Review by RevaParker -- 80Bites The Dancers Diet

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Review by RevaParker -- 80Bites The Dancers Diet

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[Following is a volunteer review of "80Bites The Dancers Diet" by PhysicalMind Institute.]
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4 out of 4 stars
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80Bites The Dancers Diet by PhysicalMind Institute tells about a way of eating that is similar to how many people ate 50 years ago. It is about commonsense eating, how hormones can affect our weight, and how to not stretch our stomachs. It states that the stomach is an important organ in keeping ourselves healthy. There are no "bad" or "good" foods. After about three days of counting bites, either through their app or the old fashion way of actually counting bites and writing it down, one should be able to eyeball how much food that is. They have you count at first in order to gain a baseline for how much food you are actually eating. They say 80 bites of food is what one should eat in a day: 15 bites for each breakfast and snack and 25 bites for each lunch and supper. That way, your stomach is not stretched. While a man's bite is larger than a woman's, in general, they do eat a little bit more. The author says that one needs to wrap the mind around the idea of counting bites, not calories. Chewing the food is very important as it helps the stomach to digest better. Otherwise, the stomach must work harder, and like any muscle, the stomach will get bigger if it has to work a lot. They state that many of the current beliefs about eating are based on commercialism, such as eating lots of any food, even vegetables, will stretch out the stomach, and thus it takes more food to fill your stomach eventually. Also, there is a lot of water in all of our foods, so one can get most of the water intake from the food unless one is thirsty. They state that drinking the extra eight glasses of water is unnecessary otherwise.

This book was different than I had expected. I hadn't expected videos to be a part of it. I read the ebook, so I'm not sure how it is in a paper book. Even though I studied nutrition and dietary needs in the mid-1970s, soon after the beginning of the diet phase, I don't remember learning about the connection between hormones and food, that the stomach is a muscle, or about food containing so much water. I do however believe that we have gone overboard with our food and drink portions and we have supersized ourselves in the past few decades. Having been on one well-known diet that worked at the time, but then I went off of it, I know that changing your eating habits is the main way to lose weight and keep it off. This book in some ways felt like an infomercial because they occasionally put down other diets and talked about their own exercise/relaxation tool, but not directly selling it.

There were several things I liked about this book. First, I liked that there were videos to watch and listen to, roughly one per chapter. In the videos, they were talking informally about what was discussed in the chapter. Second, that this is not a one-size-fits-all plan. Still one should eat a balanced diet. No, you don't get to eat 80 bites of sweets a day! Persons are given all kinds of choices within the food categories though. It is written to build up people's confidence, not tear them down. And lastly, it shows how different hormones can affect your weight and hunger.

Besides at times reminding me of an infomercial, there really wasn’t anything that I didn't like about the book. I do believe that eating a variety, but less food is good for you.

Since the minor errors I found were frequently spacing problems and did not interfere with the flow of the story, I have decided to award this book 4 out of 4 stars. I do think it was professionally edited. The fact that it is a commonsense book and not advising readers to do anything harmful, I believe it deserves this rating.

I would recommend this book for adults who want a different type of eating regimen that is very commonsense thinking. I also feel those involved with the book want to uplift the reader by taking away any sense of guilt. If someone is on a special diet from their physician though, I would not suggest they read, or at least follow the advice in this book, without talking to their doctor first.

80Bites The Dancers Diet
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I am intrigued to read this book because of your amazing review! I have never read a book like this. This sounds perfect because these days I am trying to lose my weight. I should definitely read this one!
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