affected by the virus in some or the other way, the book is engaging because of the way it has been able to portray the couple's fight with the deadly virus. Great Review!

Re: Review of Praying Wife Healed Husband

Posted: 21 Jul 2021, 14:22
by Reader Chavez
This seems like a great book. The virus has touched us all in different ways so I believe we all can relate to this story in some way. Thanks for the amazing review!

Re: Review of Praying Wife Healed Husband

Posted: 23 Jul 2021, 00:31
by valiantecho
This book covers one of the tragedies of coronavirus and I would really love to read this one as it seems inspiring too.