Review: So You Wanna Date an Activist? by Barbara Payne

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Review: So You Wanna Date an Activist? by Barbara Payne

Post by L_Therese » 12 Apr 2014, 04:18

[Following is the official review of "So You Wanna Date an Activist?" by Barbara Payne.]
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Have you ever known someone who is so intense that you just don’t know how to approach him or her? Have you witnessed someone consumed by passion for a cause and wanted to be his or her friend? Have you seen people who work themselves to the bone over an issue that maybe only grazes your daily consciousness? If so, this book is for you.

So You Wanna Date an Activist? by Barbara Payne is an essay about the social life and foibles of a GenX (socially liberal) activist. Ms. Payne writes about the way an activist’s mind works, the way she seeks and selects dates and mates, and the avoidable pitfalls that a prospective date/mate might run into that could ruin all chances for a relationship. Her comments range in topic from sexual orientation, the temptation to become sexually involved with close colleagues, feminism, consumerism, and drug culture.

In style, the book is very conversational. Grammar rules are thrown out the window for a more speech-friendly method of communication. There is also an abundance of slang and profanity, which may confuse or alienate readers. But whereas this style may be frustrating to some, to others, it will seem more honest and humorously blunt. That distinction will be entirely dependent on reader’s preference.

Speaking of bluntness, Ms. Payne is clearly a very driven individual who constantly associates, by her own admission, with other similarly driven individuals, albeit sometimes for different causes. That means that some of her remarks may come off as grating or offensive to some readers. As with real persons with whom you may have face-to-face conversations, remember that blanket statements can become habit, decline to take offense, and move on. Ms. Payne is not acknowledging exceptions because that is not her business. Her opinions in this book represent a lifestyle built on the idea that, after examining a situation, you decide what is right, and then you struggle to the limit of your ability (and maybe beyond) to convince everyone else to agree with you and join your fight. If that kind of bluntness does not appeal to you, reader, don’t read this book.

I’m giving this book 3 out of 4 stars. I found it to be engaging and interesting overall. It is a short read that might be best compared to standing outside and being suddenly buffeted by a gust of wind. Too much could cause some problems, but just one little gust will make you smile and feel a little more alive.

Buy So You Wanna Date an Activist? by Barbara Payne

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Post by Amh73090 » 21 Aug 2016, 20:35

This sounds like a great book. I am one of those readers who likes a more relaxed feel to her books. Thanks for reviewing it.
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Post by LINA M-EMBER AMA » 23 Sep 2017, 19:02

This does not seem like my kind of book. Good review. Dating can be a challenging task.
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Post by KeriCraven » 12 Oct 2017, 10:03

Dating is already a difficult task. Add on the other layers and it can be more of a challenge. Great review.
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Al Chakauya
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Post by Al Chakauya » 29 Oct 2017, 07:21

I am happy you found the book to be engaging, it must be an intriguing story. Thank you for writing a superb review.

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Post by teacherjh » 23 Apr 2018, 15:04

It sounds interesting but I keep wondering - what type of activist is she? What are the key issues she is passionate about? That would probably be a deciding factor in whether I wanted to read it.

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Post by daniya__shah3 » 12 Jun 2018, 11:34

I think it would be interesting to peek inside the brain of an activist. I found the title bit interesting just like your review. Going to give this one a read sometime.
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Post by Samtonx » 20 Dec 2018, 04:17

I found this book intresting, many are victim of this thinking life in dating is a worth difficult.

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Post by Itskai88 » 23 Jan 2019, 07:05

The title of this book fascinated me but that is where it ends. Thanks for the lovely review.

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Post by YSF97 » 07 Feb 2019, 12:26

It's an interesting topic, but my stand is, why will she want to date in the first place? Had she taken all necessities into consideration, she might have ended well

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Post by Uinto » 21 May 2019, 07:06

Will be interesting to read the views of a social liberal. I'm sure he has a lot to say. Thanks for your review.

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Post by ivana7 » 25 May 2019, 06:00

It seems very interesting to read about the thoughts and attitudes of an activist! Thanks for a good review!

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