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Review of Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute

Post by ciecheesemeister »

[Following is a volunteer review of "Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute" by Jeff Meyer.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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Fear Not, Dream Big, and Execute is a Christian self-help book by Jeff Meyer. While the book was written with the intention of helping ministers and other Christian leaders excel in their work, the techniques suggested can be useful for people from all walks of life. Many of the suggestions are even useful for those who are not devout if the reader is able to look beyond the overt emphasis on Scripture.

The book is broken down into brief, easy-to-digest chapters with useful exercises at the end of each chapter. It addresses topics such as overcoming self-doubt and fear of failure. The author utilizes his own experiences to give the book a personal touch.

It took me a long time to read the book because I wanted to do the exercises at the ends of the chapters in order and I wanted to truly absorb the material. As I am an agnostic, it may seem strange that I would want to utilize exercises from a clearly Christian book. However, I found that the exercises applied to me despite my not being a Christian. In fact, I found them quite useful.

I feel that the book was professionally edited. I only found one minor error in the text. The book is written in brief, easy-to-read sentences that the average reader will have no difficulty understanding.

There was nothing that I disliked about the book. Although it was heavy on the Scripture and Christian beliefs in many places and that really wasn’t applicable to my situation, I nonetheless gained a great deal of helpful information and practical exercises to use in my own life. In fact, I am continuing to work with the material in the book and was pleased that I decided to read it. Therefore, I am giving Fear Not, Dream Big, and Execute four out of four stars.

This book is an excellent choice for a reader who is involved with Christian ministry and would like suggestions on how to better connect with members of their congregation. It is also a helpful book for laypeople who would appreciate a Christian perspective while working to improve their own lives. As I mentioned before, I found the exercises and suggestions quite useful, although I am an agnostic and thus chose to ignore the religious aspect.

This book would not be a good choice for readers who would find the heavy Christian slant offensive or obtrusive. Such readers would be advised to choose a book with a more secular tone.

Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute
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Nametso Kgwedi
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Post by Nametso Kgwedi »

Great, as im a new member of the review team i find this review very educational in my part
Minenhle Biyela
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Post by Minenhle Biyela »

I'm a new new member, the review was really informative and not bias. It made me want to read the reviewed book.
William Stanley
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Post by William Stanley »

I'm a new member, for me, this review actually making to read this book.
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Post by NISSE »

Just wondering if the author added some non religious aspect also into this wonderful book.Some readers do not like too many religious aspects when it comes to self help books.Anyway, this is a very good review!
Jenelyn Bangulan
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Post by Jenelyn Bangulan »

This book Is really helpful , and aspiring book The Book Cover Really Attract To Readers. It is a good quality of book.
Augusta Ekene
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Post by Augusta Ekene »

I'm a new member here, the review made me to want to read the book itself. The review was very educative and simple.... I wish to read the book.
Jean Makiputin
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Post by Jean Makiputin »

I find it interesting and wanted to read this book especially that it is about Christianity.
Anita Soti
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Post by Anita Soti »

As a Christian , I wouldn't miss an opportunity to read this book .The way in which Jeff Meyer has explained about the book is making me interest more to read the book
ayesha kausar
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Post by ayesha kausar »

As i am a fan of the religious content. Would love to read it and know more about the christian beliefs . Ur review is interesting as well as informative .
Eze Where Monday
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Post by Eze Where Monday »

I'm a new new member, the review was really informative and not bias.
Thulani Tibani
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Post by Thulani Tibani »

I am a new member, i found this book interesting because it's talk more about Christian....
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Post by 94aequilibria »

I am a new member, I think the intentions of this author book was strategically architecture very informative and i love the idea of the exercises at the back.
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Kimmy Kipgen
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Post by Kimmy Kipgen »

As a new member and a Christian, the review makes me want to read the book and the content seem interesting
Jen Siejen
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Post by Jen Siejen »

I find how you review the book very interesting, it is a good thing that there are exercises at the end of each chapter which makes me feel excited to read the book in an instant.
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